Viva la Matte! 🌞 Althea Korea Matte Box Review

August 16, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to another Althea beauty box review! This time round I'll be sharing all about the Matte Box.

If you're unfamiliar with Althea beauty boxes, they're ultra discounted sets sold on Althea Korea. There are a few boxes released every month and each box is curated and themed. To read my other Althea box reviews, click here!

Anyways, the theme for the matte box is, of course, being matte. I'm a super oily skinned person and summer only brings out the worst in me. Not only do I secrete more oil, I also produce more acne!

In terms of makeup I actually quite prefer a satin/dewy finish (which unfortunately is very hard for me to maintain because I become shiny too quickly). This is why it's super important for me to have a good base and set my makeup at the end super well.

The Matte Box contains 6 full sized products. Two are makeup, two are skincare and two can be used as both makeup and skincare:

1. Wangskin Girl's Skin Moisture Cleanser
2. Innisfree No Sebum Toner
3. Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Matte Gel
4. Skinfood Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder
5. Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion (Beige)
6. Lebaton Color Fit Lipstick (Rose Coral)

All of them are collectively worth RM428, but was sold on Althea for only RM121 (which is 72% less than its original price!). It's currently sold out, and Althea boxes normally do not restock because they're limited edition.

Without further ado, let's get on with the post! 

Containing milk and rice, this cleanser is supposed to soothe and nourish the skin, as well as reduce pores, hydrate and frim the skin.

πŸ€” H O W   I   U S E: πŸ€”
Squeeze an appropriate amount, lather with water on your hands and gently rub your face in upwards circular motions.

This cleanser starts of as a cream and foams up after lathering. It claims to remove sebum and makeup, and while I can attest to the sebum removal and cleansing properties, I would still recommend using a 2nd makeup cleanser (I suggest using micellar water because it kinda helps give back moisture into the skin).  

Overall I find it so-so. It's not the best cleanser I've tried but it's not the worst either. It smells decent and the subtle scent does not linger. It did not break me out at all which is great and it didn't dry out my skin too πŸ‘

I was really looking forward to using this toner because Innisfree's No Sebum range is fairly well known across the K-beauty community. It contains Jeju natural minerals as well mint (which is known to help control oil).

This toner is pretty light and hydrating on the skin. Like any toner would, it removes excess oil and dirt. The standout for me would be the moisturizing effect, the simple fresh scent and the quick absorption of the product into the skin. I've also used it as an essence and patted it into my skin!

πŸ€” H O W   I   U S E: πŸ€”
I put a coin sized amount on a cotton pad and wipe upwards. I also put a few drops on my palms and patted it in gently into my skin.

Overall I like this toner and I feel like it definitely lived up to its name. Its not irritating at all!

I had a previous bad experience with Etude House's All Day Matte Gel because I felt that it was very silicone-y and didn't really mattify the skin. This matte gel by Aritaum is kinda similar to that product, but I unexpectedly like this one!

This gel is basically a water-based soothing gel that instantly gets absorbed into the skin to mattify it as well as to cool it. It has a very nice citrusy/fruity scent and I've used it as a moisturizer and primer.

πŸ€” H O W   I   U S E: πŸ€”
I dot this product on my forehead, cheeks, nose and chin and gently rub it in.

At first I thought it would feel silicone-y (like the EH one I mentioned) but since its water based, it spreads better, doesn'y feel as heavy/clogging and really sinks in fast into the skin. The cooling effect lasts only for a while (but its there).

It doesn's provide an ultra matte finish like Innisfree's No Sebum Blur Primer, but it does make the skin look satin/normal looking. I feel like it controls oil quite well too (although I still turned oily at the end of the day haha. A super oily person like me turns oily no matter what I do!) 

This one was another product that I was super excited to try. Ever since I followed Skinfood's IG,  I've been dying to try this powder out and I finally got the chance!

This finishing powder is super super smooth and light. Although it claims to calm trouble spots I don't think it had that big of an effect on my acne. It did, however, set my makeup really well (especially my undereyes). It didn't cake up and kept my face matte for a fair 4-5 hours (outdoors). The puff is soft and the peachy scent is subtle and fades away.

πŸ€” H O W   I   U S E: πŸ€”
To set my undereyes, I use a damp beauty sponge. To set my whole face, I use a powder brush. I only use the puff when I have no makeup to mattify my face because I don't want to dirty it haha. Although the puff is soft, Althea's Petal Velvet Powder's puff is softer.

This cushion is supposed to have a blurring effect in your skin and is said to last a pretty long time. The packaging itself is super cute and its quite unfortunate that it didn't match my shade (it came in the shade Beige).

Although I really like Althea boxes, the shades for the cushions provided are still limited because Korean companies simply do not cater to tanned Asians like me. I may look fair in photos but I'm actually an NC42 which is quite dark by Korean standards. If you were to ask me that would be the only con of the beauty boxes for me.

I did swatch it on my hand and it felt pretty good + had quite good coveage. It was matte too, so its a shame that I can't pull it off.

This lipstick is the last product in the Matte Box and is the perfect lipstick to complete a natural summer look!

It's a semi matte lipstick that kinda feels velvety and the pigmentation is pretty good. My lips didn't feel dry at all and the colour was SUPER prettay! The softness of the colour makes it perfect to create either a bold lip or an ombre gradient lip.

πŸ€” H O W   I   U S E: πŸ€”

For a gradient lip:
1. Apply a light first coat
2. Buff the edges with some foundation using a makeup sponge
3. Darken the middle. You can use the lipstick itself to dab or use a lip brush to be more precise.

For a full lip, just...apply it on like a full lip haha.

I think the box is worth it because it covers basic skincare (cleanser + toner + moisturizer) and has 3 easy to use makeup products (BB cushion + lipstick + powder). Unfortunately this box is currently sold out, but for my super awesome readers, you're in for a treat!

I have anothe Matte Box (unopened) that I will be giving away! All you have to do is:

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Comment which product you wanna try out the most in the comments below! πŸ˜‰

Giveaway is open worldwide and is open until September 16. Winner will be announced + contacted on Instagram so remember to follow!

Aaaaand that's it for this post! If you guys would like to view the Althea boxes that are currently available, click here!

As always, thanks for reading and I'll see y'all in my next post!


  1. I missed this box from Althea. Glad that you have a giveaway and I'm hoping to win this. I would like to try first the Innisfree No Sebum Toner.

  2. Hi Eros! although I didn't use much BB Cushions I'm still excited to try most the Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion among all the products..opening a cushion always excites me like crazy,lol!

  3. I honestly want to rry all of theae products because they are all mattes which I always prefer and better for my oily skin. But out of all the items, i'm intrigued on how the no sebum toner would work on my skin, if it's as effective as the powder which i love.

  4. I would so like to try the Skinfood Peach cotton multi finishing powder �� looks like mochi powder. My skin will be baby smooth if I use it! Hope I can win your giveaway!

  5. As I have already told you, I really love your gorgeous pictures!!! The product I wanna try out the most is that Peri Pera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion! I'm starting to really love cushions so I want to try out as many as I can to find my HG. This is a pretty grand giveaway and I have my fingers crossed for this!


  6. I want to try the Peripera Ink Lasting Mini Cushion_Beige.
    I want to try that cushion, co's i never have a cushion since the day began. And seeing the finished of that cushion to you, on how it works on you, it leave me in aweee 😍😍😍. Hoping that would be my ever first cushion. πŸ™❤

  7. Honestly, the cushion is what i wanna win among all the products you featured and review. Because i've never had a cushion in my life. I've waited for this opportunity for like so long, it's my fourth time to joined on your giveaway. Yes!! And never win though hahaha however i am not the only one who dreamed to have this matte alhea box. I keep joining and support you. Yup i am your subbies at youtube, followers on intsagram, readers on your blog. I mostly love to read in your blog. Like i always says it's like i'm reading a magazine. Your photography skills is my favorite. ��������

  8. I am definitely looking forward to try the Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Matte Gel! I love how it can be doubled as a primer and moisturizer! I would want to try it especially during the days where I am going on duties as a staff nurse. We don't always have the privilege to have touch-ups especially if the demands of our clients are high and the workload is a bit toxic. Keeping my skin matte and looking oil-free is a plus point. :)

  9. Hi Mr.Philippines! I also missed this limited edition box at Althea,so I do hope to win this giveaway...the product here that I wanna try the most is the Aritaum pore master sebum control matte gel,I think its going to be a good make-up base...specially on a humid country like here in the Philippines,we don't want to look so oily (hulas) and haggard .

  10. In life, there must give and take. I is here to return da visit hahaha. Should I join dis. Wanna win too, choose me eros, its the perfect give to fan me πŸ˜‚

  11. I really interesting to Skinfood Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder. Product of Skinfood is very famous because they have a amazing products. And Skinfood Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder is also another finish powder or loose powder that further control sebum and give my make up face a matte finish. So i wanna so bad😍😍😍

  12. I want to try most is the Innisfree's toner. It's my favorite skincare routine in day and night. I have dry/oily skin and I really need hydrating toner.

  13. God your review is always that superb ! Not a time that I would skip that. Im so obsessed with the way u teach us how to use each product, simple and understandable ! So among all the product I would like to try the Pore Master Sebum Control Matte Gel ! Large pore at my T-zone kills meeeeee !! Save me fishmeatdie <3

  14. I would like to try the Innisfree No Sebum Toner most bc im a sucker for toners.... ILOVE TONERS THE MOST

  15. Hello鱼肉死!I would love to win this box because I wanted to buy this box from Althea but to my horror, it's sold out! T.T So the only way to get this box on my hand is to steal one from you! Eh no, to win one from you hehe! I have really oily T zone and it seems like this Matte Box is specially tailored for me (but why is it sold out so fast?!) I'm eyeing on Sebum Control Matte Gel and Peripera Mint Cushion so please let me win please~ Wish me luck and thanks for the generous giveaway! #FishmeatdieMatteBoxGiveaway

  16. Would relly love to use that Wangskin Girls Skin Moisture Cleanser. Because it is Formulated with milk protein extract, rice extract, green tea extract and Mulberry root extract. This wil reduce my pores, hydrate and firm my the Philippines ���� the weather here is hot. I am a very oily person and ithink this would really help my skins situation.

  17. Would love to try the Peripera Ink Lasting Mint Cushion (Beige) and Lebaton Color Fit Lipstick (Rose Coral)

  18. I want to win this because i want to give a newfound friend skincare products to try. Sharing is caring ��

  19. I would love to try the peripera cushion the most! Thank you for hosting ��

  20. Hi Eros! By the way, your blog space is beautiful.
    I really like to try Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Matte Gel. The constant heat in the Philippines is one of the greatest enemies of make-up users, especially to those with super oily skin (like me). I think the Matte Gel would be perfect with its cooling effect, and suits sensitive skin with its light weight and water based formulation. This is a top-knotch when it comes to the saying that less is more.

  21. Hi Eros @fishmeatdie ���� I would love to win your sweet treat because like you, oily skin has always been my dilemma. Not only that, since I'm already beyond my 20's, I am concerned with the firmness of my skin and the size of my pores. Your review about @altheakorea Matte Box on your blog has been very helpful to me to discover beauty products that are interestingly worth my try. Let me share with you my most favorite among your featured products and it is the Wangskin Girl's Skin Moisture Cleanser, because it can reduce my pores, make my skin firm and hydrated. Its component which are rice and milk have been known to me as gentle and good to achieve a baby-like skin, now I know why these ingredients are like rising stars in the field of beauty products. �� This may be my one in a million chance but I do really hope to be your lucky winner ���� Subscribed to your Youtube channel as Gel Sarm. Thank you ����


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