Cameron Lavender Garden, Cameron Highlands

April 22, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing some pictures of me taken at Cameron Lavender Garden in Cameron Highlands.

I've visited Cameron Lavender a few times before and I wanted to drop by again to take some photos. Entrance costs RM10 per head!

There are 2 types of lavenders here. One type of lavender (which is more purple/saturated) is closed off from the public by fences, while the Taiwan lavender was in pots and could be easily accessed.

Since we couldn't go inside the saturated lavender field, my brother and I shot pics with the Taiwanese ones instead.

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The pictures turned out more green than purple, but to be honest I think they turned out very nice + fit the vibe I was going for more.

Also, since it's in a separate section, you get to take wide shots without seeing people/other flowers at the back

One tip I have is to come during midday when the sun is strong! I feel like the strong sunlight makes shots look prettier.

Across the Taiwanese lavenders are pots of gerberas:
It was slightly more difficult to snap pics here since there were lots of people admiring the flowers. 
However, with a little patience (and photoshop magic), the pics turned out quite nicely!

The vibe is pretty whimsical and a lot of people on Instagram told me this place does not look like Malaysia at all.

In the right angle, the pots look like a proper field! Just use some flowers to cover the pots hahaha

You can also take pics with the mushroom cottages at the background:

On our way out we saw there was a spot of empty land near the official "photography area", so I popped in real quick and got these shots:

You can easily sit on the fence too and still have the flowers in the background:

And that's it! Not really much to share aside from my vain shots hahaha. Hope y'all like the pics and found this post interesting.

See you in my next post!

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