Louis Vuitton Time Capsule Kuala Lumpur 2019

July 27, 2019

Hi guys! Today I'll be briefly sharing some snaps I took at the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule 2019 here in Kuala Lumpur.

The Louis Vuitton Time Capsule event was held to tell the story of Louis Vuitton using hand-picked products and objects, showing the House's archive covering over 160 years. Its been open to the public since July 7 and I only just got to visit it!

My friends and I actually visited on a rainy day after lunch. It was located right outside KLCC near the central fountains.

When you first step in you'll see some artisans flown straight from Europe doing demonstrations and explanations on LV's techniques and styles.

I think it was quite a personal way to get to know the brand even more! How cool is it to actually meet an artisan and know more about how their products are made.

They also had different types of canvas with their monograms on display. They were so nice!

When you move on, you'll see some items from LV's history. There were lots of items like furniture, newspaper clippings, bags and more.

Some of the vintage trunks were really cute and reminded me a lot of the trunks they used in the Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts movies!

There were lots of items on display aside from the trunks like bags, perfume and clothes:

There was one section showcasing LV's commitment to personalization. From simple lettering:

To custom made items! Here is a custom-made box set a mother had made to store personal family heirlooms:

And here's a custom PS4 case that a father had made especially for her daughter!

There were also rare items in the collection like this vanity case:

As well as their trendy collections:

Here's a replica of a gown worn by actress Emma Stone!

Near to the end, there is an LED room showcasing the transformation of their iconic trunk:

It was cool to see all the different styles and monograms that LV has released over the years.

At the end is a timeline of LV:

And some postcards! There were a total of 8 postcards and 3 of them were made espcially for Malaysia.

They gave it out in random and didn't let visitors choose. You can go a few rounds to collect all the designs but it'll take some time because going twice does not guarantee that you'll get a different design haha.

And that's it for this post! Thanks for dropping by my blog, see y'all in my next post!

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