L'Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Oil-In-Serum Review

April 4, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about L'Occitane's Immortelle Reset!

Founded in Provence, L'Occitane is a French brand that started with a 23-year-old alembic and his small truck where he sold rosemary oil locally. He expanded his production from oils to soaps to creams, taking inspiration from the land he grew up on to bring natural beauty to homes across the world! L'Occitane has since then grown their company, and they invest a lot in research. One of the ingredients they're most known for is their signature Immortelle Flower extract.

L'Occitane's Immortelle Reset Oil-in-Serum is a booster serum that resets your skin, erasing the impact of stress and fatigue, prepping it for the rest of your skin care routine, resulting in a more rested & radiant-looking complexion.

This booster serum is suitable for all skin types and contains 8 patented ingredients + Immortelle flower extracts inside 3000 golden bubbles.

The Immortelle Reset Oil-In-Serum comes with 30ml worth of product and costs RM248. It's available online on their website and offline in their stores as well.

The box first came plastic wrapped, and once you unseal it, you get this gorgeous box that reminds me of a sunset:

There are descriptions/information on the box both in English and French:

The bottle itself comes in a gorgeous glass bottle that has the same colours as the box.

The product is dispensed with a pump type applicator (not dropper), and I think its quite good because I can easily control the amount I pump out without exposing the rest of the product to air.

The top part of the bottle is opaque and it gradients down to transparent, and you can easily see how much product you have left.

Some of the main ingredients that this oil in serum has are:

Marjoram - Reawakens skin at a cellular level, resetting moisture from the inside out.
Acmella Oleacera – Relaxes facial muscles, for skin that looks rested.
Immortelle Essential Oil Extract – L’OCCITANE’s iconic and powerful antioxidant, reactivates skin and boosts skin radiance.

This product is paraben-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free and EU allergen free, and an analysis of its ingredients show that it contains mostly EWG green level ingredients with a spackle of some yellow ones. This means that it will be ber unlikely to cause any irritations.

This product contains anti-ageing ingredients like Adenoside and Tocopherol, and people with dry skin will enjoy this because of the highly moisturizing Butylene Glycol, Glycerin and Vitamin E.

The product itself has a light water-gel texture that is slightly yellow in colour. It contains golden bubbles which pop and disperse Immortelle flower extracts into your skin as you apply it to your skin.

It has a signature scent which is quite unique to it, and I've never smelled anything like it. If I were to describe it, it smells like freshly mown grass with floral hints. Very fresh and natural. The smell is very faint and disappears after its absorbed.

When you first apply the Reset, the texture feels like and cool, and it sinks into the skin pretty quickly. It leaves a satin smooth finish leaves without any oiliness/residue, and the skin feels instantly hydrated.

I usually use this before applying my serums.

Cleanser - Toner - Eye - Reset - Serum - Mask* - Moisturizer - Sunblock*

*I only use masks at night and sunblocks during the day, and I use this product for both morning and night

First, pump a few drops of the Reset onto your palms. Heat it up with your palms and activate the Immortelle essential oil bubbles by rubbing your hands, followed by gently smoothing the activated product onto your face in upwards motions. Since skin renewal is most active at night, it is recommended to use this as part of your night routine. For me, I use it for both morning and night.

After one week of using it, I could already feel and see the difference. After it absorbs you can immediately feel that your skin is super soft, and the next day when I wake up, I feel like my skin looks more radiant & rejuvenated. After 3 days of using it, I could see that my skin texture looked slightly smoother, and after 7 days I felt like my skin overall looked healthier. One thing that I realized, however, is that it didn't really get rid of the small bumps/acne on my face. For that, I had to use a separate acne serum. Using this by itself is great, but I think it works better when combined with another serum if you have specific skincare concerns you want to target.

Although it's slightly up there in terms of price, I think its a good investment product that really shows effects (and for that amount of money, it better show results!). After 2 weeks of continuously using this, I have since switched to only using it when I need a pick me up. It really works fast + is great for prepping my skin for special occasions, but because of the price point, I don't use it regularly anymore and try to save it. 

If you guys ever come across a L'Occitane shop, I recommend you guys to swatch it on one hand so you can compare! Usually, serums take some time to absorb into my skin, but this one sank in almost immediately + is not sticky at all, leaving me with skin as soft & smooth as a baby's butt 👶

And that's it for this post! I hope y'all found my review helpful and informative. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on my social media or leave a comment below.

See ya in the next post!

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