Breena Beauty Sponge & Brush Cleanser Review

January 10, 2019

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about Breena Beauty's Sponge & Brush Cleanser.

Cleaning and maintaining your tools is important because you never want germs to accumulate in them and get all those nasty germs on your face. You also want to maintain your brushes because they're an investment!

No matter what makeup products you use, it's important to have great makeup tools to help you apply your makeup as flawlessly as possible. I personally really love Breena's sponge, and I think it's a must-have in anyone's makeup bag. Breena's brushes are pretty high quality as well, and I use their Face Essential brushes quite often in my routine too!

Breena Beauty recently released their Sponge & Brush Cleanser to accompany their range of makeup sponges & brushes!

On their website it says that Breena Beauty's Sponge & Brush Cleanser gently removes makeup, grime, build up, dirt, bacteria and oil from your sponge and makeup brushes. It dissolves all types of makeup products while conditioning and cleaning the sponge and bristles, as well as protecting it from germs. Its also said to not produce excessive foam which makes it easier to rinse off.

It comes with 80ml of product and costs RM15 on their website.

Concealer and foundation brushes + sponges should be washed at least once a week since they come in contact with your skin a lot to prevent a buildup of product, while brushes that are used around the eyes should be cleaned at least twice a month. 

The product comes packaged in a pretty simple bottle:

 It also has a nice plugged cap to prevent it from spilling:

The product itself is transparent and has a light, oily texture:

To use the cleanser, they recommend:

1. Wet your sponge/brushes bristles.
2. Gently massage a moderate amount of the cleanser into wet sponge/brushes bristles to create lather.
3. Rinse sponge/brushes bristles, and squeeze out any excess water. 
4. Repeat as necessary and leave sponge/brushes to dry flat in well-ventilated area.

I've used this cleanser a couple of times now and I quite like it. Here's some pictures of my sponges and brushes before and after I washed them using the cleanser!

For face brushes, I always had a hard time washing my foundation brush. I don't know why but the previous cleansers I used always required me to wash it a long time because the product would still be left in the foundation brush + it had a lot of excess foam that I wanted to rinse off before drying.

With just one cleanse, my foundation brush was already back to white, so I was pleasantly surprised by that!

For eye brushes, eyeshadows are known to stain brushes (especially red shadows/lip products on lip brushes), and I think it did a pretty good job of cleansing my eye brushes:

For the sponge, it did a great job of removing all the dried up foundation and concealer in it. I think what sets this apart from other cleansers I tried is the quickness it removed the product! I usually have to wash my sponge 3-4 of times but with this, it was pretty much brand new after 1-2 washes. 

If you’d like a deeper cleanse, my friend from IG celinehanmakeup recommended filling up a bowl with water, saturating some of the cleanser in it and letting your sponge soak in for around 30 minutes before rinsing it.

Also, I usually dry my sponge using the case it came with! It'll shrink as it dries and just plop back in:

Before this I was using the Daiso makeup sponge makeup sponge cleanser and the Daiso makeup brush cleanser, each containing 50ml worth of product and costing RM5.90 each (total RM11.80 for 100ml). Personally after using the Breena cleanser, I'd rather stock up on their cleanser than get 2 from Daiso that are around the same price. Although you get a bit more product from Daiso, I feel like their cleanser isn't as thorough and not as good as Breena's. The only comment I have is that it would be great if Breena releases a silicone mat/cleansing pad that you can run your brushes through (like Sigma's) to make cleansing easier!

A big pat on the back to Breena's team for releasing another nice product!

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found it interesting and helpful. See y'all in the next post!


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