Chanel COCO Game Center in Kuala Lumpur • OOTD + Tour

May 13, 2018

Hola guys, today I'll be sharing about the Chanel COCO Game Center that I visited last weekend!

The COCO Game Center is basically a pop-up event by Chanel to promote some of their products. Similar to Refinery29's 29 Rooms, Chanel made an arcade-themed area where people can come and take pictures with their products as well as the Instagrammable interior. From what I know, it's not a touring thing but more like a promotional thing happening simultaneously in different countries. Chanel also had a #CocoCafe last year, so I think its more of a yearly promotional thing they do.

This year KL was graced with its own COCO Game Center, so I went to check it out last Friday with Syd & Crystal!

There are several slots open and you have to RSVP to the event, but I actually forgot to RSVP and I was still allowed in the event haha. I think I got lucky because there weren't that many people at the time.

The place was literally dripping in Chanel as soon as we stepped in. I mean look at the reception area!

My outfit concept for the day was streetwear ala Jane Chuck, and I think I kinda got it 60% right haha. I know it's the same sweater I was wearing in my previous blog post but whatevaaaa 😝 Fair warning, this post will include a lot of my pictures + a lot of photoshop hahahaha. Although the place was nice, the lighting was horrible!

Anyways, when we first entered we were greeted by a futuristic tunnel with various Chanel makeup on the walls. I love how they made them look like retro pixellated games!

Here's me on the floor because why not:

This place was definitely one of the most visited Instagrammable spots that everyone's been visiting for the past few weeks. I've seen lots of people take their OOTDs here, especially over at the red game area!

It was kinda hard to take pics because the lighting was pretty dark & the mirrors reflected the people, but I think my brother Euri (who came later as well) did a great job of taking my OOTD shots (as always 💞)

There were actually two types of arcade machines.

One was a "real" one where you can play games and win prizes:

And another one where you could just try the makeup and take pictures:

On the sides there were a few more spaces for testing & taking pictures:

And at the back there are beauty counters where consultants can introduce the products to you.

This area was where the light was best thanks to the white wall, making it perfect for what? You guessed it, taking more pictures hahaha.

Another fun thing that day were the claw machines, or as they called them, the Bubble Games:

Everyone who comes will be given 3 tokens, and you can use the tokens and try your luck with the machines. Sadly I didn't get anything hahaha.

During my time there, I managed to bump into a few people I knew, including Arisa & Amelie!

I took 2 hours and took pictures at every inch of the place hahaha, the fomo in me couldn't resist it. Overall I think the place was awesome because it's instagrammable + you look nice and boujee because it's Chanel haha. They're definitely smart because in the end they get lots of free marketing & advertising from all the influencers' taking OOTDs there. I definitely enjoyed my time there and I can't wait for the next one!

And that was it for this post! As always, thank you guys so much for dropping by my blog. I hope you guys liked this blog post and found it interesting. I'll see y'all in the next post!

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