NYX Cosmetics Sunway Pyramid Opening

February 1, 2018

Happy February guys! The month of love is getting off to a great start because NYX just opened their 3rd flagship store here in Malaysia!

No 3 Jalan PJS11/15, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Located on the same row as Etude House and Moonshot, NYX opened their doors on the 1st of Feb to a massive crowd!

Queuing for early bird prizes started at 8am, but the public was only allowed to come in around 11am. Only bloggers/media were allowed in at 10am but I'm telling you guys, even with just bloggers/influencers, the shop was already crowded!

Luckily I was invited and had early access to explore NYX's new Sunway store. The first thing that greeted me was Mama Dragun and NYX's new Mochi Collection! (Not the real Nikita Dragun tho...just her picture 😂)

The colours of the eyeshadow palette are super pretty and they swatched amazingly! The're kinda soft and when you press them, they leave indentations (similar to The Face Shop's jelly eyeshadows). The colour payoff was super pigmented and blindinggggg! Most of the NYX staff that day were also wearing the Love You So Mochi purple highlight and it looked bomb af.

The new NYX store in Sunway carries a lot of NYX products, and they're sectioned off pretty neatly. You have the face, blush and eye sections on one side:

And you have the lips section on the entire right wall (that's how many lip products NYX carries!). They also have a beauty bar in the center where you can try on makeup and even come + pay for quick classes!

As I mentioned, the crowd was HUMONGOUS and we couldn't really move around haha. Luckily we were stuck at the lip section and the lip bar shelf where we could swatch lippies to our hearts' content.

One lippie that I liked in particular is the NYX Lingerie in shade #17 Seduction!

Here's a pic of me and my lip swatching squad 💋

From left to right: Candac, Nicole, Chanwon, Ridley, Sharon, Bo & Jynn

In the middle of the store there was a selfie bar where you could take selfies through an app that auto edited your makeup on! I think it was MakeUpPlus, and you can share the images on your SNS/airdrop it to your phone.

Everyone who made a purchase was eligible draw once in the lucky draw, and I got myself one mini liquid suede lipstick. There were tons of huge prizes tho, like a NYX makeup bag, huge sets and this Liquid Suede Creme Vault!

As part of their promotions, NYX also had a free flow of polaroids! You could either take a picture in-store:

Or take an image by their display near Sunway's main entrance. The neon lights + the swing is super instagrammable, so if you happen to pass by Sunway anytime this month, remember to drop by to take some snap! (Remember to use the hashtag #NYXCosmeticsMYSunwayPyramid when you post on IG!)

The NYX staff were all pretty nice and although they were all busy, all of them were friendly and helped assist everyone that was there. From lippie suggestions to explaining all the special promos going on, the staff that day was really on point! (P.S, spot the Patrick Starrr lookalike! 😉)

If you're looking for quality, professional makeup at a super affordable price, remember to drop by Sunway Pyramid and check out NYX's new store yeah! There were so many things that I wanted to get (like the mochi palettes omg), but I settled on one Powder Puff Lippie (in shade 06) and the Eyebrow Cake Powder (because I just finished using mine).

Thanks for reading! See y'all in the next post!


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  4. Just love your blog ! I'm working in a cosmetics company and your articles are a great source of information on what's going in the makeup industry in Asia. Keep doing what you are doing, I'm waiting for your next articles !


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