#MACPatricstarrr Slay Ride Collection Haul & Swatches

January 2, 2019

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing about something I've been dying to get my hands on the moment it was announced: the #MACPatricstarrr Slay Ride Collection!

I'm a huge fan of Patrickstarrr, and if you guys follow my blog & Instagram, you'll know how much I love Patrick's Powder! I been raving about it since I got it, and if you're interested in reading my review you can click here to check it out.

We've now come full circle and are at the 5th #MACPatricstarrr collection! I didn't get anything from Round 2, 3 and 4 because although the products were pretty, they were pretty basic in my opinion. For Round 5, the elusive Patrick's Powder from Round 1 came back so I was very tempted to buy again, and the hot red holiday packaging sealed the deal for me!

Slay Ride was available on MAC's website on December 3rd and dropped in stores on December 6. I'm more of the "instant gratification" type and didn't really wanna wait for my order to arrive so I decided to risk it and buy in-store on Dec 6. I dropped by KLCC and luckily managed to get the ones I wanted! 

The entire collection consists of 1 setting powder, 1 highligher, 2 eyeshadow palettes, 3 pigments, 3 lipsticks and 5 dazzleglass lip glosses. They were left with only 1 Patrick's Powder and 1 Twerk For Gifts Dazzleglass when I arrived, so I was lucky I still managed to get them. I also got the highlighter, a lipstick and a pigment, making my haul a total of 5 products!

DAZZLEGLASS Twerk For Gifts  RM81
PIGMENT Patrickstarrr • RM102
LIPSTICK Spank Me Santa • RM81
SET POWDER Patrick's Powder • RM110

My order totalled to RM552, which is way cheaper than if I were to have bought it in the US. In the US my order would have cost USD140 (~MYR581), so I guess that's one of the great things about living in Malaysia! Cosmetics like skincare, makeup & perfumes are usually cheaper.

With that said, RM552 for 5 items is not cheap at all, but I didn't mind splurging since it was the year end + I don't mind supporting my fave content creators.

Without further ado, let's talk about the products I got!

 Patrickstarrr Slay Ride Patrick's Powder

A translucent setting powder, Patrick's Powder makes a comeback with holiday packaging and a luxe powder puff. I was the most hyped to get my hands on this because it's my holy grail powder, but some people have been a bit sceptical of it because of its new price, size and packaging.

As I mentioned, it now comes with a powder puff, but it now also comes in a cardboard packaging instead of plastic like the first one:

I think the most shocking about this was the amount of product you get. For Round 1, Patrick's Powder contained 30g, while now it has less than half at 14.5g

It was kind of confusing because in Patrick's reveal video there was no mention of this at all, and the price was more or less the same as the 30g one with only 14.5g of product. I guess they wanted to maximize sales since it's a very popular product that sold out instantly the first time round.

Price wise, the 30g one went on sale last time in the US at USD39.5 (~MYR165), while the 14.5g one went on sale for USD34 (~MYR141). I bought the 30g one here in Malysia for RM125 and the new 14.5g here for RM110, so it's still definitely cheaper that the US price (RM31 cheaper) but you're still paying more and getting less product.

Personally after 1 year of using the powder I've only used half the tub, so I'm estimating that the other half will be used this year. Once it finishes, I'll decanted the contents of the 14.5 one into the 30g tub because I personally prefer the tub more. The Slay Ride packaging is cute, but more of a collectioble for me. Also, I heard rumours that Patrick's Powder is becoming a permanent product soon, but not much info on that yet. If it is that's good new for me since I can keep on repurchasing it! I personally don't mind splurging on it because I feel like it's worth the money.

Texture wise I swatched the sample at the store and it was the same as the original! Since I haven't opened it yet, here's some pics from my first Patrick's Powder:

Patrickstarrr Slay Ride Baby It's Gold Outside

A humongous highlighter, this product contains 30g of product and I honestly don't know if I'll ever finish this hahaha. It's humongous!

Here's what the pan looks like:

And here's what the packaging looks like:

The only issue I have with this product is that in Patrick's tutorial at the 10.00 mark, he mentions that the product he's holding doens't have a mirror and is supposed to come with one. Apparently all the highlighters sold ended up not having any mirrors at all? Kinda weird because it would have been great to have a mirror inside + the inside looks kind of unfinished/raw without a mirror.

Anyhoo, still a dazzling highlighter! This highligher is very fine and the shine looks very nice on my skin tone. It almost looks wet and doesn't look too foily/metallic like my other highlighters. Definitely a unique formula!

Patrickstarrr Slay Ride Spank Me Santa

My first ever MAC lipstick! I can't believe I've never gotten a lipstick from MAC before hahahaha. I chose thise shade because out of all 3 shades this one was the one I saw myself more drawn too + looked more wearable.

Here's the packaging:

It's a very MLBB colour that's slightly mauvy/darker but nonetheless a pretty nude! It's a matte formula and after wearing it a few times now, I've found it to be very comfy and non-drying at all.

Patrickstarrr Slay Ride Twerk For Gifts

I actually wanted to purchase some Dazzleglass minis after watching some reviews on Youtube but I never got to buying them. These are basically high shine glosses with glitter on them!

The applicator is pretty small for precise application:

The formula is quite thick and contains so many glitter reflexes! This picture below is a pretty good representation of how it really looks like in real life. Dazzling with lots of glitter!

Once on the lips they looks stunning, but I think you definitely have to pair it with a lip color. Also, although it's comfy, it is thick and I felt that I was very aware of the thickness when they were on my lips. I wore it to The Butterfly Project's Christmas party and although it looked great, it didn't last long against food (as expected). It was very high shine and reflective though!

Patrickstarrr Slay Ride Patrickstarrr

I've never played with pigments before so I got this so that I could try encorporating them into my looks. Aptly named Patrickstarrr, this pigment is has a pretty rose gold tone to it and can be use on the eyes and on the face as a highlighter/topper.

Here's the packaging:

It comes with a cover which is great so that it doesn't fly out:

This pigment feels very smooth and buttery to the touch, is very fine and is super pigmented! While swatching it on my arm it literally felt like buttery gold! 

As a highlight I think you'll definitely have to have a light hand because it truly is powder metal in a jar. On the eyes, it'll look super stunning, and you can use it as a shadow, pop it on as an accent or use it on your inner eye corners.

I'll create a look with all of these products soon so stay tuned!

Aaaaaand that's it for this haul and swatch post! I have #NoRagrets on spending my hard earned cash on this collection. Only comments I have would be that it would have been great to get more product in Patrick's Powder + a mirror in the highligher. Other than that I can find no other fault in this collection and the products!

Thank you guys so much for dropping by and reading this post! As always, I hope you guys found it helpful and informative 💕

See y'all in my next post!


  1. MAC and Patrick are the best duo ever! This collection really puts me in xmas mood again!hahaha

    1. Yesss I'm so sad it's over! T.T Did you get anything from this collection?


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