The Hunt For The Perfect Foundation

February 4, 2017

Let's start this post off with a question:
A foundation is the base if your makeup, and its the first and HARDEST part of makeup (at least in my opinion). When I first started out, I didn't know what kind of foundation I wanted. Did I want a glowy/dewy one for that Korean look? Did I want a matte one to compliment my dry skin? And which brand do I go to, a drugstore or a high end one? I feel like everyone who's does makeup has had all these foundation questions pass through their head before, but I think the ULTIMATE struggle with foundations is finding the right shade.

Everyone is different and finding the right shade takes time. I first started with Klair's Illuminating Supple BB Cream, and although it said that it would adjust to your natural skin colour, it didn't ;(

My next venture was a drugstore foundation: Revlon's Colorstay Foundation. I was totally in love with it because: 1. It was matte and 2. It was somehow similar to my shade!

I purchased it because it was recommended by Patrick Starrr, but I had to try out several shades in the span of several days and finally settled on shade 370 Toast.

After a while I grew slightly fairer, and it no longer matched my skin. I was really interested in BB Cushions, particularly Laneige's BB Cushion. However, it was too light for me. I heard that Lancome's BB Cushions had deeper shades, but everywhere I went there was never a perfect shade match.

I decided to treat myself for my birthday last year and got the Studio Sculpt Foundation from MAC. I fell head over heals in love with it! The texture was different from the Revlon one and applied with a satin matte finish. It was so pretty, like I legit looked so good with it on. MAC carries a huge line of shades and I was lucky enough to quickly find mine thanks to the super pro MAC counter assistants.

(PS. I'm in the shade NC42)

Now that my tube is almost finished, I'm currently on the lookout for a new foundation. Its either I buy another tube of the MAC one (which I'm seriously considering) or I try another brand. One thing I hate about foundation shopping is having to swatch a million times.

I'm very interested in Kat Von D's Lock It foundation, L'Oreal's Infallable, Too Faced's Born This Way Foundation, Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation and Nars' Sheer Glow foundation because I've heard so many good things about them from YouTubers I watch~

And no tea no shade, but Jeffree Star's going to be releasing a foundation line and I just KNOW it's gonna be bomb.

These are his lipsticks btw~ I can't wait to see what the packaging of his foundation will look like!

A while back, I read about Color IQ, a collaboration between Pantone and Sephora. Basically it's a machine that helps customers find their exact shade. You can then see products like foundations/concealers/etc. that matched your shade.

Lancome recently took it to the next level by introducing their Le Teint Particulier Foundation:

It works kinda like the Color IQ. Lancome will basically scan your skin and manually create the foundation ON THE SPOT. Like how cool is that? I'm not exactly sure how the pigmentation works or if the texture is consistent, but how convenient would it be if all foundations had this feature?

Unfortunately, Lancome's LTP is only available in Nordstrom stores in the US 🙁 Hopefully it comes to Asia soon!

So what's your fave foundation? What foundations would you recommend someone with oily skin like me?

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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