Belif Youth Creator Age Knockdown Water Essence Review

September 11, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review + thoughts on Belif's Youth Creator Age Knockdown Water Essence!

If you guys remember, I posted about Belif's Youth Creator Age Knockdown Bomb back in April, and to this date, it's still one of my fave serums! I just love the texture + how plump it makes my skin. 

Click here to read my review.

Belif recently released the new Youth Creator Age Knockdown Water Essence to accompany the serum, and it's a pre-step product after toner and before serum that increases the skin's basic strength, helping other products that you layer on top of it work better + deliver their effects more effectively. 

Essences are a great entry-way to anti-ageing because not only do they help give your skin anti-oxidants + anti-ageing benefits, its also not that heavy on the skin + doesn't make you lazy/tired to apply it haha.

I've been using this for a few weeks now and I've even given you guys a few sneak peeks on my stories, and it's finally time to share more about it + my full review. Let's go!

Belif Youth Creator Age Knockdown Water Essence is a water-type essence designed to be your gateway into anti-ageing skincare. It helps give the skin moisture and nourishment while providing firmness and creating a smooth film of moisture on the skin's surface.

Belif understands that our skin's basic strength has 4 pillars: moisture, elasticity, renewal & protection. To maintain these 4 pillars, they've included 5 key ingredients in this essence (which I'll talk about more below!). 

Basically, this essence promises 3 benefits: firmer skin barrier, clear revitalized skin as well as antioxidant + cell activation. It increases the skin's basic strength and facilitates easy absorption of nourishing ingredients + the ingredients of other skincare products you use after using it.

This essence is available in all Belif Stores + The Face Shop's e-store! The full-sized 120ml bottle costs RM268.

Belif previously used to only be available in Belif's flagship stores in KLCC + Mid Valley, but you'll soon be able to see them more often! Belif will be coming to THE FACE SHOP stores nationwide, and you'll be able to shop all of their best sellers with ease.

When you first get this product, it comes in a nice purple box (like the serum) with both English and Korean info.

At the back you have more info:

Unlike the serum, the product itself comes in a very luxurious purple glass bottle! It's not totally opaque and you can easily see how much product you have left inside.

There's also info on the back of the bottle itself:

When I first opened this essence, it came with a stopper/seal:

Like all Belif products, this essence is dermatologically tested and does not contain 5 additives which are commonly found in skincare (namely mineral oil, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic fragrances, synthetic pigments and synthetic preservatives. I did an analysis of the ingredients and found that it is paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, EU allergen-free.

The ingredient list is quite clean, consisting mostly of EWG green-level ingredients + a handful of yellow-level ones. This means that this essence is highly unlikely to cause irritations.

Among it's (pretty long) list of ingredients are ingredients that help with brightening (Niacinamide), anti-ageing (Ceramide 3, Adenosine, Vitamin E) & promote wound healing (Panthenol, Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate). It also contains highly moisturizing ingredients that those with dry skin will enjoy (Panthenol, Butylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin & Vitamin E).

I mentioned above that this product was made to maintain the 4 pillars of basic skin strength and that Belif included 5 key ingredients in this essence. Those key ingredients are:

Glasswort (for moisture)
- Rich in minerals and nutrients like magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium. Increases hyaluronic acid production in the skin.

Napiers Original Formula (for renewal)
- Consists of a blend of oat, marigold, catnip, raspberry leaf, wild indigo root and chickweed. It helps to increase skin vitality by boosting cell activation & has powerful antioxidant benefits.

Winter Aster (for elasticity)
- A type of chrysanthemum well known in Korean medicine that increases collagen + elastic synthesis.

Water Pennywort (for elasticity)
- Has excellent soothing effects and is usually used in wound-healing ointments.

Napiers Original formula (for protection)
- Delivers protection by counteracting harmful external aggressors removing reactive oxygen species (ROS) from the skin.

This essence has a thin and light consistency that feels kind of fresh when you apply it. It's a milky/translucent colour that has a faint smell. I quite like the fragrance but not to worry, it fades after it's been absorbed.

After you pat it in you can immediately feel the plumping effect. It's non-sticky and doesn't leave a shiny finish as well. Once the product is absorbed I can feel that my skin is super soft and smooth.

I usually use this essence after toning my face, patting 3 drops in and following up with the serum once it's absorbed. Since it's quite thin, I use it both day and night (but I usually layer 2-3 layers at night). I don't really use the serum from the same range in the morning as I prefer to use the serum at night, but if you don't want to apply any serum that's good too.

If your main concern is anti-ageing, you can also use this essence as a toner. For more intensive care, you can soak a few cotton pads an use it on your face like a mini mask!

After using this product for a few weeks, I feel like it's a quite nice essence for someone who is looking for a hydrating + moisturizing essence with anti-ageing effects that does not feel heavy/sticky. The water-like consistency + fresh feeling it gives is great because it's easy to apply + comfortable on the skin, and that encourages me to use it. Some essences I own are great, but because they're thicker/have a shiny finish, I tend to shy away from them during the day time. This one does not have that problem!

In terms of its promises, here's what I think:

Moisture - it's great! It feels like a drink of water for your skin. 1 layer is enough to hydrate me throughout the day, and I sometimes use only this without any serums because that's how moisturizing it is. If you're someone with 20ish 30ish skin, you'll love this essence. If you have dry or more mature skin, I think this would be a nice option as welk because you don't have to apply a lot/a thick layer to get enough moisture.

Elasticity - my skin feels super soft and bouncy. As I mentioned, you can feel the immediate plumping effect after applying it.

Skin renewal - can't really tell. I did not see an insane amount of dead skin cells on my toner pad throughout the time I used this, and I don't think I saw any acne scars visible fade faster.

Protection - can't tell either. As this is more on the inside of your skin + more about delivering anti-ageing benefits to the skin, I can't comment on it now. Anti-ageing benefits don't show up immediately anyway, but I can say this: I feel at ease knowing my skin is consuming lots of good anti-ageing ingredients + I'm not reacting negatively to it at all.

Firmer skin barrier - yes! I do feel like my skin feels firmer (especially my cheeks). It doesn't feel taut nor does it feel tight, but it feels (and looks) as if my skin is tighter haha.

Helps other products absorb better - definitely. I notice this because my serums and creams seem to sink in better. If you're familiar with Innisfree's Water Glow Jelly Essence Mask, you'll know that the essence is quite thick/rich. I usually apply the excess essence on my face after the mask, but since the essence is thick it takes a while for me to fully rub it in. When paired with this essence, it doesn't seem to take as long!

It's quite an investment product as it's not the cheapest essence you can find. Would I say that it's worth it though? Definitely. I quite like it because the ingredients are super clean, the texture is great + some effects can be felt/seen after using it. If you're someone looking for a product to add to your routine that can add more anti-ageing benefits + help other products absorb better, then I would recommend investing in this essence.

Since I usually only use 1-2 layers (unlike others where I need 4-5 at night), I think this essence will last me for a while. Once it is finished, however, I wouldn't mind repurchasing it.

And that's it for my review! I hope you (who's currently reading this right now) found this post helpful and informative.

You can find this product in Belif's store, selected The Face Shop stores nationwide as well as online on The Face Shop's e-store.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see ya in my next post!

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