Klairs Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion Review

April 8, 2018

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing about Klairs' Supple Preparation All Over Lotion!

Klairs recently launched an unscented version of their cult have Supple Preparation Toner, and you can read my review here.

Since I haven't tried Klairs' Supple Preparation All-Over Lotion, they were generous enough to send that for me to try out as well! As always, although this product was sent via PR, I was not paid to give a good review + this post contains my 100% honest thoughts/review.

Without further ado, let's get on with the review!

This product is a moisturizer that promises rich hydration and fast absorption, and it can be used on all dry areas of your body that need moisture (eg. face, elbows, legs, etc.)

This All-Over Lotion contains the same moisturizing agents as the toner, which are beta-glucan, hyaluronic acid, & Polyquaternium-52. Its suitable for all skin types (especially people with sensitive skin), effectively helping to restore & soothe skin.

This product is available in a 250ml tube and costs USD26.50 (~RM100) on Wishtrend. For 250ml of product, I think this product is extremely, extremely cheap. Usually, moisturizers are sold in 50g tubs or 100g/150g tubes. This has 250g. For the price range I think that is extremely affordable and I think it would really last you a long time (depending on how much you use the product + if you use it for your body as well).

As I mentioned, the tube is humongous. It comes in a cream coloured tube that has purple printing. I'm not sure if Klairs planned this all along, but this lotion goes perfectly with this year's colour of the year (this product was launched a few years back) and it matches with their new Unscented Toner as well hahaha.

The tube was nicely sealed when I got it, but because of the product's consistency, a lot of product is dispersed from the hole, so do keep in mind that you may have to be careful when squeezing out the amount that you want.

All of the ingredients in this product have an EWG rating of 0-3, meaning they are very unlikely to cause irritation. It contains no parabens, no sulfates, and no alcohol.

Aside for ingredients that help to moisturize the skin (Beta-glucan, Hyaluronic acid, & Polyquaternium-52), this product also contains ingredients that help promote wound healing (Centella Asiatica Extract), brighten the skin (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate) as well as help with anti-aging (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Ceramide & Citric Acid).

This product would be especially good for people with dry and sensitive skin because of the soothing properties of aloe vera extract + the moisturizing effects of the beta-glucan, sodium hyaluronate + glycerin, but people with oily skin may experience blocked pores because of the shea butter + stearic acid.

This lotion smells very pleasant and it has a super light consistency. Klairs actually says that this product was made for people who do not like thick creams (which is basically me haha). It is very light and I find that you can add a bit to your face for light moisture or a lot for a mask-like effect.

As I mentioned, because this lotion is so thin, it flows out of the tube really easily when you squeeze it. Remember to be careful because you might squeeze out too much.

PS. This product promises to not be sticky after absorption.

I like using this lotion for both morning and night time. Paired with a cleanser, toner and sunblock, I think this lotion provides one of the most comfortable finishes I've ever experienced in the morning. It's super light yet my skin feels fresh, cooled and hydrated.

As for night time use, I would usually apply just a bit more so I can lock in my serums + deeply moisturize my skin thoughout the night. I like using this with the unscented toner, but I think it works great with most of my skincare products anyway.

As the name suggests, you can use this product all over your body. I think it's great because usually after doing my skincare routine I find myself either too tired or too lazy to put on anything else like lotion, hair products, etc. Since moisturizing it the last step of my morning & night routines, it's very easy to just squeeze out some extra product and apply it to the dry parts of my body like my elbows and knees.

The first time I applied this lotion on, I literally almost died of happiness hahaha. It was so cooling and hydrating! Mind you I didn't put it in the fridge or anything. Upon first application, it feels really soothing and cooling to the skin, which I think would be really good in the morning.

The scent is pretty light, and although it is not sticky, it does leave a bit of shine when you apply too much. I don't mind the shine at night, but if you apply too much in the morning, you can always fix the shininess with powder. I love the lightness of it so much that I'm willing to forgive it that slight fault haha.

To be honest, my fave moisturizer texture is water gels because I find them super light and hydrating. However, this light lotion has me shook because it literally feels like a water gel. I think people with oily skin like me would really like this product because it does not feel tacky or heavy at all. As for people with dry skin, It does provide lots of moisture so I think it would be great at quenching your skin's thirst.

10000000% yes! The price to size ratio + the light texture of it was what really sold it to me. For around a hundred ringgit, you get a giant tube of product that can be used on your whole body. I think it's one of the best value for money products you can get out in the K-beauty market, so I definitely recommend you guys to grab a bottle for yourself too.

And that was it for my review! If you would like to read my thoughts on the Supple Preparation Unscented Toner as well, click here.

As always, thank you guys so much for dropping by my blog! I hope you guys liked this blog post and found it informative & helpful. I'll see y'all in the next one!

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