THE FACE SHOP Stylist Easy & Quick Hair Color Treatment Review (01 Cherry Red & 02 Lavender Blue)

April 25, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about my experience using THE FACE SHOP's Stylist Easy & Quick Hair Color Treatments!

If you guys remember from my THE FACE SHOP Christmas Haul + 2018 Sneak Peak, I mentioned that I got my hands on some color treatments!

Stylist Easy & Quick Hair Color Treatment | RM29 each
(available in 01 Cherry Red, 02 Lavender Blue, 03 Green Blue, & 04 Rose Quartz)

Color treatments have been all the rage in Korea, because unlike normal dyes, temporary hair dyes are alkalinic, allowing hair to be coated with color without damaging hair. Also containing Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil to protect the hair, this color treatment from TFS promoses to last for about 7 days!

I think people looking for a temporary look (like going to a special event or they just wanna try something new) will definitely love these treatment type of products because of the lack of commitment! It's also a great alternative to normal box hair dyes that contain ammonia (which is damaging to the hair). You definitely get the best of both worlds because aside from coloring your hair, you're also treating it!

(Another great thing about color treatments is that you can mix them around to make your custom colour or ombre them out!)

Anyhoo, I actually went to The Butterfly Project's 5th birthday party on April 1st, and since the party was unicorn-themed, I decided to mix 2 of the treatments and make my blonde hair purple!
Just a disclaimer, my hair was blonde prior to dying, so how it came out on me will, of course, be brighter compared to someone who uses the same products on dark hair.

Here's some pics of how the treatments will look like on different types of hair. On dark hair it looks like it was tinted, and on bleached hair it looks brighter (but the results on my bleached hair were so much more vibrant omg).

Without further ado, let's get on with the review!

So like I said, I mixed two dyes to get purple, (01 Cherry Red & 02 Lavender Blue):

Each box contains a 50ml tube of product, a plastic cape + plastic gloves. You'll have to get yourself a bowl to mix the dyes (if you are mixing them) and a dying comb for easier dyeing. The comb is pretty cheap at beauty stores (~RM1-4), and I didn't have a bowl at hand so I just used a container I bought from Daiso haha

The product smells citrusy/floral and more than anything, it reminded me of conditioner. The consistency is very similar to conditioner as well, it's very smooth & mousse-y almost?

For my hair, the 100ml from 2 tubes was more than enough. It covered my hair pretty easily and I still had a lot of leftover product left, so I just put it on both my hands + slathered the rest on my head lol. You're supposed to leave the product on for 5 minutes if you want a natural color or 20 minutes for a vivid color, but I left it on my bleached hair for an hour for maximum effect (I usually do this when I bleach or dye my hair just to get the most out of it haha).

After that, you're supposed to rinse it off until the water runs clear. The next day I dried & styled my hair by curling it and tadah:

Vibrant purple hair! To be honest I really really love the outcome!

It really matched my purple outfit + the whole unicorn theme of the party, and I was so glad that I decided to use it! My hair also felt super soft that day, even without applying any hair oil or cream.

On April 6 (6 days after I dyed my hair) my hair was still looking pretty vibrant and smooth! The colour had very minimalr change to it (if any at all), and at this point I was thinking wah this product not bad!

One thing to note though is my hair washing pattern. My patterns is shampoo - skip - conditioner - skip conditioner and then back to shampoo again. Whenever I wash my hair the water will still run purple so if you have a white towel, your towel will turn purple (although it washed away when I did my laundry).

On April 15 (15 days after I dyed) I could kinda see some fading near the roots of my hair, but hey I wasn't mad! It became this super pretty pink & purple ombre:

At this point its already over 2 weeks, and I think the colour still looks pretty bomb! I didn't notice any dryness or hairfall, and my hair was overall just normal/soft. 

I decided to dye my hair back to black on April 23 (well past 3 weeks since I dyed it) and as you can see:

Although the colour was lighter, it was still pretty vibrant!

Overall I was really satisfied with the results of using THE FACE SHOP's Stylist Easy & Quick Hair Color Treatment. I think this treatment worked perfectly on my dry ass bleached hair because not only did it give it a very vibrant, long-lasting colour, it also made it smooth & soft!

If you guys are interested in getting one for yourself, you can click here to find them on THE FACE SHOP's e-store (they're available on all of their physical stores as well) for RM29.

I hope you guys found it interesting and informative. As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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