Dear Dahlia Skin Paradise Blooming Cushion Foundation & Lip Paradise Intense Satin Lipstick Review

March 6, 2019

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about Dear Dahlia's Skin Paradise Blooming Cushion Foundation & their Lip Paradise Intense Satin Lipstick!

I received these products from Dear Dahlia a year ago, and I'm finally here to share about them with you guys!

If you're a K-beauty lover (or even just a makeup lover in general), I'm sure you've seen Dear Dahlia's products floating around on the internet. Dear Dahlia is a Korean makeup brand inspired by dahlia flowers. They offer high-performance makeup that has a timeless, contemporary & classic design, containing only safe and natural ingredients.

They're super well known on Instagram for being the most aesthetic K-makeup brand, and it really is true! Their cushions and lipsticks come with a marble finish + rose gold accents, giving off a luxurious vibe:

Containing Dahlia flower extract, the Skin Paradise Blooming Cushion Foundation offers the expert wear and finish of a bottle foundation with the convenience of a cushion pact. Its a super hydrating liquid foundation that helps retain moisture and balance while maintaining a picture perfect natural finish.

The Lip Paradise Intense Satin lipstick combines plant-based natural ingredients with the skin conditioning properties of Dahlia flower extract to nourish the lips. Its a rich and creamy highly pigmented lipstick that feels moist and gently wraps your lips in colour without drying it or causing flakes.

You can currently get Dear Dahlia products online on their official website at You can change the language from Korean to English, Japanese and Chinese so it's pretty easy to shop and navigate.

Dear Dahlia offers free shipping for all orders over $30 on their official website, and you also get 10% OFF if you're a newly registered member! This discount can be used right away when you register too.

The Skin Paradise Blooming Cushion Foundation retails for USD69, and with the 10% new member code, costs USD62.10

The Lip Paradise Intense Satin Lipstick retails for USD34 and costs USD30.60 with 10% off.

Since both cost over USD30 even after the 10% discount, you will get free international shipping should you choose to get only either one. If you would like to get both, you can also purchase the limited edition Paradise Collection set, which retails for USD79 or USD71 with discount.

The lipstick is available in 10 shades, but should you get the set, you cannot choose as its fixed that you'll get the shade Carmen:

As for the cushion, it comes in 4 shades (we'll talk about this later haha)

If you decide to get it individually, you can only purchase the first 3 shades, but if you get the set, you will have the option to get Soft Sand, the new darkest shade.

As I mentioned, Dear Dahlia is famous for their marble packaging. It's super aesthetic and looks very pleasing to the eye! I think this would be perfect for makeup collectors or someone who just wants their makeup to look cute so that when they take it out in public, people will go "WAHHHH"

The Paradise Collection set came in a nice marble print box:

It also came with a little pamphlet with some info:

The cushion comes with 14ml worth of product and comes in a matte plastic container with a marble pattern + rose gold detailing:

Here's what it looks like on the back (really reminds me of a marble stone/decoration):

The mirror is nice and big + comes with a protective plastic cover:

It has a soft velvety-puff for application, and the puff is also coated with a special protective film to make it anti-bacterial so that the sponge does not absorb or retain anything. Thisprevents bacterial growth within the sponge and allows you to use less product for a bigger space on your face.

And the product is dispensed via a hygienic plate-type cushion which is sealed when you first get it:

I personally think that it's great how more and more Korean brands are going for this hygienic plate style, meaning you won't contaminate the cushion + protect it from dehydrating/being over exposed to air.

The lipstick is similar to the cushion but is instead shiny instead of matte. It also has rose gold detailing and has quite a weight to it, making it feel very luxurious to the touch.

It's not a magnetic case but it closes pretty tightly so you don't have to worry about the cap separating if you put it in your pouch or something.

On the bottom you get the details of the shade for easy reference:

The barrel itself is rose gold and is engraved with the brand name:

Overall the packaging gets an A+ for me. It's really elegant and pretty, and I would even go so far as to say it's minimalist. If you want to add something pretty to your vanity or make your friends jealous, definitely add these babies to your collection hahahaha.

As Dear Dahlia mentions on their site, all their products contain only safe ingredients. I did an analysis on both products on both the cushion and the liptsick and found that both of them contain only green and yellow EWG ingredients, meaning they're safe and are highly unlikely to irritate the skin.

Both the lipstick and the cushion are enriched with Dahlia Veriabilis Flower Extract and nourishing Ecocert Certified Organic Oils, while the lipstick contains butters to create intense hydration and luscious satiny texture. Both the lipstick and the cushion contains no nanoparticles, no sulfates, no parabens, no PEGs, no phthalates, no synthetic fragrance, no colour pigments and no animal ingredients or testing.

For the cushion, its definitely too light to be used as my overall base. Here's what it looks like on my hand:

Its a bit light because of the filter, so here's the shade without edit:

A lot of Korean brands only make 2 shades for their cushions, so the fact that Dear Dahlia has 4 is a step up. Although I don't think 4 is enough for everyone (especially tan people in Southeast Asia), I think it will suit slightly tanner Chinese/Koreans, which is the main target for this product anyway.

Texture-wise, it's very watery and light, and very refreshing on the skin. It feels comfortable and is very easy to blend. The coverage is medium to high, and only one patting managed to cover my acne scars:

It has a glowy finish that does not set/become powdery, so it will transfer if you touch it. If you're afraid of creasing I recommend setting with powder, and if you would like to keep the glowy finish I recommend using a setting spray.

The cushion smells floral on application but fragrance disappears after a few sends. I tried running it thorugh water and found that it's pretty waterproof as well.

If you're someone more tan like me (NC40 in MAC), you can still use this as a highligher or a concealer. Here's what it looks like compared to my other daily concealers:

It's so much watery and lighter than my usual 2 creamy concealers, and I really like the formulation.

As for the lipstick, here's what it looks like compared to the only other red lipstick I own:

Compared to Rich Ruby, Carmen is more orangey + has a nice glossy sheen to it. You can use it to make a gradient lip but I prefer to wear it fully. It's not extremely glossy but it does have a shine to it, and I have to reapply after eating.

The lipstick is pretty straightforward, just twist and apply! As for the cushion, I squeeze some product out onto the plate and use either the puff or a sponge as a concealer and highlighter.

I find that the plate is really useful + its a way cleaner way of dispensing product + using it as a concealer.

First, let's start with the cushion! Although I would have appreciated it more if it was usable for my entire face, I'm just thankful that I can use it at all hahaha. I think K-brands need to further improve their shade ranges, but that DD is already on the right way by adding more shades.

Here's what I look like with the concealer under my foundation + on my undereye area as a highlight, and once it's all blended out, it's actually not that bad of a match. It's pretty close to my usual highlight shade so its perfect for me actually ahaha.

I set it with a light powder, and I find that it doesn't crease. Its pretty smooth looking and I'm very satisfied with the finish. It's also super light and I can barely feel anything under my eyes! Its super lightweight and comfy on my skin. 

I've been wanting to add a glossy red lipstick to my collection, and I think that it's a pretty good lipstick. The orange tint to this lipstick is very subtle, and on me it looks more of a prefect red. It compliments my skin very well and looks amazing on my lips. The application is pretty smooth and glossy + it does in fact feel hydrating on the lips. It feels smooth and comfy + not dry at all.

I would recommend these 2 products to someone looking for an everyday duo which you can depend on/will always perform well for you. You only need very little product to get the cushion to fully cover your face + the lipstick is very smooth and pigmentd, and can be layered for an ombre or intense look. They also add a sense of elegance and prettiness to your bag + table. I think having pretty things is very important if for keeping yourself happy thoughout your day ahaha.

I think I'll give the cushion a pass. It's more of a collectible, and although I like it as a concealer, I would prefer to buy a cheaper concealer. If Dear Dahlia releases more shades, I'd be more than happy to buy a refill for this cushion!

As for the lipstick, I don't think I'll finish it anytime soon, but I wouldn't mind repurchasing it. It looks good + performs well, and I wouldn't mind getting another one + trying other shades.

With the price point, these products are definitely on the "nice to have" list. They're not complete necessities, but if you have a little extra moolah, you should defininitely consider adding them to your makeup pouch. For the money you're paying, you get nice looking products that work & perform well, meaning you get your money's worth.

Aaaaand that's it for this review! I hope you guys found it informative and helpful.

See y'all in the next review!


  1. Thanks for the review!! Finally a detailed one as well, i would only buy it for the casing as it makes a good prop for photography lol.

    1. Hahaha a lot of people think so too! I think if you're someone who's fairer, the cushion would def be a great purchase. If you're looking for something more pratical however, the lipstick would be better because doubles as a great prop + can be used as blush too! #TeamMultifunctional


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