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July 13, 2019

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about JD Sports, my experience shopping online & offline during their mid-year sale + my new Fila Disruptor 2!

So in June last year, I chanced upon JD Sports' Mid Year sale in Mid Valley. They had lots of shoes on sale in-store, and I saw these nude and green Air Max 90s!

They originally cost RM455 but each pair was going for RM250. They had a promo where if you buy RM500 and above you'll get a RM200 voucher, and since both of them together were exactly RM500 + I really liked them, I decided to get them both. I then sold the RM200 voucher to someone for RM150, meaning I only spent a total of RM350/RM175 per pair. Such a steal!

I've used both shoes quite often and they've definitely been worn a lot. I'm now only realizing that they've been overseas 4 times since I bought them + I wear them a lot on Instagram hahaha.

This year, I actually forgot all about the sale and chanced upon their sale by pure coincidence. On my way to work I remembered that my friend Bokoaz asked someone to help her buy a pair of Fila Disruptor 2 shoes from Korea. I was curious to find out how much it was, only to see that JD Sports was currently having a Fila Sale!

I saw that a lot of their nice shoes were going from RM160+, so I dropped by the JD in Mid Valley again to check them out.

Weirdly enough, there was no sale in-store. I found out that the Fila sale was only exclusively online. The reductions were crazy so I decided to buy online instead. Click here to check out their website: jdsports.my

The Disruptor 2 originally sold on JD for RM409, but it was going for RM281.19

Funnily enough, the sale price was pretty similar to Fila US's official retail price (USD65 is around RM270).

I checked the Fila Korea site and the price was even lower, but still pretty similar (KRW69000 is ~RM244)

Anyways, since the price was still pretty reasonable for me, I decided to get them. The shipping fee was RM35 and they only offered free shipping for orders above RM400, so I asked my friend if anyone else wanted to shop with me. My friend Sydney ended up shopping with me, and out total came up to RM562.38.

We ordered on June 27 (Thursday) and it was shipped 2 business days later on July 1 (Monday). I actually didn't know that the stock was coming all the way from the UK.

It arrived in my office on July 8, 7 business days after we bought it. Considering it came all the way from the UK, I think the shipping duration was pretty okay.

I forgot to mention that I also used Shopack to get cashback on these shoes.

The cashback I got, however, was not 9% (it was only 3.2%). I emailed Shopback and they said they calculated it wrong so they would correct it soon.

Anyhoo, the shoes were great and were pretty comfy!

I'll put together a nice OOTD with these babies soon, so stay tuned for my upcoming lewkssss. In the meantime, here are some close-ups of the shoes while they were still clean and fresh:

Best believe I dirtied them as soon as I wore them out haha.

Overall I really like all the shoes I got from JD! I think it's very worth it to shop during their sale period, and I would definitely recommend you guys to check them out as well. Their sale is still going so hurry and grab a pair of new kicks if you're in the market for new ones! I've already set a reminder on my calendar for next year so I don't miss it hahaha.

That's all for this post, see y'all in my next one!

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