Lavish Fusion Bakery by Love a Loaf, Penang

November 30, 2016

Hi guys, today's post will be Lavish, a newly opened fusion bakery by Love a Loaf!

If you follow my snaps, you'll know that I was back in Penang last week for my internship presentation. I was looking for a nice place to casually eat in/take pictures (yes I'm vain like that), and Fufy suggested Lavish. It coincidentally had its grand opening that weekend, and because we predicted that a lot of people would be coming, we decided to visit it the next day.

It's located in the heritage area near China House and the Container Hotel (address below)

214 Lebuh Victoria
10300 Georgetown
Pulau Pinang

Opening Hours:
8am to 11pm
Open Daily

Contact number:
012-570 5804

When we arrived, there were still lots of flowers from the opening. There's also a flower shop beside/inside it called Petals & Leafz:

The interior of the place was quite nice, although I find it a bit cramped. The main focus would be the glass table with their name in the centre of the bakery:

Above the table is a sun roof and inside the table are succulents!

I thought that it was a cute and very greenhouse-inspired.

The rest of the seats are lined up beside the wall (see what I mean by cramped?)

But there are a few tables and to be honest when we went at around 3/4pm it was a full house.

The cashier area was very aesthetic:

They have cakes on display and for a "fusion bakery", their cakes looked a bit too basic and manufactured for me. Like, I was expecting some Shawn Teo Creations up in this gig.


Can't say anything about the taste because I didn't try them, but in terms of design....please step it up ðŸ˜‚

They have macarons on display:

As well as a few Danish pastries:

Here's the menu:

Its kinda similar to Love a Loaf's menu. As I mentioned above, Fufy and I came at 3/4pm and it totally slipped our minds to try out their Butterlicous croissants ðŸ˜­

Anyways, on with the food porn shots!

The Real Classic Carbonara | RM23.80

The Pesto | RM25.80

Yoghurt Berries Bash | RM16.50

Macarons | RM4 each

Peach Danish | RM3.80

Overall the food was...okay I guess. My carbonara was quite good and Fufy said her pesto was amazing (although for me it was so-so). The danish and the macarons were okay and the berry smoothie (although freshly made and had real fruits) was also quite meh for me. I had this awesome smoothie at this vegan place called Wholey Wonder in Hin Bus and oh my god the WW one was so damn good!

Not saying that Lavish's smoothie wasn't good, just that compared to the one I had the day before it was...meh.

Would I come back to Lavish? For an event maybe, or maybe to look at the flower shop. I don't really see anything special about it aside from the fab table, nice aesthetics and instagrammable feels. Since they're by Love a Loaf I'd definitely come back if they expanded their menu to include a wider variety of pastries and had prettier cakes (like pls there was nothing fusion there, maybe I missed it but...pls).

Anyways, that was all for this quick cafe post. Do try out the other stuff in their menu. I'm not sure if it was because I was super hungry and I devoured everything too fast without appreciating it or what. If you find something worth recommending, do share it  with me in the comments (or message me on Insta or something! :D )

And that's it for this post. If you'd like to read more of my cafe hopping posts, please click here!

As always thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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