Sudio Tolv Review

January 24, 2020

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my thoughts and review of Sudio's Tolv Wireless Earphones.

I received these earphones from Sudio a few months back, and I thought I'd share my thoughts after using it for a while now with you guys. As it is sponsored, I didn't pay for it. However, I'll be sharing my 100% honest review so I hope you guys find this post helpful!

According to Sudio's website, these wireless earphones offer complete freedom, and they offer instant pairing for both Android & iOS devices. With outstanding battery life (7 hours per use), these earphones are cased in an ultra-light charging case that offers up to 4 additional charges, brining total playtime to 35 hours.

Sudio also says that these wireless earphones feature graphene drivers. Graphene is a highly conductive, flexible, and strong material which has only recently been incorporated into sound technology. Graphene drivers cut down on the amount of power that’s required to move the coil in earphones back and forth, creating better efficiency, and in theory, better sound.

They're sweat-resistant, have built-in microphones, a range of 15m, voice assistant compatible (Siri and Google Assistant), and they weight 4.5g apiece.

- Bluetooth 5.0
- Features a graphene driver for enhanced sound clarity
- Automatic pairing between earbuds and device
- Features a microphone on both earbuds
- Features a single, multipurpose button on each earbud to control music/phone calls
- Weighs 4.5 grams per earbud
- Total 35h of playtime, 7h in a single charge
- Compact charging case offers up to 4 additional charges

These earphones currently retail on Sudio's website for RM549, and come with free worldwide shipping and a one-year warranty.

Here's how it came like in the mail:

And here's what you get inside:

It comes with a manual, a wire for charging, the guarantee certificate card and 3 pairs of extra buds.

The case itself has a smooth, silicone texture, and it comes with a non-detachable strap:

Behind you have the charging case's charging port. If you put back your earphones in the case, the two lights behind will light up to notify you it's charging.

In terms of packaging, these eaphones are pretty convenient to bring around. It would have been convenient to allow the option to remove the strap for customization purposes, but I guess having it there is quite convenient too because I often grab it out of my jumble bag by the strap.

Here's what the case looks like opened:

After your first initial pairing, it's pretty smooth surfing from there. As soon as I take them out of the case, if my phone's Bluetooth is already on, it will automatically pair.

The earphones are indeed super light, and both of them are the exact same shape/size. There's no clear distinction at first glance of which is left or right, and it's both a pro and a con. Pros are that both fit nice on my ears and that even if I switch them up, the case will still charge them (as the holes on the case for them are identical as well. When you put them on it will also notify which side is left and right though the earphones themselves, so it's actually quite convenient. Only con is when you take them off for a while and put them back on, you have to look at the marking to check which is which. It's quite trivial, but I thought I'd let you guys know.

I wear these a lot, and I can attest to their playtime. I love how I can go about my activities like taking pictures or going about town without having to take these out and charge them. The only thing I would improve is to provide an app or some kind of notification to tell me if they have already been fully charged. Aside from the red light behind the case, you can't really tell if your earphones have finished charging or not.

As for the sound quality, I find it nice but not the best. I've tried quite a few earphones, and I would say this is on the good side of that spectrum. If it had a bit more base it would totally be my #1. I just find it slightly sharper and not as deep compared to my nice wired earphones. Don't get me wrong, I still love it, just that I find the sound not the same/slightly sharper.

There is no noise cancellation which would have been useful on flights/public commute. The buttons however are pretty useful in playing/pausing media, as well as skipping or repeating songs.

Overall I give these earphones a 4.5/5. There's really nothing to complain about aside from 2 things: the slightly sharp sound and the slightly higher price. If you're out on the market for a good set of wireless earphones that have a good playtime, a nice body/packaging and a decent sound quality, I recommend going for this one. I've been using it ever since I got it, and I truly believe it's a good product.

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya next time!

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