Jayeon Cosmetics Sheet Mask Review

January 29, 2019

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about these super affordable sheet masks from Jayeon Cosmetics!

Jayeon means "nature" in Korean, and Jayeon Cosmetics focuses on providing the best of natural skincare products from Korea.

They sent over 3 of their sheet masks for me to try out, namely the Raspberry, Pearl and Aloe masks.

The Raspberry Brightening Mask / shine like the whole universe is yours mask is infused with a powerful blend of Noni, Raspberry and Aloe Vera that provides long-lasting hydration while lightening skin tone, making your skin beautiful and glowing.

The Pearl Whitening Mask / time to get fairer mask contains amino acids and vitamins. This mask helps to accelerate the natural metabolism of the skin, tone it and reduce skin impurities. Skin becomes fairer, softer and moisturized.

Last but not least, the Aloe Hydrating Mask / in love with moisture mask re-hydrates your skin with this gentle formula containing active moisturizing and soothing agents. Helping skin retain essential moisture and strengthening skin barriers, your skin will look visibly healthier and easily achieve a smooth complexion.

Jayeon cosmetics is currently available on 11street, Shopee, Lazada and their own website. On their official website, the price of each sheet mask is RM4:

And you can get them as a set of 5 for RM15.90 (making it RM3.18 each):

BUUUUUT you can get an even better deal on their 11street store! For RM18 you get 10 masks, making each mask RM1.80!!! (Click here to check out the deal)

Something special with this masks is the messages on the packaging! I find it very cute and different from other sheet masks that are usually named very technically/normal. Gives it a fun element!

The Aloe Hydrating Mask says "In Love with Moisture":

The Pearl Whitening Mask says "Time to get fairer":

While the Raspberry Brightening Mask says "Shine like the whole universe is yours":

These masks are made in Korea and contain no parabens, no sulfates, no alcohol, no silicone & is EU allergen free + fungal acne safe. They're made with non-animal substance and are halal as well.

I ran an analysis on each of the masks' ingredients, and I'm happy to report that most of the ingredients are green with a hint of yellow, meaning these masks are unlikely to cause any irritation to your skin, even if you're sensitive.

Aside from Raspberry extracts, other notable ingredients in the Raspberry mask are Sodium Hyaluronate (to promote wound healing) & Vitamin E (for anti-aging).

For the Aloe mask, it contains Liquorice (for acne & brightening), Panthenol & Sodium Hyaluronate (to promote wound healing) and Vitamin E (for anti-ageing)

As for the Pearl mask, it contains Pearl extracts, Vitamin E (for anti-ageing) and Titanium Dioxide (for UV protection)

Personally, the masks smelled and felt like any other sheet mask that I've tried. It smelled pleasant, was easy to put on + managed to get the essence into my skin effectively.

Like with any mask, simply remove it from the packet and apply it to your face after serum! After 15-20 minutes, seal all that goodness with a moisturizer.

I think these masks are worth it because of the price point. RM1.8 each is really cheap, so if you manage to have some spare cash with you, I recommend splurging on a few of these masks to try out!

Effect-wise I feel like all of them were hydrating & moisturizing. The Brightening Mask didn't really give any dramatic, visible brightening, but I still enjoyed it because of the hydration. I usually wear sheet masks before I go to bed, and I could still feel the hydration and instant glow that sheet masks usually give when I woke up in the morning.

Even though I have oily/acne skin, these masks did not break me out and it did feel pretty cooling + soothing to my skin.

Yes. Overall I think it's a pretty basic mask, and although it didn't make my face any brighter/fairer, it did help me stay moisturized and keep my skin feeling juicy, fresh and plump. I think the main reason that makes me want to repurchase it again is the affordability. You can alternate it with your high end sheet masks as a filler or just keep them as a backup in case you run out of sheet masks. The price is so cheap that it's almost nothing, and for the price of almost nothing, you still get a pretty good quality mask! Definitely repurchasing this to keep my skin hydrated.

Aaaaand that's it for this review! I hope you found it helpful and interesting.

See you in the next post!

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