Broken Beach, Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia

July 11, 2019

Hi guys, welcome to my blog! In this post, I'll be sharing about my visit to Broken Beach in Nusa Penida Island, Bali.

Broken Beach is actually the 3rd stop on the West Nusa Penida Whole Day Trip we book on Klook, and if you're interested in reading my overall review of the trip you can click here to read it.

After visiting Angel's Billabong, our Klook guide led us to a path that went through some greenery:

The walk between Angel's Billabong + Broken Beach was pretty easy, and there was no inclination or anything like that that made the walk between both places tiring at all.

After getting through the greenery, we were greeted by this majestic sight!

Broken Beach is a coastal formation on the southwestern edge of Nusa Penida island that is famous for it's hilly, arch-like rock formation. We actually passed by this arch when our boat took us to the ocean for snorkelling, and we were told that it was one of the most well-known landmarks on Nusa Penida island.

Although it was sunny and hot, we didn't really sweat much because it was pretty windy! 

The view from the viewpoint was simply breathtaking! It's amazing how this bridge was naturally formed, and my photos seriously do it no justice.

You can appreciate the clear waters of Bali from the viewpoint + see then entire beach. From what I heard, boats aren't allowed inside the lagoon, and I don't think people are allowed to go down as well since I didn't see any pathways.

We managed to take pictures at two spots. One was a clear shot by the side:

It looks so nice right! If you want a wide shot with the natural bridge, this would be the perfect spot.

Here are some shots of Bo:

The second spot was aesthetically framed by trees:

There is actually a tree stump that you can stand on to take pictures!

Here's what the shots taken from the tree stump look like. 

It looks like you're under the bridge, and it definitely makes for an interesting photo

The sky, sea and wind were all pretty breathtaking, and you really feel this sense of calm and relaxation when you look out into the distance.

Also, I'm not really sure what causes it but the colour of the ocean in Bali is just crazy clear. The lagoon in Broken Beach was especially bright!

Is it caused by algae? Not really sure, but you can't deny that the white waves crashing + the teal ocean water makes it look picture perfect.

If you're ever in Bali, I recommend visiting Broken Beach (and Angel's Billabong while you're at it too!)

After dropping by Broken Beach, our driver drove us to our next destination: Kelingking Beach Secret Point! Click here to read all about it.

If you're interested in reading all about the West Nusa Penida Whole Day Trip we booked on Klook, click here to read my review.

Thanks for dropping by my blog! See ya in my next post.

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