Calendula Skincare Routine 🌻 Kiehl's Calendula Range Review

August 31, 2017

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing all about my calendula skincare routine using Kiehl's Calendula Range!

Kiehl's is a brand that needs no introduction. They're a super popular international brand that's famous for having products that are effective. When I first got into skincare, Kiehl's was actually one of the first "holy grail" brands that I really got into. I remember always tagging along with my mom when she bought her Kiehl's products. I also remember always dropping by to get samples to try out!

*This pic above was my sample haul from 2015*

Although they're highly raved about and always get great reviews online, back then as a student I couldn't afford to buy so many products. Having problematic skin, I also couldn't simply buy a product because I wouldn't know how it would work with my skin in the long run. That's where Kiehl's Try Before You Buy Policy comes in.

Since the 1960s, Kiehl's has believed in letting their customers try their products out first. Up to this day, you can literally walk into any Kiehl's store and they will be happy to give you a 5-minute personal skin consultation as well as some samples to try out.

I've used their Calendula cleanser and toner before and was really interested to try the new Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask. I dropped by the Kiehl's store in Bangsar Village 2 and the Kiehl's consultant was super nice and informative. The last time I went for a consultation was at the peak of my hormonal acne (which was around 2015). I had super oily skin then, but I was surprised to know that I now have normal to oily skin!

My latest Kiehl's sample haul

Since my concerns are now more towards, hydration, spot treatment and anti aging, the Kiehl's consultant was super generous in recommending their products. I've been trying to incorporate them all into my morning and night skincare routine, and I actually made a video here:

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Out of all the Kiehl's products that I mentioned I really wanted to highlight and talk about these three products because they're currently my most used among the lot!

So first of all, what are calendulas? According to, the Calendula flower is an annual flower native to the northern Mediterranean countries. It's named that way because of its tendency to bloom with the calendar, usually once a month or with every new moon. It's a relative of marigolds (that's why this post's header image was Pot Of Gold, get it? 😂) and back in the day, American physicians used calendula to treat amenorrhea, conjunctivitis, fevers, cuts, scrapes, bruises, and burns, as well as minor infections of the skin.

Calendula is also used disinfect minor wounds because of its antibacterial properties. It also stimulates the production of collagen and minimizes scarring, which is perfect for someone like me who is very acne prone and has a lot of acne scars. Calendula is also known to help brighten our overall complexion.

Kiehl's Calendula cleanser and toner is super popular especially amongst people with problem/sensitive skin, and they recently just expanded the line with the addition of a new hydration mask!

Without further ado, on with the review! ðŸŒ»

The Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash is a gentle cleanser suitable for normal to oily skin types. It promises to gently lift away impurities, dirt, and oil without stripping away any moisture from the skin. It's soap free, paraben free and also safe for sensitive skin (tried and tested because my friend Caryn who was sensitive skin swears by it). I have the 230ml bottle and I love that it has a twist lock pump, making it perfect for traveling.

I thought the colour of the cleanser would be brown-ish like the toner but its actually clear. The clear gel activates with water to create a rich foam that isn't super bubbly but still foams up.

In my opinion, this is a basic, no nonsense cleanser that gets the job done and does whatever it promises. Everytime I use this, my face feels refreshed and clean. It doesn't make it feel squealky clean or dry, and it actually feels like normal skin (not dry at all. I'm not sure if its because of the flower smell but the scent of the cleanser itself was something I wasn't used to. It doesn't smell bad, it just smells like...gel I guess? I did get used to it after a week of using but I thought I'd just mention it.

I use this both in the morning and at night and you only really need a small amount to cleanse the face. I would rate this a 4.5/5!

The Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-Free Toner is a Kiehl's classic that is formulated with select herbal extracts to gently cleanse and soothe the skin (especially oily/sensitive skin) without the use of alcohol or harsh synthetic drying agents. One thing neat about this toner is that it actually has real calendula flower petals inside!

According to Kiehl's website, the Calendula petals are still inserted by hand to make sure you get the most effect out of them. When you get some toner onto your cotton pad and some petals come out, you'll notice that they're like jelly. They don't really dissolve but they're kinda squishy.

The toner itself has a thin consistency and looks like tea. Before when I tried the sample sizes I didn't notice it, but after I got the full sized bottle I realized that the scent literally smells like sweet iced tea!

I love love LOVE iced tea so that was immediately a plus point for me! According to Kiehl's, the toner can be used to soothe and improve problem areas

In my opinion, the texture is thin, non sticky and quite hydrating, As someone with super acne prone skin, I've learned that toners are important. One of the best toner's I've tried was an astringent and it worked super well on reducing my acne. The bad thing about it was that since it was an astringent, it had a super high level of alcohol and dried out my skin really bad.

Although this toner doesn't have alcohol, it still managed to keep my face blemish free and fresh, which I am totally impressed with! I apply use this both day and night and if I were to suggest you only one product to get from Kiehl's it would be this! I was a bad boy and popped a blackhead the other day (which totally bled a lot sigh), but this toner helped it heal super fast and didn't sting at all.

I give this toner a 5/5! Super recommended!

The Calendula & Aloe Soothing Hydration Mask is the latest addition to the line and if Calendula wasn't already good enough, Kiehl's decided to up their game even more and add in my beloved Aloe Vera!

This lightweight gel mask is formulated with Kiehls' signature hand-picked Calendula flower petals and Aloe Vera to provide a refreshing surge of cooling hydration upon application to instantly achieve hydrated and soothed skin. If you use this constantly, your skin is supposed to be revitalized for a healthy-looking complexion.

The texture itself is similar to Aloe Vera gel but has the petals infused in it. It's light yellow in colour and although the jelly has that similar iced tea smell as the toner, I find that the scent reminds me more of eucalyptus.

You're supossed to only apply this mask on for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water (so it's not a sleeping mask). At first I thought that was kinda bothersome because being the lazy ass that I am, I like leaving on my masks/gels/creams (maybe that's why I love aloe gel so much lol). However, because of the effects of this mask, I don't mind the hassle!

Upon application, the gel really is cooling and soothing. Like aloe gel, you can put it in the fridge for a while for that extra cooling effect. The reason why I like this is because after rinsing it off, my skin still, felt juice and bouncy. It also somehow looked radiant! If you scroll back up, you can see that Kiehl's says that continuous usage will help you get a more revitalized complexion. I didn't really notice until one day my friend Syd told me my skin looked better all of a sudden (ironically enough I had just finished cleansing my face and was about to apply the mask for my usualy afternoon mask session haha).

Since I'm always super late in the morning, I only use this product at night to destress. I use it 2-3 times a week and after using it a while my skin really did look clearer and more revitalized. I give this product a 5/5!

So it's no surprise, I'm a total fan of the whole Calendula range. Out of all three products I would definitely suggest you guys to try out the toner the most. It's now one of my holy grails and it smells so good I just cannot!

Second would be the calendula aloe mask because it really does help to revitalize and make your skin look so much better and brighter. The sample size that they give is also quite big so you'll be able to use it 2-4 times. I would also recommend the cleanser but although it's amazing and does its job, I would most probably try another cleanser in the future just for the sake of trying out new stuff. Still a fan though!

So like I mentioned, do drop by your nearest Kiehl's store today and get your free samples + consultation! You never know, you might find your holy grail product!

And that's all for this post! I also just got the Clearly Corrective™ Dark Spot Solution serum which is Kiehl's number 1 product! I'm still using it and writing down my thoughts, and I'll be sharing my full review with you guys soon. In the meantime, please remember to click in and like the video + subscribe to my channel! 💕

As always, thank you guys for dropping by and see y'all in the next post!


  1. Sadly no kiehls store in Philippines ��

    1. There's actually a bunch of Keihls branches in SM Makati, Sm Aura, SM North, SM Megamall, MOA, Alabang Town Center, and even Ayala Mall Cebu City :)

  2. i just used mine today and i really really love the smell. Can't wait to see the results.

    LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG! 10/10 for you <3



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