Belif Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule Review

July 31, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review of Belif's Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoules!

I received these products a few months back and I'm finally ready to share my review with you guys!

Belif is one of the more premium K-beauty brands on my vanity, and I always reach out for Belif's The True Cream Aqua Bomb whenever I need extra moisture. Their Cleansing Oil Fresh is also my go-to makeup remover! I just find that oil to be very good and light on my skin (unlike balms which I find hard to work with or cleansing tissues which doesn't remove makeup deep enough).

The Prime Infusion range is Belif's anti-aging range, and this range specializes in repairing the skin from the inside out. A lot of K-beauty brands have anti-aging lines, but unlike other brands that usually only has one serum dedicated to intense care, Belif has an ampoule program.

The Prime Infusion range is formulated with Mountain Daisy (also known as healing herb) known for its purifying & regenerating effect, and the entire range (including the ampoules) contain no parabens, sulphates, mineral oil, petrolatum, synthetic preservatives, dyes, and fragrances, and animal origin ingredients.

I've started focusing on anti-aging products ever since I hit 21, and I'm one of the types that has increasingly become obsessed with preserving myself hahaha. One of my current favourite quotes is:

Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. - Eleanor Roosevelt.

That resonates so much with me, because although people can be born pretty/attractive, I totally have more respect for people who manage to actively shape their destiny and create their desired aesthetic. I may not have been a pretty kid, but I sure will be a super attractive grandpa when I'm old! 😆

Anyhoo, I've strayed from the topic for too long already haha. Let's get on with the review!

First of all, what is an ampoule? An ampoule is in the same family as essences and serums. Similar to a serum, an ampoule has higher concentrations of active ingredients that you're meant to use for a finite amount of time as a booster or when you're having skin problems (unlike serums which can be incorporated into a routine for a longer period of time).

Belif's Prime Infusion Repair Program Ampoule is a six-week intensive care program with step-by-step ampoules that can each be used for two weeks. During each step, it gives more effective anti-aging by hydrating, nourishing, and returning rough skin to resilient skin.

You get a total of 45ml worth of ampoules separated into three 15ml bottles. They cannot be bought individually since it's a whole program & you're meant to use all three together. You can get the set of 3 for RM525 but you can also get the special set for only RM489.

The special set comes with 3 mini bottles that contain 6ml of product (almost half a full sized bottle). The three steps each take two weeks, and after two weeks of using the full-sized bottle (both day and night), I realized that I had used it halfway. The rough estimate of 2-weeks worth of product is half the 15ml bottle (~7.5ml). Its pretty similar to the amount in the 6ml mini bottle, so you can actually go through 3 cycles with the special set instead of just 2.

TL:DR, it's more worth it to get the special set rather than the normal price!

As you guys saw above, the packaging is GORGEOUS. It comes is a leather-inspired box with gold detailing, and the product itself is encased in real glass bottles (super luxurious feeling). If you buy it on it's own, the ampoules will come individually boxed with the dropper already in the bottle. For the special set, the dropper is separated from the full sized bottle, and you can easily combine them together.

Personally, I would suggest getting the special set and using the mini bottles first before opening the 15ml bottles because the amount inside the 6ml bottles are pretty much all you need for the whole 6 weeks.

As I mentioned before, each cycle is 6 weeks long and you can use these ampoules for 3 cycles (total 18 weeks). Does that mean that you should use these ampoules for 3 weeks straight? If you remember, I mentioned above that ampoules are supposed to be used for a finite amount of time as a booster or when you're having skin problems. You're supposed to go through a cycle and use it again only when you want to boost your skin/if it needs some tender loving care.

There are three steps to the program, and each step has a purpose:

Step 1: Prime infusion repair program ampoule – Reset
Helps to turn uneven skin texture silky and soft. Contains marshmallow root as part of its main ingredient which consists of Mucilage to soften and remove old dead skin cells.

Step 2: Prime infusion repair program ampoule – Recover
Penetrates deeply into the skin to moisturize & firm it without feeling sticky. Contains Grape Vine’s sap (that has benefits such as moisturizing and anti-inflammation).

Step 3: Prime infusion repair program ampoule – Reactivate
Improves skin elasticity and cares for wrinkles, leaving skin smooth, firm and radiant. Contains Lotus as one of its main ingredient to helps detoxify the skin with its strong anti-oxidant effects.

Step 1 is the clearest among all three and has a nice consistency (not too thin, not too thick). Step 2 is significantly more viscous + has a bit of pearlescent shine to it. Step 2 absorbs pretty well into the skin as well and I love the dewy/glowy effect it gives my skin. Finally, Step 3 is the thickest and although its similar to Step 2, I suggest putting less in the morning because it can leave the face a bit too shiny. Step 3 also feels gooey-er but all 3 ampoules do not feel sticky once they fully absorb into the skin.

I mentioned above that the entire Prime Infusion range is formulated with Mountain Daisy (which is known for its purifying and regenerating effect), but that's actually the raw ingredient. The special ingredient that goes into the Prime Infuision products is called Solar Nectar Infusion formula. The Mountain Daisies are carefully handpicked and their nectar is extracted. The extracted nectar is then placed under the sun for 72 hours and is stirred/shaken around 4-9 times a day. After that process, it then becomes a rich, active ingredient that powerfully purifies & regenerates the skin.

This program is suitable for people that want anti-aging benefits and want to deliver nutrients to the innermost layer of skin. Since its intensive, it's also suitable for those seeking fast improvements for sensitive and damaged skin due to the external factors. I fit both those criteria, and here's my experience with this program!

The #1 thing you need to do to get better skin (especially for acne skin like me) is to increase your skin's turnover rate. Made to reduce skins stiffness, the Reset ampoule contains marshmallow root/Mucilage that helps to soften and remove old dead skin cells.

All the ingredients in this ampoule have an EWG green level rating (meaning they're very unlikely to irritate your skin) except for 1 ingredient. This product contains Clove Leaf Oil (EWG rating 5/moderate risk) and it acts as a natural fragrance. All in all the ingredient list looks pretty clean!

I think people with dry skin will really enjoy this serum because of the powerfully moisturizing ingredients in it (Panthenol, Beta-glucan, Sodium Hyaluronate + Glycerin). I personally find it nicely hydrating and not heavy at all on my face (its actually pretty cooling. Panthenol is also great at promoting wound healing.

The most difficult part of starting this program would probably be discipline haha. You're supposed to apply 2 - 3 drops twice a day after toner, and although its easy enough for the morning, I had to be diligent in the morning since I usually only cleanse, tone and moisturize. I got used to it after a while though because I really wanted to see results/effects.

No joke, after the first week you can already see results! I wouldn't say that it totally faded my scars, but the overall condition of my skin felt better. It looked more even, and how I know this is because prior to this I was using Nacific's Phytoniacin Whitening serum. I used that serum for a month but had very little to no visible results. With Step 1 of this program, I could definitely see a noticeable enough improvement to encourage me to continue using it. It also didn't purge my skin/break me out as I had expected to.

For the morning, I prefer to have less stuff/light skincare on, so 1-2 drops + a light moisturizer after toning was enough for my skin the the day. At night I apply an essence before the ampoule and slowly massage it in circular motions.

Step 2 & Week 3-4 is all about concentrated recovery & moisture care. Step 2 contains Grave Vine sap that helps with moisturizing & anti-inflammation of the skin. Similar to Step 1, Step 2 contains an almost complete list of EWG green level ingredients save for the Clover Leaf Oil.

Step 2 contains Vitamin E and Ceramide which are great ingredients for anti-aging. On a side note: I think one of the main misconceptions about anti-aging products is that they're supposed to be thick and heavy so that they can "preserve" you. Actually, it's more about the ingredients in the product + the sun protection you use.

Anyhoo, Step 2 absorbed pretty well on my skin and like Step 1, felt kinda cooling. This one is way more hydrating and I felt the need to put on less moisturizer during the day just because I already felt sufficiently hydrated. It has a bit of shimmer in it and it kinda gives your skin a nice glowy look too! Super glass-skin-esque.

During this time, the best indication I would say of its effects is my decrease in breakouts. My skin was super soothed, calm and at peace. I still gobreakoutsts (because I have naturally acne-prone skin in the first place), but for a product that has no anti-acne claims, I was pretty impressed.

The pic on the right is me applying it at night, and you can see that 2-3 drops looks pretty glossy. I don't really mind it, but for the day I go for only 1-2 drops.

Finally, Step 3 is is a highly concentrated ampoule that acts as the finishing touch for this intensive 6 weeks ampoule program. At the start of Week 5 I was actually pretty good already, but I wanted to continue using Step 3 to just see how much better this ampoule could my skin could look. Step 3 contains Lotus as one of its main ingredients, and Lotus is known to have very strong anti-oxidant effects which help detoxify the skin. The ingredient list is pretty green like the previous 2 steps:

This one was similar ingredients to the past few steps but has Licorice Root Extract added for brightening + acne-fighting. At that time my skin was AT ITS PEAK omg. Do you see how nice and perfect my forehead looks like?!

I did have a breakout in my cheek and it scarred (lol) but that was because I had an incident where I had 2 whole large pizzas + a chocolate lava cake from Dominos for dinner one night. Don't judge me, I'm human haha. Aside from that, I really like how bouncy and clear my skin ended up looking!

It feels only the slightest bit thicker than Step 2, but it does feel slightly gooey-er/slimier. It has less shiny bits but is really quite dewy/shiny, so I prefer using only 1 drop in the morning and using more at night. 3 drops is more than enough to cover my entire face. 

Overall I really love the results that these ampoules have given me. It may not be the best at acne controlling (because I'm very acne prone + acne scar fading is not the main focus anyway) but it is amazing at boosting your skin and taking it to the next level in a very short amount of time. I started using this in March (with very visibly stressed skin + lots of acne scars):

(Taken from a video I filmed in February)

and finished 1 cycle in mid-April:

(Coincidentally wearing the same sweater omg haha)

As you can see, my face looks clearer. It also felt bouncier and more rejuvenated! I enjoyed my good skin for a few weeks and eventualluy I got busy and stressed with work and everyday life again. I didn't break out super bad, but I did realize that around early June, it looked like my skin was looking kinda dull again. I started using it again by the end of June and I'm going to be finishing my second cycle in around 2 weeks time.

To be honest the results I saw with these 3 ampoules were pretty similar to when I use vitamin C products to fade my acne scars. The difference is that I think this works better on my overall face and not just as a spot treatment. It also works a lot faster (I mean 1 week and I already saw a difference). Another reason why I think these ampoules are better that just relying on Vitamin C products is that it gives lots of anti-aging benefits (like firming/plumping) to my skin, and that I only apply it on my skin for a finite amount of time. With Vitamin C, I find that I have to use it for a long time to show results, and over the course of time, the dosage of vitamin C isn't enough already.

Now it's time to talk about the most important thing: price (hahaha). A lot of people are probably skeptical because it seems quite expensive, but let me break it down for you. Don't look at it as a whole but look at it per cycle. If you get the special set, you get a total of 63ml of product, and since you can use them for 3 cycles, each cycle costs for RM163. I think for the quick results, super clean list of ingredients + presentation/packaging, it's super worth it! Sometimes brands have to comprimise on one thing to supplement for the other (aka cheap packaging for good formula/good packaging but so-so formula), but literallyu everything about this set is tip-top high quality. I think (especially for me), my skin is an investment. Although I like wearing makeup, I prefer to be bare faced on normal days. I also want something that can benefit my skin in the long run (anti-aging), so I think the price is a good investment.

Bottom line: I think these ampoules are a great investment for your skin and are really good at boosting your skin's quality while showering it with lots of good ingredients. I was really impressed with the ingredient list as well because there was no EWG red-level ingredients at all, and I totally did not breka out from using these ampoules (given that I'm a super acne prone person as well). They weren't stuffy or heavy like I thought they were going to be too! They absorber really nicely into my skin.

Aaaaand that was it for this review! A bit long but I really do love them (and I really took my time to use/asses them). If you guys are interested in trying the products out for yourself, you can drop by any of Belif's branches nationwide! Their sales reps will be able to answer any of your questions and you'll be able to feel the ampoules' textures for yourself as well.

belif Sunway Pyramid | Lot G1.82 - Tel: (03) 56136226
belif IOI City Mall | Lot G-73A – Tel: (03) 89407388
belif Queensbay Mall | Lot GF-20 – Tel: (04)-6447966
belif Mid Valley Megamall | G001A – Tel: (03) 22010645 / (03) 22010915
belif KLCC | Lot C11-A - Tel: (03)-2163 2163

I hope you guys found my review helpful and interesting! If you have any questions about my experience of about the products in general, don't hesitate to comment down below or DM me on my Instagram. Till then, see y'all in the next post!


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