Sehun Ko Ko Bop Nail Art • Posh! Nail Spa TTDI Review

August 15, 2017

Hi guys! Like my nails?

Nail art has increasingly been popular with male K-pop idols nowadays. It first started with FTIsland's Lee Hong Ki and slowly spread to the fashionable ones like GD. EXO just came back with their new song Ko Ko Bop and part of Sehun's look this comeback is nail art!

His nails looks super simple and awesome, so I decided to get my nails done like him too!

I decided to get the nail art done at Posh Nail Spa in TTDI. I had a RM150 coupon which I initially wanted to give to my mom/friends. Since none of them wanted it, I decided to use it for myself before they expired.

The whole interior is pretty nice:

Another reason why I chose Posh was because they're supposedly an award winning nail salon with a prolific nail artist.

I didn't get a pic of their complete service "menu", but here's what I had done (referring to my invoice):

Express Pedicure RM26.42
Indulgence Manicure RM59.43
Nail Art 47.16

I was actually greeted by the cashier, who turned out to be my nail artist as well. The famous one was attending to another client. My first impression was "Oh, I thought she was just a cashier. Oh well".

The pedicure was alright and the indulgence manicure was actually really nice. There was a scrub included as well and it was pretty aromatherapeutic. The whole thing took 2 hours, with the nail art part taking around 30-40 minutes.

When I got out of the shop, I literally could not stop looking at my nails. I was so excited for the outcome that I felt so...underwhelmed. With Posh's repertoire I thought I was going to get nail art that was professionally done, but unfortunately, it looked so amateur and DIY!

The lines were not straight at all, the black did not look opaque and it literally looked like I took a marker pen and drew on my nails.

(PS. My pinky bled too).

This was so disappointing because if you look at their IG, their nail art looks so professional! This one in particular had super straight lines:

It's not like my design was super hard or anything, right? I took an Instastory and asked my followers if the nail art was worth it, and I got a lot of "no"s:

 Another blogger in particular (who went to Posh before as well) shared her expereince with me. TLDR: It was not good:

I tagged Posh Nail Spa and they responded quickly, inviting me back to redo the nail art.

I went back the next day and the famous artist (the one who was previously attending to another customer) explained to me that the nails looked like that because they used normal nail polish and not gel. They said that gel is better as it "you get what you get" and it doesn't shrink. I said that I understood, and agreed to have them redone.

To my surprise, the same cashier girl/artist was sent to redo my nails. The artist girl attended to another customer (who seemed like a local celebrity). To be honest, I was fine with it and I was ready to give the girl who did my nails another chance.

This time round she took 2 full hours to do and redo my nails. She especially took care to do and redo the slants and the corners. At the end of the session, I asked her if she used gel or normal polish, and she told me that she used normal and that it might shrink back again. I was like ???? Then wouldn't I be back to square one?

In the end here's how it turned out:

Although the black is now opaque and looks overall better than how it was at first, I still can't help but feel like it was only so-so.

I showed my friends at work and according to one of them, RM50 would have gotten her a mani + better nail art somewhere else. I don't have any prior experience to getting my nails done, so my overall first nail pampering sesh ever was a...meh experience.

And that's all for this post! I'm kinda liking the nails, so I might keep getting them done. What design should I do next?

Thanks for reading, see y'all in my next post!


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