CNY 17 + End of Internship 💼

February 18, 2017

A bit overdue, but today's post will be all about my quick CNY getaway and the last few days of my internship! Just a disclaimer, it's gonna be mostly selfies and random stuff~

So on the 1st of February, I made my way over to Caryn's house to meetup with our usual gang.

It was very laid back and chill~ There's 7 of us in our high school group but Chaichai sadly couldn't meet up with us this year~

We had dinner at MP (like we did last year too, I think)

And it was nice seeing everyone together. I got to see everyone separately throughout 2016, and CNY is usually when all of us gather to have a meal, hangout, etc. It's kinda like our tradition. As more CNYs pass, the more I understand that thing that people say about meeting old friends and feeling like nothing has changed. Can you believed we graduated high school in 2013?!

Xzeyan sadly couldn't join us after our dinner because she had work. The rest of us retreated to Caryn's house and camped out there, We were all heading down to Melaka on the 3rd, so we decided to just sleepover (plus I don't have a house in Ipoh anymore hahah 😂)


We mostly spent the night gossiping and playing cards. I guess when you've been apart for a year, you have tons to talk about~

Caryn had this unopened Saidina set, which is basically Monopoly in Malay (but it had English subtitles 😂). Long story short, Sammi and I were broke and Caryn won

In the morning we headed out for some dimsum (forgive the bare face)

and after that, we got ready and headed out for lunch. As you can see from the very self gratifying and vain GIF below, I was feeling myself that day. My face was beat! My friends and I have all been getting really into makeup recently, and our few days together let us see what kind of products we have. Caryn has this Morphe palette omg I wanna steal it. And Sammi has an Anastasia brow pomade like !!!! I want it!

I actually have the pomade on above, but since it was my first time using it it kinda turned out thicker and different than how I usually do it. I did like it tho~

Anyways, we met up with a few high school friends, namely Hoyyan and Yokemun!

We had lunch at this pretty cafe in Canning Garden called the Purple Moon Lover Cafe (click here to read more about it!)

I also realized through comments and observation that the way I do my makeup is quite different from how my friends do theirs. Since I'm super vain and I used to photoshop my selfies to the max, I kind of always go for that flawless Korean look, perfect for photos. You guys may see me online and think that it all looks natural (actually I personally think it looks natural), but in real life I kinda look (slightly) cakey and weird hahaha 

Anyways, after eating and a short OOTD photo session outside, we headed to Ipoh Parade to meet some more classmates.

(Omg just look at how perfect my contour and highlight looks here)

My high school class monitor actually did a poll on FB and organized a meet up, but no one really responded to him hahaha. We met up with him (Nicholas) and another friend Steve, and people just kept adding on and on until we had quite a few people at our table.

Although it was unplanned, it was nice to see their faces~ 

Joelyn was also in town that day, and we got to meet up as well!

After that we headed back home for some more Mahjong

And to end our day, we caught late movie

I GOT TO WATCH KRIS' LATEST MOVIE! Okay, if you didn't already know, I'm an Exo fan, particularly Kris' fan. I'm not really as crazy and as active of a fan as I was back then, but pls, the fanboy hype is still real.

The next day, the 6 of us (Joelyn included) all headed to Melaka!

Caryn found this really picturesque homestay (click here to read more about it) and it was kinda our base for the 3 days that we were there.

Melaka was super hot, like I seriously felt like I should have bathed in sunblock. It was so weird because back in KL it was raining almost everyday!

After we settled out luggage we set out for some lunch~ 

One thing I didn't appreciate was the lack of the UberXL feature in Melaka and that some Uber drivers actually had the audacity to cancel our bookings. One of them actually took our ride, started the journey and said that he was only going to be reaching in 30 minutes. Like wtf? Then why did you start the journey already, so that the charges keep on going? He managed to charge my card RM5, but luckily I managed to get it refunded. The heat of the Melaka sun just made it so frustrating, like can you see me in the pic below?

Never mess with a hungry Eros. Not to say that Uber Melaka had shit service though. Actually all of the ones that we did manage to get and ride in were super friendly and informative, even suggesting so many places for use to visit! I guess it was just our (lack of) luck that the first few ones were shit.

Anyways, Uber rant aside here's Naomi with a trashcan:

And here's our nyonya lunch:

After filling our stomach, the 6 of us went walking around the heritage area~ Ever since I've moved to Melaka I've had to take my friends for the "Melaka Tour" for about 4 times already I think 😂. Everyone just wants to come and visit, and that's fine, but as someone who lives here I'm kinda already sick of walking around. The only reason why I find it so fun every time is because I'm always with a different group of people (my family, Bevin, Fufy and now TRF)~

At night we walked along the night market at Jonker Walk:

Had some durian cendol:

And called it a day (not after some card games of course)

Day two in Melaka was mostly the same. Sammi and I got out face game on:

And by the time we were done, we were joined by my brother Euri:

We took some nice OOTD shots although the sun almost blinded us:

And then had lunch at a cafe and did more sightseeing.

 One of the places we went to was the Sky Tower in The Shore, and I've never been there so that was kinda neat:

And I think this is the nth post that I'm saying it in, but I love how my foundation works under sweat. Even if it does look cakier in real life, it doesn't really budge/move that much. Do you see my skin above? How bout below? Just F L A W L E S S

We originally wanted to have dinner at the Portuguese Settlement, but decided to go elsewhere instead.

I especially like the shot below haha. I feel like I'm so orchestrated and posed, and that I need more candid shots like this in my life.

We had satay celup for dins *which I forgot to take a pic of so here's one from Caryn*

And that was the end of another day. The next day we all had lunch at my house, and a few hours later parted ways~

5 days together wasn't a very long time, and Melaka wasn't anywhere special too. I guess the most of my CNY was really enjoying the company of my BFFs and relishing in the short time we all had together. Hopefully we do get to go somewhere fancier next time (preferable aborad haha).

Speaking of company, iPrice had a CNY lousang session as well!

Our CEO even handed everyone ang paus~

By the way, as you're reading this I am no longer an iPrice intern! My contract has ended and I'll be starting my first ever full time job at Althea on March 1st! On my last day, my team took me out to lunch (which is kind of a tradition for whenever someone leaves/there's a special occasion)

My last day was actually on Valentine's day, and the Thai writers were kind enough to give me some chocolate. Santika also gave me a bunch of jellies and chocolate 💕 Thanks so much guys!

I really enjoyed my time at iPrice, and I learned a lot! I'm definitely gonna miss everyone, people from my team to the other teams as well.


It was a bittersweet moment when I handed my access card back~ I'll always remember iPrice as the company where I ate a lot, met a lot of awesome people from different countries and did I mention eat a lot? ðŸ˜‚

And I guess that's all for this post! I'm currently trying to work on my content, but I'm feeling so uninspired and my pictures all look ugly. Plus, the procrastination struggle is real. Hopefully I manage to get some valuable work done before I start working at Althea.

As always, thanks for reading, see ya in the next post!

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