Huxley Mask ; Secret of Sahara GLOW AND BRIGHTNESS Review

July 5, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review of Huxley's Mask ; Secret of Sahara Glow And Brightness.

If you guys remember, I previously tried out Huxley's Mask; Secret of Sahara Oil and Extract and like it a lot. Last year they came out with another sheet mask called the Glow & Brightness, and I  first talked about this new sheet "9 minimalist & aesthetic K-beauty brands you need" post.

In November of last year, I got my hands on the new Glow & Brightness masks from Stylekorean.

It took me a while to get to them since I was trying to clear out all the other expiring sheet masks that I had lol. I got to try them out a few weeks ago and I'm finally here to share about them with you guys.

Huxley's Secret of Sahara MASK ; GLOW AND BRIGHTNESS is a brightening sheet mask infused with cactus extracts in a milky essence.

It aims to protect the skin from various harmful environmental factors, as well as instantly brighten + even out skin tone. It uses a unique PE-tech technology that provides a low viscous formulation that is soft, refreshing and deeply moisturizing to the skin, even with a high oil content. 

Similar to the Oil & Extract mask, the essence of this mask needs to be mixed in with the rest of the mask before use, ensuring that the formula is fresh. One thing to note about this mask is that once both liquids are mixed, it's supposed to instantly emulsify, turning to a milky essence.

I got this product from Styleakorean where it currently retails for USD19.80. Similar to the other mask, it comes in a box of 3 masks, making each mask cost approximately USD6.6. I feel like the price is not the cheapest but it's not that bad too. 

Compared to the Oil & Extract mask's box that has a coloured picture of the desert, the Glow & Brightness mask comes in a box with a black and white image instead:

I just love all of Huxley's packaging omg. So simple and minimalist yet so pretty!

Behind is all the info you need to know in English. I think Huxley's one of the few Korean brands that actually really cater to their international customers by providing lots of info in English on their product packaging itself, so props to them for that.

As I mentioned, each box contains 3 sheet masks:

Unlike the Oil & Extract mask which looks slightly greenish, the Oil & Brightness mask is white in colour.

It still comes in the transparent matte packaging where you can see the mask/essence separated:

As always, 10/10 for packaging.

On Huxley's website, they state that this mask has the following main ingredients:

Cactus Extract/Prickly Pear Seed Oil - Moisturizes skin / Antioxidant
Arabian Cotton - Protects skin / Relieves irritation
Edelweiss - Soothes skin / Antioxidant
Glutathione - Brightens and improves skin tone
Pure nectar - Moisturizes skin / Protects skin

On the packaging, the ingredients for the 1st and 2nd pack are stated separately:

I analyzed both pack's ingredients together (as you will most likely be mixing them anyway) and found that the ingredients mostly have EWG green and yellow-level ratings, meaning they're very unlikely to irritate the skin:

This product is paraben, sulfate and EU Allergen Free. It contains ingredients that will help with anti-ageing (Gluconolactone & Niacinamide) as well as brightening (Glutathione & Niacinamide). It also has highly moisturizing ingredients that people with dry skin will enjoy (like Butylene Glycol & Glycerin), as well as ingredients that those with oily skin and sensitive skin (Allantoin) will like.

This mask uses a microfiber mask that helps the skin absorb the essence quickly, as well as maximizing adhesion to the skin. As you guys saw above, there were two separate transparent liquids. Once mixed, they emulsify and become milky:

The product has little to no scent, and the finish is not sticky. It does leave the skin slightly dewy, but I was okay with it. The mask felt a little cooling, especially around my moustache area.

On the back of each mask + the box are examples on how you can mix both solutions:

You simply have to roll the bottom pouch till the liquid penetrates into the top pouch

Comfort-wise, this mask was pretty nice to wear. Aside from cutting the nose bridge area to fit my face better, the mask fit me quite well + adhered nicely to the skin. In the gif below, it looks a bit dry, but it was actually very moist. The mask held the milk essence pretty well.

It was pretty cooling and moisturizing and overall felt very relaxing to wear. In terms of brightening, I noticed that the area covered by the mask was significantly brighter than the area not covered immediately after removing the mask. My skin, however, returned to being one tone after 1 minute. My skin tone did not become significantly brighter immediately after removing the mask, and it's okay since I didn't really expect it to be.

After using all 3 masks, although my skin looked good, I didn't really see any visible effect. Aside from feeling nice and plump, my skin did not seem any brighter or glowier than usual.

After using all 3 masks, I can say that I like them but I don't think I'll be repurchasing them again. They work well at hydrating my skin, but I don't really see any huge effects.

Huxley recently releases a new mask called Moisture & Freshness, and I would rather give that one a go next time.

And that's it for this review! I hope you guys found it helpful and informative.

See ya in my next post!

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