Veet Sensitive Touch Workshop

February 16, 2017

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing all about a workshop I attended yesterday for Veet's newest product: the Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer!

The workshop was held at Talent Lounge, PJ Trade Center. I didn't really want to go alone, so I jio-ed my Butterfly Buddy Dash as my plus one. Her makeup's always on fleek, and she makes great content on YouTube! Definitely check her channel out later (click here!)

Anyways, back to the star of the event: the Sensitive Touch electric trimmer! It's an innovative gadget that helps trim eyebrows and other parts of the body gently and precisely.

I was actually surprised because when I saw the image and the packaging, I thought that it was only for brows. It actually comes with various detachable heads that you can use and interchange for different areas of the body such as the brows, underarms, etc. 

The cutting blades are designed to never touch your skin during usage so you'll have no risk of cutting yourself! The idea behind this product was to give people one single product that can help you achieve the brow shape that you want, as well as fulfill your other shaving needs.

You can use it as it is to shape your brows (like a razor), but the cool thing about this is that it comes with combs as well! With these combs you can evenly trim your eyebrows so that each brow hair is the same length!

As I mentioned, it comes with an interchangeable head suitable for other areas in the body, like the underarm, bikini area, etc. It also comes with an attachable comb:

Aside from the heads and the combs, there's also a brush for cleaning the razors and a travel bag inside the kit. PS. The razor needs one double A battery to work.

Since I had a full face of makeup on (including eyebrows of course), I didn't dare try it on myself. Luckily, there was a demo area!

As someone who originally has burly brows and a super arched brow shape, grooming my brows are essential. If I don't shape it, I look too angry and weird! I use tweezers and a mini set of scissors to shape them, and although it's painful and time consuming to pluck brows one by one, I told myself that beauty is pain and to achieve perfect brows, I need to suffer for it 😭

Now however, I have Veet to come to the rescue! Veet was kind enough to provide us bloggers a set each. I'll definitely be sharing my experience using this innovative tool with you guys soon, so stay tuned!

Before the workshop started, dinner was provided and I got a chance to mingle around.

The dinner was buffet style and it was quite filling~

I also got a chance to chat for a while with Malaysian model Amber Chia! I've always seen her on social media, and it was awesome finally meeting her in real life. She was super engaging, talking to all the bloggers there. I'm really being honest when I say that she's 100% friendly! 

And here's a selfie of Dash, Lee Yann, Tiffany, Emily and I:

Ignore my frizzy hair lol. I actually wanted to wear pink and match Veet's logo, but sad to say all my maroon/pink were being washed so I stuck with black.

The workshop was hosted by Megan Tan (who was super bubbly), and the first speaker was Tiffany Tang of RB Malaysia and Singapore:

She gave us a brief intro on Veet and the Sensitive Touch electric trimmer. Did you know that the first hair removal product was launched by Veet 100 years ago? Crazy right! They've constantly improved and innovated their products and the Sensitive Touch electric trimmer is their latest product.

Tiffany was followed by celebrity stylist Stevensunny who gave lots of brow tips, especially for shaping brows. 

He also did demonstrations of three eyebrow looks

From left to right, the looks are Rock, Korean and Bohemian:

They were all so pretty homg

Anyways, last but not least was a chit chat session with Amber Chia! I mentioned above how friendly she was talking with us, and her mini interview on stage was no different. It was light, insightful and fun!

She also shared how she always has to have brows on. Even when she fetches her son to school in the morning, she never leaves the house without drawing on her brows. I personally do this as well! I always go to work with my brows fully drawn in, just because I feel more confident with them on. I also think it completes my look.

Veet also showed us their latest commercial, which you can view here:

See how easy using the electric trimmer is? I can't wait to play with this and share my thoughts with you guys!

If you guys are interested in getting one for yourself, drop by your nearest Watsons! The normal price for the whole set is RM119, but it's currently available on Watsons' website for only RM107!

And I guess that's it for this quick update! To end this post, here's a selfie of Dash, Leonard and I:

Thank you so much Veet for having me!

As always, thank you guys so much for reading! 💕 See y'all in the next post!


  1. It's so good to see you yesterday!!!!!!! Thank you for coming!!!!


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