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May 15, 2020

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing how you can get 10% off normal priced items + an extra 10% on already discounted sale items at Coach!

Coach Malaysia has a membership program where if you spend above RM2100 you become a Silver member, RM4000 for Gold and RM10,000 for Diamond. Here are the perks:

Since it's quite difficult to maintain the membership, I've decided to open a personal shopping service! As a Coach Diamond Member, I get 10% OFF on all items, even sale items. Usually, if it's the 1st day of sale, 15% extra discount is given to Diamond members on top of the already reduced price as well.

  • Since I work near KLCC and The Gardens mall (and I'm friends with the staff), I can drop by to help you browse/inquire for any bags you're interested in. Just let me know what bag you're looking for or if you want a picture of all the sale items + their prices. I'm ok to do meet-ups as well, but only in Coach KLCC/Gardens.
  • If everything is okay and you've decided what you want to buy, you can transfer the money to my bank account, and I will buy your bag with the extra 10% discount.
  • Coach offers free gift-wrapping services and free shipping services. KL area is eligible for next day shipping, but outer states may need a few more days.
  • In terms of the warranty, you will get an authenticity card + receipt. You can handle the warranty yourself, I don't have to come with you/be present in the store or anything.
  • Warranty is usually 1 year for sale items and 2 years for normal items. Since I buy directly from the Coach store, all items are authentic.
  • Coach offers in-store polishing services free for life!
  • I have no profit from this, I just get to maintain my yearly membership.

DM me on Instagram @fishmeatdie for more info! 

Like I mentioned, I get 10% off storewide, including new arrivals, normal stock and sale items. Coach usually has 2 sales: mid-year around May/June in time for Mother's Day + Hari Raya and year-end around Nov/December in time for Christmas.

During sales, I'll drop by and snap the interesting sale items + feature them on my Instagram highlights:

However, I will take pics of all the sales items as well so you can feel free to DM me to see them all:

Aside from sale period, you can also reserve upcoming designs! Coach designs are released in the US first, and they launch a few months later here in Malaysia. Fun fact, Malaysia has the cheapest price for Coach bags in South East Asia.

One friend of mine, for example, was looking for a specific bag that was only coming in a month later. For these kinds of cases, I can ask my Coach friends if Malaysia will be carrying that design at all, when it will arrive, how many stocks will be available & how much it will be.

Here are some shots of me coming to the KLCC store to pick up orders and arrange their delivery:

And here are some of my happy customers!

Since it's better not to go out and about (especially during this pandemic), I think taking advantage of my personal shopping service would be a great idea since I already pass by every day anyway haha. I'm ok to do meetups as well, so you can choose and select your bags yourself! 

And that's all for this post! If you have any questions, feel free to message me directly on Instagram.

Happy shopping!

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