Charles & Keith Textured Semi-Circle Crossbody Bag Review

June 2, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing my review of the Textured Semi-Circle Crossbody Bag from Charles & Keith.

If you guys remember, I previously got the Top Handle Semi-Circle Bag from Charles & Keith, and I really liked the look of that bag.

Click here for my review!

I still stand by my verdict that it's a really good and fashionable mini bag, but one of the downsides is definitely it's mini size (meaning I can't really use it for work/if I wanted to bring a few more items on a daily basis).

I saw this bag in Charles & Keith and it's basically the bigger version in a different material:

It originally costs RM339 and was not on sale, but since lockdown was extended here in Malaysia, it has since been included in the sale selection and now retails for RM271.

At the time (around Jan or Feb), it was already on sale in Singapore for SGD34.90 (~RM107):

Item No. CK2-80780924_BEIGE_M

It's still cheaper than the current Malaysia sale price, but because of shipping and taxes (which I did not expect), I had to spend a little bit more haha. Still below the Malaysia sale price, so it's all good.

Anyhoo, I've been using it to work this past couple of weeks and I just love how practical it is. The material is that kind of velvety/suede-y fabric that leaves prints when you rub it one way and disappears when you rub it another way.

The size of the interior is enough for me to carry a huge powerbank and my daily essentials like my phone, wire, earphones, wallet, etc. I like how the pocket isn't too tight and can actually fit my phone cable.

Behind the bag is a separate pocket:

It's actually not as thin/tight as I thought it would be and can actually fit my passport holder (containing my passport + a few paper stuff)

The gold detailing is cute, and I love how minimalist the branding is:

As for usage, you can actually use and style this bag in 4 different ways:
1. Crossbody bag:

The buckle can rotate 360 degrees so it's very easy to bring around:

2. Shoulder:

When worn over the shoulder, you can see the adjustable gold buttons which I think is really cute:

3. Wristlet

Not really a wristlet, more of a handlet? You can carry it pretty easily like this too:

4. Clutch

As a clutch it definitely looks chic as well, and I love the half moon shape.

Overall I'm really enjoying using this bag. If you're in Singapore I recommend giving it a try, and if you're in Malaysia, try to get it with the SG price if you can!

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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