CNP Laboratory Dual-Balance Line Review

February 23, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing all about CNP Laboratory + my thoughts on 3 products from their Dual Balance Line.

As I mentioned previously in my Tomaru review + haul, THE FACE SHOP Malaysia now carries Nature Smart products. Nature Smart is a multi-brand store from Korea that sells products from LG-owned brands like THE FACE SHOP, Beyond, Tomaru, Beyond The Remedy, CNP Laboratory, Dear Packer and Make Remake. This multi-brand store is now available in The Spring Mall, Kuching & THE FACE SHOP Malaysia's E-store, and you can click here to what Nature Smart products are currently available.

I actually first found out about CNP from following other beauty bloggers on Instagram, and I'm so glad that CNP is now available here in Malaysia via THE FACE SHOP. CNP isn't available on Hermo & Althea, and Stylekorean carries the brand but only has very limited stock. Most K-beauty websites do not carry or bring over entire brands, so its amazing that all of CNP's (an LG-owned brand)'s products are being distributed directly from Korea here by THE FACE SHOP (which is an LG-owned brand as well). I hope to see a standalone CNP shop soon!

Anyhoo, as summer is fast approaching, the amazing folks at THE FACE SHOP sent over some CNP products for me to try out and review for you guys. As always, I'll keep this post 100% real and only include my honest review + opinions of the products. Let's go!

Before we get into the individual products, let me talk about CNP first.

CNP Dermatology was founded in 1996 in South Korea. The founders recognized the importance of good after-treatment home care to address skin issues, so they decided to start their own product research and development in 2000. Just a few months into the year, CNP Cosmetics was born. CNP actually stands for both the founders surnames (Cha & Park), and today CNP Cosmetics is a leading pharmaceutical-level cosmetic line that has won numerous industry and consumer awards.

I was a bit confused as to why their products are labeled CNP Laboratory but their official name is CNP Cosmetics. I couldn't find an exact answer as to why, but I think it's due to the fact that their products are made by their in-house dermatologists who take part in the R&D of products and make sure that the ingredients used are safe. CNP products usually go through more than 7 tests of verification and minimize skin stimulation by not adding pigments, alcohol, paraben, artificial fragrance, mineral oil, and benzophenone.

Because CNP is so dedicated to research, they've patented a few of their creations over the years such as:

CNP Moist Pump
CNP Anti-Oxidant Complex
CNP Anti-Blemish Complex
CNP Blackhead Removing Complex
CNP PHA Complex
CNP Anti-Irritant Complex

These patented ingredients are distributed among CNP's 8 lines, namely Propolis, Mugener, Peeling, Doctoray, A-Clean, Dual Balance, Hydro Intensive & Homme.

When I was young, I had tons of acne and my skin was super oily. Today my acne has slown down, and although I still get oily, I would consider myself more of combination now. My face has oily, normal and dry parts, and I rely on my skincare to find an optimum, perfect balance.

CNP's Dual-Balance line is perfect for people with combination skin as it's designed to replenish skin moisture level to both T-Zone and U-Zone areas while regulating sebum and oil production to control excessive shine at the T-Zone.

Formulated with Vitamin E (a great antioxidant that fights wrinkles), Squalane (improves skin moisture balance and elasticity) and Hyaluronic Acids (hydrates the skin), this line promises to be light-weight and gives the skin a refreshing boost of hydration.

The main concept of the Dual Balance line is to control the skin's sebum secretion and to maintain moisture longer inside the skin. Just because your skin is oily, doesn't mean its hydrated/moisturized. Your skin can actually produce excess oil and sebum to compensate for dryness or if it detects that your skin is lacks moisture. The Dual Balance line contains a water-based moisturizing solution suitable for people with oily and complex skin types.

For people with combo skin, the face is usually divided into 2 zones: the T-Zone (forehead and nose) and U-zone (cheeks and chin). Aside from the main ingredients I mentioned above, this range also contains Formitopsis officinalis & camelia flower extracts to help control the sebum in the T-zone. As for the U-zone, hydration is provided by CNP's patented CNP Moisture Pump.



A spray type toner, this product is supposed to be good for controlling sebum production while balancing moisture level in the skin. It is also supposed to tighten pores and helps to refine the skin texture, leaving behind a dewy appearance. Containing another patented ingredient (CNP’s Anti-Irritant Complex), this product also uses Madecassoside and Allantoin to help strengthen and protect the skin against external environmental factors.

On a normal basis, I usually use a toner-soaked cotton pad to tone my face. I looked up the directions on how this product is suggested to be used and found that it's supposed to only be sprayed on after cleansing, so I decided to try both. Both experiences felt very refreshing on my skin, but I found that spraying it on was slightly more hydrating.

In the end, I think it all boils down to preference. If you would like a thorough cleanse to remove dead skin cells, I recommend using a cotton pad. If you're feeling lazy and would like a boost of hydration, try spritzing it on instead!.

The product itself is very light with very little to no scent. It doesn't feel sticky at all and once it's absorbed into the skin you're left with a dewy, natural finish.

1. Anti Oily Effect
I felt like after using this product for a few weeks, I did see a decrease in shine throughout my day. I use this for both morning and night, and if I don't go out into the sun and sweat, I usually find that I'm pretty dewy (but not overly shiny).

2. Regulate sebum production + shrink pores
Although it helped reduce my shine/oil production, I didn't really see any shrinkage with my pores. I don't have humongous pores to begin with but...yeah in regards to pores I think it was so-so.

3. Protect and strengthen skin barrier
After using it for a while, I found that it doesn't break me out at all + it prevents my skin from being dry + producing more oil. I work in an aircon space and I think 70% of my life is spent under air conditioning. I can't see any physical strengthening going on in my face but I do feel like this product helps make the skin stronger. I like spraying this on at home as a mist as well!

4. Maintain Moisture Balance
I like toners with alcohol because they keep acne at bay, but too much alcohol can strip the skin of its moisture + make it too dry. And what happens to oily skin when it's dry? Produce more oil! Thanks to CNP’s Patented Moist Pump Complex, I feel like there is a nice balance on my face. It's toned but not
stripped of any moisture at all.

Overall I like the packaging of this product (easy spray bottle) + the effects of it. I give it a 4.5/5! It would have been perfect if it had a berry scent or something + if the bottle was transparent so I could see if how much product I have left.



A light gel-cream type of serum, this product claims to control oiliness in T-zone and balance dryness in the U-zone. It also acts as a protective barrier to strengthen skin’s defense against external environmental factors for healthy, moisturized skin.

I do not like thick creams, so when I first swatched this product on my hand I thought I was going to hate it. After spreading it onto my hands, I discovered that it actually wasn't a cream serum but more of a light, gel-type serum. It absorbs super fast into the skin and has a slight fresh scent. After it has absorbed into the skin it feels slightly cooling. You can also immediately feel that your skin is plumper! The finish is dewy but not sticky at all.

1. Regulate sebum production
Similar with the toner, I didn't really see any shrinkage in my pores.

2. Hydrate U-zone
I think this serum is amazing for giving the skin a boost of moisture + making it feel plump! It made my skin super hydrated and the hydration didn't really disappear even after a few hours.

It feels amazing as a light moisturizer, and would definitely be great for super lazy days (but usually, I would still follow up with a moisturizer haha. I just wanted to see how it would hold up on its own!)

3. Energize Skin
Because of the cooling properties of this product, I do feel like it does effectively energize the skin.

4. Strengthen Skin's Natural Defences
Like the toner, it did not break me out at all and prevented my skin from being dry + producing more oil. 

Overall I think this product does what it promises to do. It hydrates, controls oil and even has the bonus of cooling + energizing the skin. I give this a 4.5/5 as well.



The Dual Balance range actually has its own moisturizer (the Dual-Balance Waterlock Moist Cream), but the moisturizer that was sent to me was the Aqua Soothing Gel Cream. Compared to the Dual-Balance cream that is recommended for oily to combo skin types, this one can be used by all skin types. (I found it a bit confusing because on the packaging it says that it is part of the Soothing line, but on the website it is the only one in that category and there is no offcial tab for Soothing. Hmm, I guess it's a general moisturizer that can be mixed with all the ranges).

Using their patented CNP Aqua Holding System, this product promises to retain moisture and provide long-lasting hydrating effects. It promises to give silky smooth, dewy complexion + relieve & soothe the skin of irritation while stabilising skin conditions during the hot summer.

I actually really love the blue frosted plastic packaging, and I like how it includes a spatula for hygienic scooping. The texture is a thick & runny water gel (kinda like a runny jelly), and I find that you only need very little to cover the entire face. I made the mistake of using too much and ended up looking super shiny. Using a small, 10-sen sized amount is enough to fully hydrate the skin and leave it with a nice dewy sheen.

It has a slight fresh scent and like the serum, it's super cooling & plumping once it has been fully absorbed. Its recommended for people who want to lower their skin's temperature, making it perfect for the scorching hot weather here in Malaysia.

1. Enhances skin's vitality + moisture
With CNP's patented Aqua Holding System, this product effectively moisturized and hydrated my skin. I felt super plump after applying it and it was comfortably hydrated as I went about my day. At the 4-hour mark my hydration level was still doing pretty good even without the help of spraying any mists.

2. Heat relief for stressed skin
This product also contains aloe vera gel, and I think that's one of the main reasons why its so soothing. The cooling effect lasts for quite some time and I love how relaxed my skin feels after applying this on. I find that it's great for calming pimples + redness from exfoliating & harsh scrubbing (lol).

Out of all 3 products, this would be my fave. I love the scent + how moisturizing & soothing it is! I think of it as my high class aloe vera gel haha. It doesn't leave that icky-sticky feeling that aloe vera gel does and gives even better effects. I would recommend this for someone who's looking for a trustwothy moisturizer that will keep you hydrated for a long time in hot weather. I give it a rating of 5/5!

I didn't really have any doubts that I would be unsatisfied with these products after researching about CNP and what they are as a company. They really do their research, employ real specialists to help create their products, create their own unique patented ingredients & make sure that the products are high quality. I loved all 3 of them so far my skin's been loving them as well.

The three products I tried out are still a part of my daily skincare routine, and I recommend you guys to check them out as well! If you live in Kuching or if you're passing by The Spring, definitely drop by the Nature Smart store to swatch the products out for yourself.

Here are the prices again of the products + the links to THE FACE SHOP's e-store.

DUAL-BALANCE ANTI-OILY TONERRM160 (now on sale for CNY, only RM104!)

I hope you guys found my post informative and helpful! See y'all in the next one!


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