Breena Beauty Wanderlust Collection • Eyeshadow Palette & Lipsticks Review

June 20, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about Breena Beauty's latest Wanderlust Collection!

A lot of you may remember my past posts about Breena Beauty's sponges (my ultimate faves) and their Velvetcreme Matte Lipsticks. They're one of, if not the, best local beauty brand in Malaysia right now and they recently expanded their brand with more liquid lipsticks and their first ever eyeshadow palette! So without further ado, let's get on with the review!

The Wanderlust Collection was released on May 22, and it consists of 6 liquid lips + 1 eyeshadow palette. You can get the Velvetcreme liquid lips individually for RM39 each and the eyeshadow palette for RM99, but if you get the Wanderlust Collection collectively as a bundle, it will only cost RM285 instead of RM333.

Breena's liquid lipstick formula is pretty comfortable and I was already kinda expecting them to be similar (aka good) in that aspect. The shades of the liquid lips were pretty nice (the shade Spice Latte really intrigued me) but what really excited me about the whole collection was the eyeshadow palette! I'm so proud of Breena for expanding their brand, and the color story of the palette itself perfectly fit my taste!

The palette comes nicely packaged with a separate carton. The quality and feel of the palette's packaging is pretty similar to Colourpop's, and I find it sturdy and simple.

It's peach/beige in colour and has gold detailing (which I found to be a nice touch).

What makes this different from Colourpop's palettes, however, is the mirror. Breena Beauty's Wanderlust eyeshadow palette has a mirror in it which give is plus points in my book. The palette itself is slim and easy to bring around for travel, so the inclusion of a big mirror is another big plus because it reduces the number of things you have to bring along on your trip.

The Wanderlust eyeshadow palette has 15 shades and has a very neutral to warm nude color story.

The shades are literally my go-to shades, and I feel like they're perfect for anyone who's looking for a palette that can create basic looks, natural looks, instagram-y orangey look, and smokey brown looks. Personally if you look through my IG feed, you'll see that I like sporting brown or orangey looks a lot, and that's because I feel like brown eye looks match with everything while orangey ones work well with my skin tone.

(I tried to take a pic of the swatches on my arm, but I was alone at the time and no one was there to help me lol. So instead of torturing y'all with my ratchet swatch, here's an amazing one by @celinehanmakeup!)

You have your transition shades, crease shades, outer v shades & highlight shades, so at first glance I already thought that this palette had a good & versatile color story. In terms of finish, there's a mix of mattes, shimmers, coppers and some unique gold flecked shadows too.

I find that the matte shades are pretty smooth and blendable. Memory and Teacup are great transition colours and they're very easy to blend. The orange mattes Suntan and Rusty are really pretty and rival the orange shades in Colourpop's Yes Please Palette! They have less kickback than the Colourpop ones but they feel slightly drier/not as smooth that the Colourpop ones. Nevertheless I still love them and I think they're really pretty oranges. You can definitely wear these shades alone by themselves and still look pretty af.

 The matte brown shade Sand doesn't really pop on me and I think that's because it looks lightly cool toned, while Fudge looks better on me.

The shimmer shades feel smoother than the mattes and almost feel like butter! The two shimmers on the top row (Enchanted & Gleam) look really stunning & blinding, perfect for the inner corners of the eye or on the lid. The first 2 shimmers on the 2nd row (Treasure & Antique) are so pretty that you can probably use them as highlighter as well.

I usually like using matte dark browns to deepen the outer V of my eyes and to draw on brown liner so I was a bit curious how the three dark shimmers would do that. They're super buttery as well and work exactly like how my matte brown eyeshadows do. The thing that makes these different are the gold shimmers in them that look really pretty when its hit by the light. Sadlyv my swatch doesn't do the shade justice, but it contains gold glitter that is really pretty! Among the 3 dark shades, so far I mostly always use Jet Lag.

Finally, it's the shades Festival and Diary that really stand out for me. They feel supper buttery and upon first swatch, I was already D E C E A S E D. Festival is a GORGEOUS coppery shadow while Diary is an amazing burgundy metallic shade. Both of them blend pretty well and I'm obsessed with them both.

Like to you see that?! One swipe!!

For the pictures in this post, I used Teacup as my transition shade & Suntan for my crease. I deepened the crease with Rusty and put Rusty on my undereye as well. I then deepended my crease with Fudge + Jet Lag, followed by topping my lid with Antique. Finally, I used Gleam for my inner corners + Jet Lag to draw a brown eyeline. I wish I could have filmed a video but...ya boi is busy and I didn't have time to be extra haha. The lighting kinda washed the colour out, but I assure you the colour was T H E R E and I looked like a pretty lil' orange thing if you ask me haha.

(I really like how Antique looks like on my lid!)

In conclusion, I find that this palette is pretty, affordable and overall exceeded my expectations. My holy grail eyeshadow palette at the moment is Colourpop's Yes Please palette, and did Breena's Wanderlust Palette top it? To be honest, no. I find that Colourpop's is more pigmented and its mattes are smoother. However, I do love this palette and would still highly recommend it. I think for the price point and for the results, it's worth the money! It has a mirror, has 15 shades and costs ~RM5.90 per shadow.

As for the lipsticks, I mentioned above that there are 6 new shades in the Wanderlust collection. All of them come in individual cartons and come in Breena's new rose gold packaging.

When I did a swatch of Breena's 3 new pink shades last time, I had quite a hard time removing them because the lippies set very quickly. Personally for me that's not a bad thing because I know how to apply them quite fast and nicely, but for photoshooting purposes where I have to wear each and every shade consecutively after each other, I was a bit...skeptical hahaha. Like I was so scared my lips were gonna be so buster at the end of my shoot!

However, I tried this trick I leared from Aquaria's Vogue tutorial. Basically, instead of using the wand to apply the product fully, Aquaria dotted the liquid lip and spread it with her fingers, giving it an ombre effect and making application smooth and easy. I tried it for these lippies and the results came out amazing! If you're someone who's new to liquid lips and aren't quite sure how to apply them, I recommend this method because it's easier to control. You can watch Aquaria's tutorial below:

Here's how the 6 new shades look like on me and what I think of each shade:

Spice Latte
(Terracotta Brown)

Out of all six, these would be my fave. It's an orangy-brown lip that really compliments my skin + is a unique shade overall. Most of Breena's lips (and the lipsticks in my collection) are red, pink or brown, and this lip is the first orange in my collection. Ombre-d out I think it looks S T U N N I N G and I really really love and recommend this shade.

Rose Clay
(Rosy Terracotta)

Since I used my finger to apply it it looks a bit sheer in the pic, but in real life it's actually darker. It's a nice reddish brown shade that looks like it'll match with most of my daily looks. If I were to go to an event where I needed to eat and have my lips last a long time, I would opt for this instead of a gloss or my tints.

(Greige Rose)

This brown shade is to D I E for! It's quite similar to Breena's other brown shade Cocolatte, but I would say that this has a slightly rosier undertone to it while Cocolatte feels more chocolate-y and is slightly darker. I feel like this lip is perfect for when I want to to create a brown smokey look and feel my Kylie Jenner fantasy hahaha. I would say it's my 2nd fave lip among the 6! (Also if you can notice I tried to spread more product on since the previous pic looked a bit sheer haha).

Good Vibes
(Mid-Tone Pink)

Good Vibes is a quite everyday lip colour for my skin tone. It's not too dark and it's not too ligh, and I think it's a good nude.

(Soft Mauve)

Milkshake is a pinky shade that I can still pull off, but to be real with y'all this shade and Good Vibes didn't really stand out for me. They feel great and they look great on me (of course haha), but they're just a tad bit pedestrian and normal. Not that that's bad, just that the colour is very everyday/basic.

(Light Nude)

Bunny was a mess by herself hahahaha. I think Bunny is too light for my skin tone, but if I were to pop in a darker colour in the middle it would be the perfect transition shade to ombre it out even more.

All the lippies still have the same smooth formula + offer long-lasting wear (I've wore Fawn and Spice Latte out). Breena's lip shades are now up to 18 and I think the colour selection is pretty good. They may look similar at first but I advise you to drop by a physical store (like PlayUp Advance) so you can swatch them and see the difference in the shades for yourself.

My stance on the lipsticks are still the same: they're worth it. For RM39, you get a great quality lipstick with a decent size. There is 7ml (0.24 fl oz) worth of product in each Velvetcreme lipstick, and for comparison, Colourpop's liquid lipsticks come in 3.2g (0.11 fl oz) and Kylie Cosmetics' lipsticks come in 3.25 ml (0.11 fl oz). I won't tell you which shade to get (because everyone's skin tone is different) but I will tell you that you need to get yourself at least one shade because they are legit zamazings hahaha. So far my fave from the entire bunch are Spice Latte, Cocolatte, Fawn, and Rose Clay in that order!

As for the eyeshadows, you get 15 shades and each shade in the palette is 1g, and each shade is equivalent to RM5.9. I think that you get pretty good quality shadows for a pretty darn low price. For comparison, Colourpop's single pressed shadows cost USD5 each, their 15 shade palette equates to USD1.70, COC's single shadows costs RM10 & most Korean single shadows cost anywhere from RM10-RM30 each. I would say that it's an affordable palette (especially if you get it for the introductory price) thay performs well and has a great color story. The mattes are slightly dry to the touch, but that doesn't affect their blending ability or the final look. The shimmers are zamazings, and all the shadows don't really fade or stain my lids. I always set my beat with setting spray, and after using this palette for a while, I've found that they don't really fade that easy or "run away".

TL:DR: The Wanderlust Collection is bomb! Spice Latte is a unique color + the eyeshadow palette is a steal.

And that's it for this post! I hope you guys found this post interesting and helpful. If you're interested in getting any of the products mentioned in this post you can find them on Breena Beauty's website here:

Velvetcreme Liquid Lipsticks | RM39 (RM100 for 3)
Wanderlust Eyeshadow Palette | RM89 (Normal price RM99)
Wanderlust Collection Bundle | RM285

As well as in offline stores like PlayUp Advance in Fahrenheit 😉 To read my previous reviews of Breena's products, click here!

As always thank you for reading and I'll see you guys in the next post!

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