Demeter "Hug Me" Moomin Figure Perfume Review

February 6, 2017

Hi guys, just thought I'd update my blog on my latest fave scent: Demeter's Moomin Figure Perfume in the scent Hug Me!

This was sent by the lovely people at 0.8L, which if you don't already know who they are by now, you need to quickly get your ass to their Instagram/Facebook page! 😂 Just kidding. 0.8L is a service where ANYONE can get the chance to get products for free! The whole idea is being able to test products before purchasing them, and I think it's genius.

If you remember, a few weeks ago they sent me the Demeter Cushion Perfume, which I absolutely loved:

My one negative feedback was that the scent wasn't very strong and that the application was a bit inconvenient.

I think 0.8L heard my comments, because 2 weeks ago they sent me another Demeter product, the Moomin Figure Perfume in the scent Hug Me:

I am SUCH a big fan of Moomin! Like, it's so round and cute! Anyways, this is a conventional eu de toilet, which is you open it, point and spray.

After a bit of research, I found out that Demeter released 3 scents for this collection: Hug Me, Kiss Me and Love Me:

Although the bottle is small (30ml), it packs a punch! One spray can cover my entire front body/shirt, and since its an EDT, it stays on all day. That's right, the entire day! Hug Me's scent is very light and sweet, not quite as cool and refreshing as Icelandic Aurora, but very young, fun and fresh.

Here's the back of the box it came with

And that's it for this short update! Thank you again 0.8L for sending more Demeter goodies my way 💕 If you you want to receive free goodies (like makeup, skincare, perfume, bags, accessories), definitely check out 0.8L!

As always, thanks for reading and see you all in the next post!

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