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July 23, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to another post! Today I'll be sharing with you guys how I got this purple/pink-inspired summer makeup look using products that I recently got from Canmake πŸŒΊ

I've recently been seeing purple and pink everywhere (NCT's Cherry Bomb & Mamamoo's Purple hahaha), so I thought I would up my makeup game and attempt something fun and different 😊 I actually did a separate video on Youtube:

For this blog post, I'll be focusing mainly on the Canmake products that I used in the tutorial, so if you wanna see how I achieved the entire look, remember to watch the video (and like and subscribe too! πŸ˜‰)

I have a pile of new makeup products that I've yet to play with, and some of those products were from Canmake. As a Korean beauty lover, I was so focused on K-beauty products that I never actually took the time to explore Japanese brands.

Here's some of the products from Canmake that I used πŸ’• Aren't they all so cute?! 😍 These are some of Canmake's latest products and I totally got summer vibes from them. The packaging's super kawaii! 


First up: eyes. These Wink Glow Eyes are actually liquid glitter eyeshadows. Normal glitter eyeshadows can be quite messy and tricky for beginners to work with. This one is super easy to use and spreads evenly over your eyes.

They come in two shades: 01 Teracotta Brown and 02 Sakura Mauve.

They have an almost jelly/moussy type of texture. Instead of just pure metal, they also have a pearlescent shine to them:
They're super easy to work with and you can actually use it by itself to achieve a natural kawaii eye look. As for me, I really wanted to attempt a cut crease and I actually managed to achieve it! After using a matte purple eyeshadow, I used a small detail brush to make my cut crease.
This product is super multi functional. You can apply it easily with your fingers and you can apply it with a brush as well. With a brush, you can create a glitter cut crease and a glitter liner!

You don't need a lot of product because a small dot can actually last you a long way. It dries down to a powdery finish and its pretty sweat proof. I have naturally oily lids and the oil didn't make the glitter budge at all.

One advise I would give if you wanna create a liner or cut crease like me is to let the product dry first before folding your lid to prevent the wet product from travelling. It dries pretty quickly though so you shouldn't have any problems πŸ˜‰


Next are the cheeks! I don't normally wear blush on my cheeks but I love the flushed look with freckles that are super popular on Instagram.

 The Cream Cheek Tint is available in 2 shades: 01 Fresh Pop Melon (the one I have) and 02 Happy Strawberry.

I love love love the shell packaging! It's a cream type blusher and underneath it it actually includes a sponge as well. I didn't want to dirty the sponge so I used a sponge I got from Daiso hahaha.

Fresh Pop Melon πŸ‰ is a peachy pink shade. At first I was worried that it would be too pink on me but its very natural and you can build it up to the intensity that you want. One layer would be perfect for a natural everyday look!
Since I wanted that "flushed-omg-I'm-blushing", I put on a few layers. It looked super cute on me even though I'm tan, and I actually really like the creamy texture!

Since I wanted freckles, I used the Gel Line Artist to dot them on. I used the shade brown and the pencil's thinness and creamy texture made it super easy for me to do this:
On camera it looks pretty sporadic but in real life I actually quite like it! When I looked into the mirror I was like YES I LOVE IT
(I'm not a makeup pro and I know it's not perfect but I seriously loved this look πŸ˜…)

And last but not least, lips! This is my ultimate fave product out of the whole bunch: the Stay On Balm Rouge!

According to Canmake's website it's currently available in 14 shades and the ones I have are T01 Little Anemone (the one I'm using) and T02 Happy Tulip.

These lippies are basically the baby of a lip balm and a lip tint! Its a super moisturizing lip balm with a glossy sheen + UV protection.

If you guys read my previous Canmake Lip Jam review, you'll know that I love those lip jams to death (I always wear them because they look so natural!). In that review, I mentioned that usually I'll apply a lip balm first to moisturize my lips before apply the lip jam. This product combines both those steps so getting tinted lips are now easier than ever!
Little Anemone is a natural berry red shade. I really love the way the natural colour makes my lips look alive and how the glossiness makes my lips look so plump. If you're reading this post on your phone the colour might look a bit saturated and but in real life it's actually more of a natural red tint.

I have chapped lips so I try my best to always drink water and use lip balm. This one has grown to be my current #1 makeup product because not only does it help hydrate my lips, it makes them look super good too πŸ˜

After some liner, mascara and setting spray, here's the final look!

Overall my impression of Japanese cosmetics have improved and I'm actually researching more about them! I feel like Canmake opened my eyes to a whole new world of natural/kawaii cosmetics hahaha.

As a beauty newbie myself I really like how easy and hassle free the products were + how natural the payoff was. In the case of the Wink Glow Eyes, it was super pigmented and had absolutely no fallout like how a normal shimmer/glitter eyeshadow would have. It's super multi-functional as you can use it on its own, layer it on top of an eyeshadow, use it as a liner or use it to make a cut crease like me!

If you guys are interested in checking these products out, head over to your nearest Guardian! They have a ton of different products to try and buy (I highly recommend the Lip Jams + the Stay-On Balm Rouge! 😍). You can also click here to check out the products on Guardian's website.

And that's all for this post! I hope you guys found it interesting and usefulπŸ’• See y'all in the next post!

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