Leatherly.co Monogrammed Leather Passport Holder & Luggage Tag Review

June 11, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing about some new leather accessories I got from Leatherly.co!

Leatherly.co is a is a brand that offers a premium line of bovine leather accessories. Each item is elegantly hand finished with a monogram of your choice, and they've only just launched here in Malaysia.

They've released 2 products in 2 colourways for their launch: a passport holder and a luggage tag:

The luggage tags retail for RM65, while the passport covers retail for RM110. Both are available in either black or brown.

When I first got these products, they came nicely wrapped in full black wrapping. I loved the little touches like the stickers, the cards and the ribbon! Makes it perfect for gifting.

For the monogramming, you can select up to 4 letters. Most people usually put their initials, but since my name fit the character count, I decided to go with a simple "EROS". I also went with black because most of my leather accessories/bags are black, and I kind of like the monochromatic vibes.

The monogramming is really pretty, and I would say it's quite nicely done! It blends in perfectly with the leather, and there's a low-key logo on the back as well.

As you guys can see from above, the edges of the leather are actually stitched and not waxed!

Inside we have the main passport holder, which has an extra pocket that can hold some thin items (like tickets/cards/etc).

On the other side, we have a big flap that can hold airplane tickets. On the flap, there are 3 card slots, and below those is a small pocket where you can store items like SD cards.

Next, we have the luggage tag!

Similar to the passport holder, it's made from bovine leather and feels very nice to the touch. Since the leather is pebbled, it'll be sturdy as well and will be resistant to scratches.

The luggage tag is actually pretty low-key, and I love how the gold monogramming matches the gold buckle:

I've been using these two products for a while now and I love how they wear. I can imagine that they'll become more supple as time goes on, and I love that although I'm quite rough with my items, I haven't seen any scratches or damages so far.

If you guys are interested in grabbing one of these babies, I recommend checking out their Instagram (click here) or their website (click here).

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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