Ryo Scalp Lab • Ryo Jayang Yungmo Anti Hair Loss Line now available in Malaysia

July 19, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about the Ryo Scalp Lab event I attended + the new products added to Ryo's Jayang Yungmo Anti Hair Loss Line!

Ryo is Korea's No. 1 herbal medicinal hair care brand, and they believe that a healthy scalp is the key to youthful, luxurious, silky and healthy hair!

Ryo has a line of products focused on anti-hair fall called the Jayang Yungmo Anti Hair Loss Line. It used to only consist of 2 shampoos and 1 conditioner, but Ryo recently expanded it with a scaler and an essence for more intense care.

A brand under Amore Pacific (Korea's top beauty company housing brands like Laneige, Mamonde, Innisfree and more), Ryo was actually started by the founder of Amore Pacific's mother! Ryo was also Amore Pacific's first brand, meaning that Amore Pacific actually started out with hair products!

The Ryo Scalp Lab was pretty cute as the event itself was set up like a lab! Media and blogger friends were each given lab coats, and we spent the afternoon learning about hair, our own hair conditions + the benefits of ginseng on the scalp + hair.

I personally have not been using Ryo products before this event, so I took advantage of this time to learn about their products + Ryo in general.

We were actually joined that day by the people behind Ryo themselves, so I manage to learn a lot about Ryo's heritage + their dedication to scalp research.

Ryo discovered that saponins help prevent hair loss. Ginseng saponins particularly increase the multiplication of follicle cells, which means the more follicle cells, the stronger the hair roots are, thus resulting in less hair fall.

Korean ginseng has three times as much saponins as American ginseng, and through the study of Korean ginseng and its effects on hair, Ryo found that ginseng is capable of healing damaged hair, helping to heal brittle hair and restoring a healthy shine.

Ryo also has an extraction method for their high-grade ginseng that is exclusive only to Amore Pacific!

There were Ryo scalp specialists flown all the way from Korea at the event, and I took the chance to assess my current scalp and hair condition.

I found that my hair was on the oily side (as I don't use shampoo daily) and that my hair production was less than normal! Usually, each hair follicle contains 2-3 hairs, but mine only had 1-2. Although it's not serious, it could be in the future, so it's important to take care of this problem before it worsens.

Luckily, that's where Ryo's Jayang Yungmo Anti Hair Loss Line comes in handy! Combined with a patented technology known as GinsenEX™, these products help to provide intense care to the scalp and hair.

To be used twice a week before shampoo, the Ryo Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX (RM59.90) cleanly removes wastes in pores, removes dead skin cells (with BHA) and cleans excessive sebum. It also soothes and cools the scalp.

Fortified with botanical ingredients, the deep cleansing scaler works in multiple ways which include: 

  1. Getting rid of dead skin cells using BHA-derived ingredients 
  2. Cleansing excessive sebum using naturally derived surfactant in the formula 
  3. Soothing the scalp using the extract of the chestnut’s inner skin and cooling the scalp using naturally derived peppermint oil. This function offers relief to the scalp especially during the hot and humid weather 
  4. Strengthening and nourishing the hair from root to tip using highly concentrated ginseng extract (GinsenEX™) 

The Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX offers mild cleansing with PH5.5 and its free from 7 ingredients. It works like a booster and it is to be used twice a week on damp hair before shampooing. 

On the other hand, Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence (RM74.90) is an essence applied directly on the scalp that can be used for intensive care on areas with symptoms of hair loss. It helps treat and heal the scalp, giving your rich and shiny hair

There are five reasons why the Hair Loss Care Essense is an effective treatment: 

  1. GinsenEX™ that produces highly concentrated ginsenocide 
  2. Advanced patented extraction technology that preserves the full benefits of ginseng
  3. Careful selection of ginseng with the highest level of saponins 
  4. Herbal Complex formulation with the combination of other natural ingredients such as green tea, licorice and ginger
  5. Five-free formula – free from animal ingredients, synthetic colourants, mineral oil, Triethanolamine and Polyacrylamide.

Providing hair root nourishment, this essence contains 20 times more fortified active Korean Ginseng extract without the heat treatment so that the ingredient is able to deliver to its full efficacy.

Both the Scalp Deep Cleansing Scaler EX and the Ryo Hair Loss Care Essence will be available at all Watsons stores and Hermo starting July 2019!

I mentioned above that the event gave everyone a lab coat, and we actually also got to customize it with our initials!

Overall it was an insightful afternoon, and I'll be giving these products a go soon. I'll share my review with you guys here on my blog once I've given them a shot + experienced their products for myself!

Thanks for dropping by my blog, see you in the next post!

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