THE FACE SHOP December Skincare Haul

December 18, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be sharing about some of my recent skincare haul from THE FACE SHOP.

I've been on a roll recently and my skincare game has been going on strong! As a K-beauty enthusiast I always end up hoarding a lot of makeup & skincare products. The problem with makeup is that I only have 1 face and I always end up lazy and never end up using my makeup. For example, if I have nothing on and I decide to draw on brows it will look too weird, so I have to wear lip tint, then wear concealer...the list goes on, and because I usually have a lot of things to do, I always end up doing nothing hahaha.

Skincare however is so much easier because even if I'm feeling lazy I can just use it/leave it there without having to think too much. I can slap on a sheet mask at any time of day or fully enjoy/use an essence/toner without having to "have" to use a specific product after it. I feel like I'm not making a lot of sense haha but you get my point!

Recently I dropped by THE FACE SHOP and grabbed a few products to add to my daily skincare regimen. I didn't really pick up a lot of products but I still wanted to share them with you guys because I found them quite intriguing!

Without further ado, let's get on with the haul 💖

✨ Real Nature Masks ✨
RM5.19 each

I was browsing around the TFS store in Pavilion and the salesgirl recommended these to me. Apparently, these masks are a new version of TFS' current Real Nature sheet mask range, and aside from having new packaging, they're also supposed to be thinner than the previous batch. I tried The Solution range masks and they were already super thin, so I can't wait to try these ones out (especially the potato mask! I haven't tried a potato mask before haha). There were only 5 of these available in-store when I dropped by, but I checked online and there are a total of 18 variants available on THE FACE SHOP's official Malaysian website.

✨ Dr. Belmeur Soothing Gauze Sheet Mask ✨
RM13.65 each

If you guys remember, I previously reviewed the Clarifying Line from then Dr. Belmeur Range:

At that time I didn't get to try out these sheet masks as they were part of the Daily Repair line, but I finally got my hands on them! 😁 I saw some pretty good reviews on Instagram about these masks, so I got two of them just to try them out. I did a quick ingredient check on CosDNA and found that among all the ingredients, there were 3 mid-rating ingredients which were mainly acted as a solvent, surfactant and fragrance. I haven't tried them yet, and as I said CosDNA isn't a guideline of what you can or cannot use, just as a reference. I friggin love the Dr. Belmeur line, so I'm really looking forward to using these masks and sharing my thoughts on them with you guys here on my blog soon, so stay tuned!

✨ The SMIM Radiance Collagen Toner ✨
RM? each (I forgot and I lost the receipt lol, it was around RM100)

The word collagen & the luxurious frosted glass packaging lured me in! On the packaging of this toner it says that has twice fermented collagen + a radiance complex that helps to make the skin brighter. Hopefully it keeps my skin clear and plump too!

✨ The Therapy Secret-Made Anti-Aging Eye Treatment ✨
RM148.20 each

I got this as a Christmas present for my mum! 😊 She's always pestering me for more eye products, and if you see her you would probably think she doesn't need it that much because she doesn't have that many eye wrinkles anyway. However, she takes very meticulous care of her under-eye area and always makes sure to use an eye cream before she goes to bed. This product is a soft, moisture rich cream that is supposed to provide moisturization to your undereye area, smoothening and firming it. I checked THE FACE SHOP's official website now and found that it's only going on sale for RM113.23 instead of the usual RM148.20 price! If your total cart is over RM120, you get a free metallic pouch, so if you wanna get any of the products I mentioned, remember to try shopping on their official website instead for more promos & freebies!

And that was my December skincare haul from THE FACE SHOP! I'm really looking forward to using the masks and the toner! You can never really get enough of skincare products in my opinion haha. One of my goals for 2018 is to get my skin age lower than what it really is. My friend Syd always does extensive skincare routines and her skin is now aged 18 while her real age is 23. I'm 21 this year and my skin age is also 21, so I guess I can just maintain what I'm doing and add a bit more effort to try and lower it haha. I wanna be 18 too!

And that was it for this post! As always, I hope you guys enjoyed it and found it interesting. See y'all in the next post!

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