Wanderlust Things Unicorn Eye Brushes Review

July 28, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! In this post I'll be sharing all about these Unicorn Brushes from Wanderlust Things!

Fancy and quirky makeup brushes are all the rage, and although I'm a bit late in the whole unicorn trend, here I am! I only have one eye makeup brush set which I got AGES ago, and I was in a desperate need of an upgrade.

Wanderlust Things carries lots of cute and interesting things, makeup brushes being some of them. I got the 10 piece Unicorn Eye Makeup Brush Set which costs RM89 from the Butterfly Project's 2nd birthday party.  There's also a 5 piece face brush option, 10 piece rose gold option, as well as a Harry Potter inspired set!

Aside from brushes, they have other items such as accessories, stationeries and other knick knacks!

So, back to the brushes! The set I got has 10 eye brushes: 4 flat, 3 round and 3 fluffy blending ones:

Since I'm still basically a makeup newbie, these eye brushes were seriously helpful in my "experimentation" mode. I've been watching more and more Youtube tutorials and practicing on myself!

The site says that these brushes are made from unicorn hair (lol), but they're actually synthetic. The colour/design of the brushes did not fade even after I've washed them a couple of times. They're super soft on the eyes and have an alright denseness/thickness to them too!

I recently did a tutorial on my Youtube channel on how to create this purple look, but you can totally substitute the colour for more neutral colors like brown for a more everyday look.

First taking the flat blending brush, apply a wash/transition colour.

Next, with a fluffy blending brush, take a darker shade and darken your crease.

After deepening the crease, I then usually darken the outer corners of my eyes. I used the pointed round brush to first apply the colour:

followed by blending it out with the angled blending brush:

You can actually leave it as is, but as for me I wanted to add a cut crease. I used the flat shadow brush to do this:

and after that was over I applied my eyeliner:

TADAH! Super pretty eyes!

If you guys are interested in getting your own set of super cute unicorn brushes, remember to check out Wanderlust Things' site (click here to visit it!)

And that's all for this post! I hope you guys found it interesting and useful💕 See y'all in the next post!

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