Make Up For Ever Flagship Store, Pavilion, KL

November 19, 2016

Hi guys, today's blog post will be all about Make Up For Ever's 1st flagship store opening in Pavilion!

My friend Caryn jio-ed (invited) me to go as she would be checking the store out as well, so I said why not?

I've seen MUFE products in Sephora before, but never an actual shop!

Lot 3.01.5A& B, Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

As part of their grand opening, MUFE gave away RM100 vouchers to the first 50 people  and RM50 vouchers to the next 100.

Although their shop aesthetic was mostly red and black, I liked how bright the whole place was. I also really liked their marquee-esque decor!

It was quite crowded when I first got there as everyone was very excited to try out MUFE's products.

To keep the good vibes rolling, they had an actual jukebox installed!

Okay it isn't a vintage one, but it really works! There's an iPad attached to it and you can select a song, which will then play throughout the store. Its really cool and realistic, the piping of the jukebox even had this water/lava lamp kind of effect!

They had two counters where people could sit down and enquire about products, and their super friendly staff readily helped every one. From giving them info about products to using their makeup skills and making everyone super pretty, I'd give the staff a rating of A+!

I recognized some of their products as I've seen them in Sephora before (like this Step 1 Base:)

this 5 Camouflage Cream Palette (I saw one in the Starhill Sephora just the other week),

and these powders:

But its either I wasn't fully paying attention in Sephora before or something, but I realized MUFE has all the makeup you would ever need. From contour/highlighting products like this one:

to eye  shadows:

to lip sticks, MUFE has everything!

I really liked two products that I swatched and tried. First is this Pro Sculpting Palette. Its a cream sculpiting/contouring/highlighting palette and its so buttery! The highlight was this super pretty shade of gold!

I forgot which shade this palette is, I think it was in No. 3. The pretty highlight shade I'm talking about is the 3rd shade!

Second product I found interesting was this Aqua Brow Waterproof Eyebrow Corrector:

I've never seen a mousse/cream based brow product before. It needs to be applied with a eyebrows/slanted brush and because I was already wearing makeup & I didn't want to remove and reapply my brows, I just put it on top of my current brows. It was so pigmented that it effectively darkened my brows even more! Just one tiny drop was enough to cover one brow and although I can't say how the look is like alone, I can say that because its a cream type of product, it will coat your eyebrows like a browcara and give it a more uniform look.

Aside from those, I was also introduced to  their famous foundations and concealers:

There were two foundations that stood out. The Water Blend (which I was told was water proof):

And the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation (which I was told was great for pictures and is one of their best selling items).

I've touched some of their makeup brushes in Sephora before and they're super soft (especially the dome/rounded powder brushes!). They had more brushes on display compared to how many they have available in Sephora so I'd definitely drop by and check them out.

I've been looking for a fan brush and a foundation/stipling brush, so I gazed longingly at those two the most haha.

They also had an Artist (or was it Artistic?) shelf with cool and quirky products that I don't think normal people would use, more of the actual hardcore makeup artists. One example is this palette:

I think I saw Jeffree Star use it in of his videos before~

Finally, aside from their bestselling products, the MUFE flagship store also had in stock their limited edition #RedFever artistic collection.

It's mainly lip products w/ red shades (+ two highlighters as well)

Out of everything I would say the most popular/eye catching one (due to so many people trying it out) was the Artistic Lip Ink, a matte lip product in a bottle:

There's also crayon type products available:

And that's it! I really liked some of  the products (like the Water Blend foundation, the Pro Sculpting Palette, the Aqua Brow products, etc.) and I hope to get my hands on them someday (when I'm not super broke haha ðŸ˜…) Here's to hoping a miracle happens and MUFE sponsors me? ðŸ˜‚😂😂

I also met Eve and Joyce, two super friendly people from MUFE's office! Nice meeting you both and I hope to see you both again soon! ðŸ˜„

*Ignore my awkward face haha I wasn't ready! 😂

That was it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed it! Definitely check out Make Up For Ever's 1st flagship store in Pavilion if you're a makeup lover (or a makeup beginner like me!)

As always, thanks for reading and see you all in the next post!

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