rom&nd F/W 2019 Better Than Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Music Series Review

December 10, 2019

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about rom&nd's Better Than Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Music Series!

I first came across rom&nd when Sunnydahye introduced it to me back in my Osaka trip last year. It intrigued me quite a bit, but I never got the chance to try them out since there were no online shops selling them at the time.

Fast forward to today, rom&nd is more popular than ever and is now available on Stylekorean! rom&nd released the Music Series versions of their Better Than Eyes eyeshadow palette as part of their 2019 F/W collection, and the entire collection is available on Stylekorean.

I'll be sharing about the lip tints later. For now, we'll talk about the eyeshadow palettes!

The Better Than Eyes Eyeshadow Palette Music Series comes in 3 shades:

01. Dry Apple Blossom
02. Dry Buckwheat Flower
03. Dry Cosmos

Each containing 3 matte shades and 1 shimmer shade, these eyeshadow quads aim to be all you need to create stunning eye looks this F/W season.

Each eyeshadow palette costs USD12.60 (~RM52). I think for the size and number of shades, it's still very affordable.

Each eyeshadow quad comes nice packed in a simple box. When I first got these shadows, they were very securely wrapped in bubble wrap (like how Stylekorean orders usually are).

Usually the Better Than Eyes eyeshadow palettes have a heart on top, but the music series have music notes on them!

You can easily distinguish each shade, and you have the names behind as well:

Overall for packaging I would say it's nice enough to bring with me on a daily basis. It's small/fits my pouch nicely + does not shatter. It would have been nice to have a mirror, but I carry a mirror with me anyway so it's not that big of a dealbreaker for me.

All three shades are very usable, and I would say you can even use them outside the F/W season. It's the most basic of the basic eyeshadow colour combinations, and they're perfect for people like me who tend to only do the same eyeshadow look again and again hahaha.

01. Dry Apple Blossom is perfect for me because literally all shades are my daily/go-to shades. My daily palette is Colourpop's Yes Please palette, and I only ever use 4 shades: a transition, a point, a contour/liner shade and a shimmer/glitter.

Transition shade: Soft apple
Point colour: Apple garden
Deep shade: 
Apple browning
Apple road

For my transition shade, I usually prefer something with a little more pink in it. Soft Palette is more of a light orange (which is pretty in itself) that blends nicely into my skin tone.

Apple garden is pigmented enough to show on my skin tone too, and I love the yummy burnt orange shade. Apple road is bright with a few flecks of iridescent blue (which I'm so sad doesn't translate through my camera lens huhuhu).

02. Dry Buckwheat Flower is more for those neutral days where you just want to look like an enhanced version of yourself

Transition shade: Soft wheat
Point colour: Good gray
Deep shade: 
Dark gray
Shiny buckwheat

Soft wheat is a bit too light for me, and I would use it as a highlighting shade instead. For Good gray, I was actually worried that it wouldn't look nice on me as I prefer warmer browns compared to cool-tones, but this one looks pretty neutral on my skin. It doesn't look ashy and is more of a neutral colour.

Shiny buckwheat is a champagne shimmer shade which silver flecks, and I find that it compliments the quad's colour scheme well and gives it a little extra oomf. Not using it gives you a very neutral/no-makeup look, while adding the glitter on top and deepening the crease with Dark gray will bring it from day to night.

03. Dry Cosmos is a fun palette which I would recommend to those looking to create burgundy/pinky looks. Soft petal is the perfect transition shade for me, and it's so much smoother and less powdery than my usual Colourpop transition shade.

Transition shade: Soft petal
Point colour: Pink flower
Deep shade: 
Burn cosmos
Aura cosmos

I personally prefer orange more than pink so I use quad #1 more often, but Pink flower is such a pretty shade that it makes me want to wear it more hahaha. It's actually not as bright as how my camera picked it up (it's more muted), and you can easily deepen it as well. Aura cosmos is a nice peachy shimmer that looks more orange when packed on and more gold when spread. There's also a sprinkling of blue flecks.

The matte shadows in all 3 quads were very smooth, and I love how blendable they are. They're pigmented enough to show up on my skin tone, and they don't create a lot of kickback on the pan/fallback on my face.

One thing I want to highlight about these palettes is that although I love matte eyeshadows and am totally in love with rom&nd's formulation, it was their glitters/shimmers that sold it to me. Like how pretty are they!

Here you can see the side by side comparison of 1 2 and 3. Not the best shot, but you can see the slight differences.

You can definitely use it on it's own as a shadow or use just a bit as a topper. You can use it to highlight your inner corners or even highlight your face if you're feeling festive! They're very reflective and not foily. I would describe it as a glimmer/shimmer type.

Overall I really enjoy using these quads and I would highly recommend them. The only fault I can find with them is that they don't come with a mirror, but as a small quad palette + someone who brings a mirror anyway, it's not a major deal-breaker.

The mattes are super smooth and are super easy to blend. If you're a seasoned makeup lover looking for dependable staples, or if you're a beginner who doesn't know what colours to match with each other/doesn't have a lot of blending skill, this palette is for you. It takes little to no effort at all to create looks with these quads, and I love how easy to use they are.

As for the glimmers, I love them as well, You can easily wear all matte during the day and intensify the look + add glimmer for night time. They catch the light really well and are very smooth (not chunky/gritty).

For the price/size/quality, I would say they've very worth it and they're definitely Fishmeatdie approved.

And that's it for this review! I hope you guys found it helpful & informative.

See y'all in my next post!

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