#BELovesBali Stay 2: DD Ubud Jungle Villa Bali Review

July 16, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about one of the places I stayed at while I was in Bali: the DD Ubud Jungle Villa Bali.

During our Bali trip, my group and I decided to book a different stay for each night that we were in Bali because we would be exploring different parts of Bali + it would be more convenient to stay in each area than wasting time on long car rides during the day. This stay is the second among our five stays, and we booked in on Agoda.

This post was not sponsored in any way by Agoda. I actually wanted to book our stays on different platforms (Airbnb, Homeaway, Booking) so that I could do a comparison post, but we ended up booking everything on Agoda! One of the main reasons being that the selection was the biggest + the prices were super low. To view my overall review of Agoda during this trip, click here!

Stay #2 - May 18 to 19: DD Ubud Jungle Villa • RM214.70

This place was kind of hard to reach since it's located in the jungle, and the car ride here was in pretty much pitch darkness. We were lucky that we hired a driver and did not get a Grab/taxi, as we found out the next day that it was quite hard to get a phone line/signal there as well.

When we got to the villa (which was quite late at night already), we checked in. One thing about this place is that they insisted on being paid cash although it was booked online.

The villa is quite steep, and you had to descend a lot of stairs to get to the houses. We had a lot of luggage, and we were glad that the staff were more than happy to help us bring them to our rooms.

Since it was quite dark out already, I couldn't take pics of the outside yet. However, here's what our room looked like when we arrived!

Super honeymoon-ish haha. If you're a couple, I think you'll like this room.

Since there were 3 of us, we got an extra matress.

Here's what the bathroom looked like:

The basic essentials, but I feel like it was tastefully done.

Here's what our side window view, and you can see some of the stairs we descended to get to our room.

We loosened up and got ready for bed, and a grasshopper even bid us good night haha.

Here's a shot of the bed when there was sunlight:

Outside we could see the jungle that surrounded us, and it was a very peaceful morning view.

I couldn't take a snap of our bungalow/house because I didn't want to step into the jungle, but here's the one beside us that looked similar to ours:

After getting ready, our perilous journey up the stairs begun! Ever for us young people, the stairs were a lot. It was a healthy morning exercise, but it was an exercise nonetheless haha.

About mid-way through was the pool area:

Since we wanted to head over to the Tegalalang Rice Terraces first, we decided to come back to the pool later.

After climbing all the steps, here's the jungle view:

On the left is a terrace/viewing area that doubles as the dining area. It was a perfect photo spot!

After coming back from Tegalalang, we went back to the viewing deck for our breakfast (which was part of our booking).

The food was quite nice. Not a lot of selection but very fresh and filling after our morning activity.

Here's a pic of me with the jungle view!

After breakfast, we decided to chill by the pool area:

Before coming, one of the reasons why we chose this place was actually because of the pool! We liked the shots we saw on Instagram and were totally not disappointed when we got there. 

Since the space is quite small, not a lot of people can come to the pool all at once. There were only 4 (I think?) sunbeds, and the pool itself is actually quite compact.

Since our room had a bathtub, we decided to add on a flower bath package for IDR350,000 (which is around RM100+).

They said they required 2-3 hours to set it up, so we had them set it up while we went out to Tegalalang.

I would say it's quite nice for pictures, and if you have the budget you should def go for it as well.

After taking pictures + taking a bath, we checked out and headed for Tirta Empul with our driver!

If you'd like to check this place out on Agoda, you can click here!

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Thanks for dropping by my blog, see you in my next post!

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