THE FACE SHOP Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit & Slim Fit-To-Go Review

June 29, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing my review and thoughts on THE FACE SHOP's Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit & Slim Fit-To-Go!

I'm more of a foundation guy than a cushion guy because realistically speaking, foundations give more value for money. You get more product, the coverage is usually better & I just find it more hygienic. However, that has not stopped me from wanting a cushion of my own. I think one thing that cushions have that foundations do not is the convenience. Cushions are much easier to bring on trips and are easier to apply (since it comes with a mirror + puff already). You're also not going to go somewhere and bring a full tube/bottle of foundation + your brushes/sponge with you to touch up, but a cushion gives you that option.

THE FACE SHOP's Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit is an award-winning foundation, and TFS recently re-released it in a cushion form called the Slim Fit-to-go. What really interested me is that the cushion uses the same formula and it has a unique & hygienic product dispenser! I received both the Slim Fit & the Slim Fit-to-go in the mail almost 2 months ago, and I'm finally ready to share about them both with you guys.

So without further ado, let's get on with the review!

Both the Slim Fit & Slim Fit-to-go are available in 4 shades: V201, V203, N201 & N203. The V shades are pinker and are supposed to help tone up the face while the N shades are yellower and look more natural. I received the shade N203, and I was a bit skeptical at first because when I swatched it it looked a bit light, but once it sets, the colour actually becomes darker and less "white cast"-ish. Still brighter than my real skin tone but I can work with it if I blend it out nicely + use bronzer.

It has a nice flowery-powder scent and the texture is really lightweight. It feels very light on the face and once it sets, it's set. It's a natural matte finish that doesn't feel dry and is kinda like a second skin. 

 THE FACE SHOP's Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit comes in a 30ml bottle and costs RM88, while the Slim Fit-to-go has 15g and costs RM111.

Here are some of the products that I used to complete this "deer"-inspired natural look. To be honest I feel like I didn't need to use a powder because the foundation sticks on to the face quite well already, but for insurance (and because Malaysia's weather is so hot) I still set it with powder anyway. I also used the same eyeshadow I used to line my eyes instead of an eyeliner to give a more natural look.

1. Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit & Slim Fit-To-Go
2. Super Cover Concealer N203 Natural Beige
3. Oil Clear Blotting Powder
4. Mono Cube Eyeshadow (Matte) BR07 Sea Salt Caramel
5. Watery Tint 06
6. 2-in-1 Curling Mascara 01 Black

∴ TIP!

PS. For this look, I only used the concealer for highlighting the high areas of my face, but it's one of my face products from TFS! The coverage is ULTRA high, so I really recommend it for people with dark marks.

The winner of Glowpick's Consumer Choice Award + 2017 Consumer Beauty Award, this foundation promises long-lasting perfection, high definition finish, no darkening/oxidizing, weightless texture + a non-cakey finish.

It promises to have a safe ingredient list, and after checking it up on Skincarisma, I found that all the ingredients have an EWG rating of 4 and lower. This means that the ingredients are very unlikely to cause irritation, which I think is great! It also contains some noteworthy ingredients that help with anti-aging (Vitamin E + Adenosine), hydration (biosaccharide gum-1) as well as UV protection.

This foundation has 2 main claims:

1. Round the clock moisture
Unlike hyaluronic acid (which loses its moisture as time passes), this foundation contains Biosaccharide Gum-1 to privide instant and long lasting moisture to your skin and actually provides more hydration to the skin as time goes on.

2. Light-fitting formula
Like its name, this product has an ink-like viscosity and promises a second-skin finish by combining its 2 special technologies: it's Flat Cover Pigment to provide natural coverage with its multiple flat layers + its Air Pore Powder that absorbs 4x more sebum than its own size, effectively preventing shine/

I quite like the packaging for this as well because of the pump. It's fairly easy to control + the glass gives it a more expensive/high-end feel.

To use this, I pump 1 and a half to 2 pumps worth of product onto the back of my hand. I then dot the product onto my face and buff it out with my blending sponge.

After wearing this foundation a couple of times, I've found that it's a great second-skin base that looks super skin-like and natural. The foundation is really thin and lightweight, and throughout the day it doesn't cake up or look thick. The coverage is medium to full, and you can get more coverage by layering the foundation. When you first put it on, the finish is indeed matte, and as the day goes on + you produce more oil, it turns into this healthy glow rather than a greasy mess. I really like that about it because I feel like the glow adds a bit more "realness" to the skin. It controls sebum pretty well and even when I sweat, it didn't run or crack (although in fairness, when I did go out with this I set it with some powder + setting spray).

For the hydration part, I think its okay. It felt comfortable and thin but it didn't feel especially moist or hydrating (both during and after application). It didn't break me out as well + I didn't get any irritation from using it. The pacjaging

Overall I give it a 8/10. The 2 point reduction was because it comes in 4 shades. Even drugstore brands like Maybelline have 10. I would really love it if Korean brands come up with an extensive range of base products. Given how wide K-beauty's demographic is, I think K-beauty brands should start catering to E V E R Y B O D Y's skin tones and not just fair Asians (or fair people in general). 

As I mentioned, the Slim Fit-To-Go is the cushion version of the foundation and comes with the exact same award-winning foundation formula. It was made so that you can bring it on the go for touch ups!

One thing that makes this different from other cushions is the hygienic, contact-less pump. For a normal "exposed" cushion, usually you have to dip the puff back onto the cushion after applying it onto your face. This "re-dipping" is kind of unhygienic because other products or bacteria from dead skin cells may be transferred back into the cushion. Worse case scenario, it may even breed there! The Slim Fit-to-go eliminates that risk with the pump, and I honestly think it's genius.

The product works the exact same way as the foundation. The only difference I noticed is that using the puff that it comes along with actually offers more coverage compared to a sponge. I think it's because you're literally stamping the product on your face instead of blending & absorbing it back like a normal sponge.

The main reason this product was made was because of convenience, and do I think it's convenient? The answer is yes! Since the foundation doesn't cake up, retouching is pretty easy. With the cushion, you can literally retouch anytime you want to. It's easy and hygienic to get product out + you get to use each last drop that is dispensed onto the pump plate. I think the pump also helps the cushion from drying out because it's not exposed to air.

Overall, I give the cushion a rating of 8.5/10. Same rating as the foundation but with an added 0.5 points because of convenience!

For RM23 extra + half the amount of product, would I say is it more worth it to buy the cushion rather than the foundation? I think it depends on the person using it. If you are the type who regularly uses makeup, I suggest the foundation because you will get more use out of it. I also recommend the foundation for those looking to save more money in the long run. However, if you're someone who is constantly on the go & has no time to do your makeup for 30 minutes in the morning, I recommend the cushion. You can literally do your makeup in the car, in the office or in the train hahaha. Since you don't have to put the foundation behind your hand because of the hygienic pump or use a sponge because of the puff, it's cleaner + faster. If you're someone who's new to makeup, I also recommend the cushion because it's easier to use than a foundation brush or blending sponge.

And those were my two cents on THE FACE SHOP's Ink Lasting Foundation Slim Fit & Slim Fit-To-Go! If you're interested in any of the two, you can find them at all THE FACE SHOP stores nationwide + on TFS' e-store by clicking on the links below:

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found this post interesting and helpful. As always thank you for reading and I'll see you all in my next post!

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