Tambun Trip + BusOnlineTicket Review 🎫 #GlamsquadOnVacay

July 13, 2017 Ipoh, Malaysia

Hi guys welcome back to my blog! A few weeks ago, the Althea Glam Squad and I went for a weekend team bonding retreat to Ipoh. More specifically, Lost World of Tambun! I originally like posting about events, but for this trip I decided to vlog. After painstakingly editing and re-editing the video, it's now finally up!

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In the video I mentioned that we got our tickets from BusOnlineTicket.com, and since my group of 10 had a super smooth travel experience, I'd like to present to you my review of their site!

When I still lived in Ipoh, my dad would usually drive down to KL for the weekend and drive back up to Ipoh. I found that although riding a car would be ideal, it would be quite a hassle for a big group like the Althea Glam Squad. Only a few people could drive + we didn't have 2 big cars that could carry all 10 people.

Luckily enough we had BusOnlineTicket! Basically BOT is an online booking website where you can get bus tickets, train tickets and even ferry tickets.

There's only one train that goes through the whole of Malaysia (as far as I know) which is the KTM ETS. You can easily book tickets from BusOnlineTicket's website, and one of my fave features is being able to switch dates and see the different prices for that date or that specific train car.

There were snacks provided, a movie played throughout the journey + the seats and air conditioning were super comfy.

Me and my seatmate Bo!

You can also walk around the train and head over to the cafeteria if you're feeling pecking + the toilet if ya need to go! 😂

Although the estimated travel time was 3.5 hours, we arrived in Ipoh after around only 2 hours which was awesome. Travel time depends on your train class, which is where the convenience of BusOnlineTicket's booking platform comes in handy 👍

Arrived in Ipoh!

Aside from train rides, you can also book bus tickets on BusOnlineTicket. Since my family is now based in Melaka, I go home quite ofter (around every 2-3 weeks). TBS is always flooded with tourists and locals trying to line up and buy a ticket.

The solution? Buying tickets online!

TBS has special counters open now that are specifically for online tickets. All you have to do is drop by the counter to check it, show your online ticket and exchange it for the actual ticket. Pretty simple right? It definitely beats lining up for a looooooong time and not getting a bus ticket at all.

Like the train tickets, you can change dates and select the bus operator you would like while making your booking. The prices are pretty cheap - actually they're either exactly the same or even cheaper than when you buy in TBS! A bus ride to Melaka can cost you anywhere from RM10 to RM20, so RM11 for an instant ticket without the hassle of lining up to make the purchase is a real thumbs up for me.

Lastly, aside from booking bus tickets, train tickets and ferry tickets on BOT, you can also arrange for  airport transfers and tour packages on BusOnlineTicket.com!

For more info, visit BusOnlineTicket at http://www.busonlineticket.com/! If you wanna see how our trip was like + how the train ride went, scroll back up and watch our trip video 😉

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post! 💖


  1. I'm rewatching it and currently dying from laughter HAHAHAHHAHAHA we were just so funny!

  2. Thank you for recommending the Bus Online Ticket because I wanted to buy bus tickets through the website! I think I shall check it out :)



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