The Tea Lounge, Hotel Majestic Kuala Lumpur Afternoon High Tea Review

November 20, 2016

Hi guys welcome to episode 15 of Cafe Hopping with Eros & Fufy! Today's post will be all about Hotel Majestic's Afternoon High Tea Set.

Its not exactly a cafe 😅 As part 2 of my pre-birthday weekend, my friends and I decided to try out Hotel Majestic's afternoon high tea set. I heard from the radio a few months back (or was it a year ago?) that the Hotel Majestic only recently reopened (it might be that or I'm being delusional). 

I initially wanted to go for high tea in their Orchid Conservatory, because LOOK AT THIS PLACE:

Unfortunately, it's fully booked till January. Can you believe it? I settled for reserving a table at the Colonial Cafe instead.

The area beside the windows is called the Tea Lounge and its on a first come first serve basis. Meaning to say if you book a table you'll get the Colonial Cafe, but if you come early you can switch/upgrade to the Tea Lounge (where there's plenty of light, perfect for photos!).

The afternoon high tea set costs RM120 per person at the Orchid Conservatory and RM70 per person in the Tea Lounge. I went in November, but I read a few blog posts from a few months back saying it only cost RM50+. I guess they recently raised the price.

Also, Majestic charges per person and not per set so since there were 4 of us it cost RM280 in total (which is super pricey if you think about it). When I called in for my reservation, they mentioned that 2 people can share a set and it would coust RM70, but I think we misunderstood each other.

Anyways, on to some food porn shots!

The complete set looks very grand and the presentation was A+.

The set included cakes, tarts, chocolate treats:

Eclairs, mousse:


Jam + whip cream for the scones:

and a few sandwiches:

It also came with savoury fried hot items:

I don't know the exact names of the "pieces" in this high tea set because they didn't have a menu printed out. The top tier was super sweet and just to my liking. I particularly enjoyed the eclair but thought that the mousse was so-so. The scones aren't the best or most buttery that I've had but they were quite light and nice. They gave us mango chutney jam for the scones as well and it was quite a good combo.The sandwiches were so-so~

I didn't know that the set would come with fried savoury stuff too. It came with chicken, some mushroom tarts and a fried ball (I can't remember what it was). This whole set was very filling and for the price that it cost us I didn't expect anything less haha.

The set also comes with 4 pots of Darjeeling tea:

I think for this particular high tea set you're definitely paying for the place and the ambiance more than the food itself (I mean it's a hotel). I think it's worth trying at least once, I mean it wasn't totally bad. The sweets were delightful and the fried things were filling and savoury.

Will I be coming back? If its for the Orchid Conservatory then yes but for the Tea Lounge probably not. The service was excellent and the ambiance was great so I definitely give them props for that.

I had a lovely afternoon tea party with my brother (who's birthday was only 4 days apart from mine) and Fufy & Caryn, two dear friends of mine form college and high school. We laughed so much (probably louder than appropriate in a hotel) but the whole afternoon was lavish, fun and memorable. All of us had a great time.

Special thanks to Caryn for getting me a present! I wasn't expecting anything because I just casually jio-ed everyone out for high tea since I had some cash and my birthday was right around the corner.

Definitely gonna wear this scent a lot! 😍 

We took a few more pictures around the place (ya know, for Instagram's sake) and the whole place is very pretty.

And that's it for this quick update! Hope you guys found it interesting and helpful. I posted about part one of my pre-birthday weekend at Tiny Temptress last week, and you can read that by clicking here.

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As always, thanks for reading and see y'all in the next post!

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