5 guidelines to help you buy clothes from an online store

July 4, 2019

If you are reading this, you are probably skeptical of buying clothes from online stores, or likely tired of buying ill-fitting clothes that do nothing for you (even if they looked really appealing). You will find many women’s online clothes shop as well as those that cater for men, but buying clothes online is a tricky affair that needs extra precautions while you do it. We can understand the frustration, because it has happened to us in the past.

Every day, you are likely to come across a new clothes store, and many people prefer buying their
clothes here because they perceive it to be more convenient. Online clothes stores definitely have their own advantages – they save you time, gives a greater variety of choices, and you are likely to save money. You also have the opportunity to buy from outside your area or country, and have the packages delivered at your doorstep.

However, there are disadvantages as well. You cannot assess the quality of the clothes, neither can you try them on. Many people have bought something online and found it does not fit them, so they have to return it, which discourages many from shopping online. However, it does not mean all your purchases will be wrong – you only need to be aware of the risks, and use wisdom to select the right choices. If you are unsure, read on.

Know your measurements

This is the most important tip of all, which is also why we start off with it. Instead of searching for a
‘small’ size, find out your actual body measurements and look up the clothing parameters to know if it will suit your body or not.

Keep in mind that every size will actually differ among manufacturers, and this is important to know
especially when you are importing clothes. Different countries and brands also have their own sizing
charts, while some designers might confuse the customer on purpose.

Therefore, if you want to order something online – make sure you know your measurements. Never rely on the company’s indicated size chart alone. Make sure to do plenty of research as well, such as looking on the web page of the store itself, or looking at the sizing charts of the brand, and then seesif your measurements match up with theirs.

For every purchase you make, take notes on it

If you have bought something online before, make sure to take notes on the item you bought, the store you bought it from, how well it fit your body, and the size itself. You can do this on a separate notebook, your computer or your phone – just make sure to note it down and use the information for future purposes. With time, you will be able to know the sizing that fits you well, and also the reputable stores you can trust.

Note what the fabric composition is

Did you know that online stores hire photographers to make the images of what they sell look
attractive? It is actually common practice, and you should not be surprised when sometimes the clothes you saw looking really beautiful on models turn out very different from your expectation. Instead of looking at how the shirt, dress or pants fit the model, you are better off paying attention to the quality of the clothes.

It is also another way of knowing if the seller is reputable. Any seller with a great reputation will always list the fabric composition of the clothes in question on their page.

In addition, note that natural materials such as wool, silk and cotton will always look very good in real life, and they will not carry the risk of allergic reactions when they are of high quality – which gives them a distinct advantage over synthetic fabrics. Some clothes will also consist of several materials, but always ensure that natural materials are more.

Do research

Like we mentioned earlier, it is very easy to fall into an ‘expectation vs. reality’ situation when you are shopping for things from online stores – especially clothes. You might see a store that has images of very high quality, and you decide to buy them, only to be disappointed when the order arrives.

In order to avoid these scenarios from occurring, it is very important to do thorough research, especially if you are purchasing from a particular store for the first time. Look for any reviews from previous customers to see what they have to say about the store, and you will always gain insight into the store itself from the comments they leave.

It will also inform you whether the store fits are actually the same as the customer expects, so you do

not get caught off-guard by aspects you never expected to have.

If you are buying shoes, make sure to have your feet measured

Shoes are another tricky area to deal with, and it is very easy to get the wrong size. Many people tend to just choose the one that is closest to what they know, and then hope for the best. However, just like
clothes, shoe size charts differ between countries – you will not get Europe and the U.S. sharing foot size charts, for instance.

To know your foot size, take the most comfortable pair of shoes you own, remove the insole, and measure the width and length. Always keep in mind that the insole is always 10 to 15 mm longer than your foot, which gives the shoe what is termed as ‘functional allowance’ and makes it comfortable to wear. A good online store will also indicate insole lengths when you are looking for shoes, as well as the shoe size.

If you are completely new to the process, go for the brands whose shoes you like wearing, or use your
foot measurements to get the right size.

Final thoughts

Shopping for clothes from an online store is not the easiest task, especially when you are not sure if it will fit you. However, it just needs a bit more diligence so that you do not regret the choice you make.

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