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November 28, 2016

Hi guys, today I'll be sharing some selfie tips, as well as how you can get free products or store credits from by simply taking selfies or flatlays!

If you know me or you've been reading my blog, you'll know that I'm a selfie addict. Selfie whore, selfie pro, selfie master, whatever selfie position it is I have applied and gotten the job.

Although there are super awesome selfie-takers like Yutaki, Xiaxue and Miyake around that are on a whole other level of perfection, I like to think I'm a pretty good selfie taker myself. I'm not perfect but through trial and error I've developed a "method" of selfie taking and editing and today I'll be sharing those with you!

This is the best tip I have for you guys and its ESSENTIAL for selfies. Any kind of picture actually. Not only are you more visible (duh), your pictures will be easier to edit and your skin looks better/brighter.

When you take pictures with sparse light, your pictures will look grainy and noisy. I prefer sunlight to artificial light any day, so most of the time I take my selfies near a window. Although natural light is nice, try not to take selfies under direct sunlight. Taking pictures under harsh lighting will create shadows and you don't really want those either.

For people who take selfies with cameras, being in bright spaces means you can use lower ISO and your photos won't be too grainy. If you really have to take a selfie in a dark room, try adjusting the shutter speed before touching the ISO. Or you could use your camera's auto mode haha. I recommend playing with your camera's setting rather than relying on auto though 👍 

Knowing which angles you look good in can help you be more efficient in taking selfies. When you and your friends take group selfies or when someone takes an "in-the-moment" picture of you, you'll know which side to look.

If you've noticed, most of my selfies are taken with me looking to the left. I don't know why but the right side of my face looks more flattering than my left. I sometimes take selfies while looking to the front but it's very rare. It's like how Jessica from SNSD always looks to the right:

A lil' angle makes a huge difference!

When my friends see my photo gallery they usually ask "why do you have so many of the same picture???". I take a million shots whenever I selfie because you never know what a split second's difference can make 😅 You can do different expressions, poses and angles too, so you'll have a bigger selection to choose from. Imagine if you only take 1 shot and you didn't notice there was something awkward in you selfie ðŸ˜²

Of course your camera matters when you take selfies. A lot of people use the Casio TR-150 because its famous for its beautifying features. I really want one but it's so expensive!

Pic credit: Yutaki James

For us budget selfie-takers, the next best thing would be our smartphones. I don't know why but there's something about iPhone front cameras that make me look extra  good. The problem with iPhones' front cameras is that the camera quality isn't as good as androids. My Samsung Galaxy S6's camera can take up to 5MP (other phones go even higher) and I don't have to deal with grainyness.

One of the most asked questions that I get is what apps I use to edit my pictures. I only use 3 editing apps, and they're Meitu Xiuxiu, Line Camera and VSCO.

I used to remove blemishes with Line Camera but nowadays I don't use it that often because the new update resizes photos :( Meitu is pretty okay and it doesn't shrink photos. Why this is important is because when you import small images to VSCO (to add filters), the images get pixelated :(

The number 1 tip I have is to always have moist lips. I have dry lips and you can edit almost ANYTHING on your face except for your lips (okay, you can edit you lips but they'll look unnatural. When edited with your phone anyway). For people who wear lipstick and lip gloss I guess this won't be a problem~

Try not to go over with editing too. I used to edit my face a lot (a bit too much tbh) but now I've kind of been more light handed and "natural" haha.

For people who do makeup, you'll know how highlighting and contouring makes a huge difference. I suggest using the "dark eye" feature in Meitu to help highlight your face!

I mentioned at the start of the post that you can win products or shopping credits by simply taking a selfie or a flatlay. Introducing Althea's Show Off initiative!

Show Off is an initiative to reward Althea fans who share their flatlay hauls, selfies or any pictures related with Althea. Be it their super cute pink box, the products you purchased or reviews of products, remember to use the hashtag #altheakorea.on Facebook. Althea may then surprise fans with either products or shopping credits every month for photos that captured the Althea team's hearts!

Your creative and pretty pictures may be featured on Althea's Instagram as a repost or on Althea's Blog under their Show Off gallery. As a blogger and an avid shopper I really like it when my pictures get reposted or brands/shops say that they love it. It makes me feel proud of my photography skills too!

You can visit the Show Off gallery here:

Try and spot me! In all honesty every photo in that gallery was on point! I especially loved the hair photos. If only I had long hair~

Here are a few product shots from my previous Althea haul:

Showing off your photography skills and getting rewarded with products and credits is a win-win situation, no? So what are you waiting for, get to snapping! ðŸ“·

I hope you guys found this post fun and helpful! Remember to take lots of selfies and don't mind anyone who says you're being too vain. Also remember to snap your Althea hauls! Who knows, you might win some goodies this month!

As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post ðŸ’•

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