Caffe Bene Melon Smile Menu Review

August 5, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to another post! Today I'll be sharing all about Caffe Bene's Melon Smile menu!

This menu was actually available last summer, and due to its popularity, Caffe Bene decided to bring it back! I didn't get to try it last year so I'm super excited that they brought it back!

Ever since I reviewed their Mangotella menu I've been thirsting for more bingsu, and last weekend I finally paid the Caffe Bene in Melaka another visit.

Melon Yogurt Bingsu | RM28.80

This icy Melon Yogurt Bingsu is topped with sweet and juicy round melon balls, creamy Yogurt Gelato, and bits of cranberries and coconut flakes. At first I was afraid that the melon would be bland and tasteless, but it was the exact opposite! The melon balls were super sweet and tasted really fresh. The mix of cranberries and flakes also added some texture to the ice I liked the combination.

Aside from the melon balls they also gave a huge slice of melon! I went with my brother and sister, and the large bingsu easily satisfies us three. Melaka is friggin hot 24/7, and even hotter during the summer! If you're in town I definitely recommend dropping by Hatten Square and getting this bowl of fresh icy heaven.

Melon Bene Pastry | RM19.80

This was actually not lart of past year's menu and was only added this year. It's basically a freshly Baked Bene Pastry with juicy melon balls on top. The melon sauce dripping at the side was actually sweet melon sauce, and the whole combo worked pretty well! I would actually recommend this as an afternoon snack along with a cup of coffee.

There are two drinks in the Melon Smile menu and my two siblings and I shared them so we could taste and see which one we liked better.

Melon Latte | RM12.80

This drink is very milky and should actually be called a melon milk instead of latte haha. It has no coffee whatsoever and is literally melon milk. I think people who like flavoured milk drinks like banana milk/chocolate milk/strawberry milk would really enjoy this. Between both drinks I preferred this one just because it tastes sweeter and more "concentrated"

Melon Yogurt Parfait | RM15.80

This drink is a melon smoothie topped with more melon balls, cranberries and crispy coconut flakes for a more tropical drink. I didn't like this as much because I felt like the ice kinda diluted the flavour (lol I'm such a sugar hoe) but it was basically a small bingsu. If you wanna try the melon goodness but you don't wanna get the super humongous bingsu for yourself, I recommend getting this parfait instead!

And that's it for my review of Caffe Bene's Melon Smile menu! Caffe Bene has a ton of branches all over Malaysia (and Asia), so do drop by any one of them this summer and cool down!

I hope you guys found it interesting and useful💕 See y'all in the next post!


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