BLOG DETOX: My Fave Face Mists

July 29, 2017

Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! 😚 Today's post is a my entry for The Butterfly Project's Blog Detox monthly program! This month's topic: Face Mists!

It's basically a "back to basics" blogging exercise, and in the words of Mamasan Tammy herself: 

A Blog Detox is a safe space where you talk about your favorite products/items uncut and raw. No need to worry about extra frills and how it's going to turn out (i.e. no need to take a million pictures just to get that perfect flatlay and still edit the crap out of it). Just sit down, write and return to fundamentals: give information and opinions about products. Afterall, that's what blogging is really about right? :) Please, no sponsored or paid type posts (unless it's something you've tried, tested and HONESTLY love and use on a regular basis) as we want this to be as real as possible. Keep it sweet and simple!

Without further ado, here's some of my fave face mists!

1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist

Probably one of my holy grail products, I've come to love this mist almost to the point of worship! (Jkjk haha). When I first entered Althea everyone had a bottle of this. I also learned that the aloe vera line is super popular, and although I was a huge fan of Nature Republic's Aloe Gel, I never really tried the mist. Once I did however, I instantly understood why people loved it so much!

This mist totally helps to hydrate this skin without the effort of putting on a cream/gel moisturizer. It also works when you have makeup on! I actually really like wetting my makeup sponge with the mist rather than water because it adds hydration + moisture into my base. Finally, the best thing aobut this would be that it only RM16 on Althea! Like, cheap + legit is the best combo you could ever want in any skincare product!

2. Melvita Pulpe De Rose Face Mist

I got this mist via PR and although it is more expensive than the NR Aloe mist (the 50ml bottle costs RM145), I absolutely love this mist! At first I was a bit turned off by the rose scent, but eventually I grew to love it. It really feels premium on the skin, meaning it slightly thicker than the NR Aloe Mist but still feels very light on the skin. I now find the scent very soothing and I try my best not to use it too often (because I love it so much huhuhu)

3. a;t fox Gyoolpy Tea Fresh Water Mist

I got this mist as part of Althea's Vitamin Box (original price RM26) , and I find it okay okay. Its a light, refreshing mist that has the slightest scent to it.

4. Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist

Last but not least is this one heck of a face mist from Mamonde! This is literally the finest mist I've ever tried! I'm not sure if it's because of the canister or the pump but it really does disperse the product in an almost cloud like manner. This mists only needs to be pressed once and the mists keeps on going. Two seconds' worth of spraying disperses A LOT of product and usually 2 seconds is enough to cover and moisturize my whole face.

It smells great, doesn't irritate my skin + comes in a super big bottle. It costs RM49 which I would say is really worth it for the size + quality.

And that's it for this short blog detox post! I'm sorry if it's a bit dull...I mean for mists I usually only look at the hydrating factor, comfort factor + the scent so I had quite a hard time thinking of what to write haha. I hope you guys found it interesting and useful💕 See y'all in the next post!

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