Colourpop Christmas Haul

January 24, 2018

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I wanted to share some of the stuff I got from Colourpop over Christmas!

I didn't screenshot the site so I can't remember what kind of sale it was 😅 I didn't intentionally go onto their website to shop, I was honestly just curious to see what was on sale. To my surprise, almost everything was on sale and they were even giving away palettes! Long story short, I quickly called my friends up and asked them if they wanted anything too so we could hit the free shipping mark haha.

The 4 products on the right are mine and the ones on the left are my friends'. For order that reached USD50, Colourpop gave away a free Golden State of Mind Palette!

Here are the products I got:

1. Yes, Please Palette
$12.80 (original price $16)

This palette was one of the most coveted palettes in 2017. Literally, everyone had one, and I actually bought a yellow eyeshadow from H&M cause I wanted one to hahaha. I watched a lot of videos about it and this one by Kathleen Lights was so far the most informative:

There are 12 fiery shades and it's kinda like a toned down Morphe 35O/35O2 palette. I was eyeing the Morphe palettes for a long time too but they were just too excessive for me. I mean, what am I gonna do with that much eyeshadow? This one (although not as fiery) was a perfect substitute and is even likened to the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette (though you should really watch Kathleen's video to see the difference between both palettes)

2. Golden State of Mind Palette
$0 (original price $26)

This was literally so generous of Colourpop! This 15 shade all glitter eyeshadow palette was a freebie for all orders that reached $50. Since the mark to get free international shipping was $50 too, I managed to cop one for myself! I love love love the shade GRLFRND (3rd row 1st from left in the picture below) because it has an amazing purple reflex to it.

Definitely looking forward to using this!

3. Bangin' Brunette Precision Brow Colour
$4.80 (original price $6)

I've been looking for a pot/cream/pomade brow product for the longest time and I finally got one!

This product is creamy and pigmented af! I used it just yesterday and I was literally being so careful because I didn't want make it too dark/severe looking haha.

4. Hippo Super Shock Highlighter
$5.60 (original price $8)

Last but not least is this highligher that I got because of my friend Andrea! She wore this a few times in the office and I can't believe I never thought of using a purple highlight myself! It gives a very ethereal look and I'm planning to wear this on my cheeks for The Butterfly Project's unicorn themed 5th birthday party.

And that was it for this haul! I ordered on December 27 and got my parcel on January 11. This is actually my 2nd time buying from Colourpop, the first time back in September (I bought 3 super shock shadows + Flexitarian). They were damaged and broken, and Colourpop refunded me with a coupon that can't be used on promo items. Sigh.

Anyhoo, luckily none of the products I got was damaged. Pingo's Lippie Stix was broken and I sent them an email about it but they didn't reply 🤔 Hmm.

Thank you so much for reading and see ya in my next post~

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