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January 11, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing about an outfit I recently wore out to a team bonding session with my teammates from work.

If you didn't already know, my team and I have a team bonding session every month, and we can choose to go out for lunch, go for an activity/workshop, etc. If you keep up with my Instastories, you'll also know that we have different outfit themes whenever we go out. Call us extra, but that's just how we roll haha.

From top to bottom: Floral & Leafy, Halloween, Blue, Christmas colours

For January, we decided on the colour black. Call it basic/macabre, black is a classic colour that will never go out of style.

If you read my blog, you'll know that I've been dying to have a faur fur jacket. I even included it in my Christmas wishlist! H&M's jacket was just too expensive, and I regret letting go of a medium sized one from MIXXO that only cost RM199 :(

I was lucky, however, because I came across this sweater at half price for only RM70 in H&M! It's a knitted navy blue sweater with faux fur on the sleeves.

Top: H&M
Choker: Thrifted (and stolen borrowed from my sister)
Shorts: H&M
Belt: Daiso (cuz I couldn't find my belt haha)
Bag: Zalora

I didn't get a shot with my shoes, but they were leather loafers from Shoopen. It was so hot outside and I was sweating so much but the pictures are so worth it! I felt like an evil Chanel Oberlin (if that even makes sense hahaha)

Highlight: Tarte
Lips: Canmake Candy Wrap Rich Color (03)

My hair is actually pretty long now, and the only hairstyle I ever do to is my usual waves. I was feeling pretty extra that day and decided to braid my hair back since it was long enough.

Gold pins: Monki

It was a sickening day and I looked friggin on point! We went for fine dining (or should I say fine lunch-ing) in Mandarin Oriental's Mandarin Grill. A huge shout out to out Mamashan Tammy for arranging the whole thing! (It was pretty dim so sorry for the poor lighting)

It was all good until I went out into the sun and literally sweated my face off hahaha. For RM70, I was satisfied with the outcome that I didn't even care that my foundation was melting on the train ride back to the office haha.

I'd also like to thank my financial partner/fellow subunit member/food partner Anis for helping me take the zamazing OOTD shots!

And that's all for this quick OOTD post! Thank you so much for reading and see ya in my next post~


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