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November 9, 2016

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing a mini haul I got from Lazada!

Lazada will be having their annual Online Revolution Sale on November 11 (11.11!) and its one of their biggest sales ever! They'll have tons of cheap stuff on sale, not to mention brands and products for everybody! If you've noticed, I've been posting quite a few reviews on items that I've gotten from Lazada. They make shopping so damn fun because of the variety and price of their products, so I'm definitely standing by and getting ready for 11.11!

I also received their Box of Joy and today I'll be unboxing it for you guys ðŸ’•

The box includes signature products of premium brands available on Lazada:

As I mentioned above, they have a TON of different kinds of products, so the box came with different types of  items as well.


Forgive the blurryness ðŸ˜­ First products in the box are this Nestle Full Cream Milk and Nestle Cerelac Nutripuffs. The puffs came in a pouch with some pens as well. I quite like the size of the pouch because my makeup brushes can fit in them haha.

Next I got this Tefal manual chopper, which I'm sure my mum will love!

If you guys haven't tried Maggi's Royale Thai White Seafood Tom Yam noodles you guys are missing out! I've tried this before and the flavour is ðŸ‘Œ

I'll be bringing the tin of Nescafe White Coffee to the office to share with my office mates.

The box also had a panda plushie inside with a coupon from Foodpanda 🐼


Next items I got were this voucher and Dual Drive from Sandisk. Its 64GB and I can't wait to try it out! I've heard my brother talk about it before, and I think it'll be useful for when I want to watch my shows on the train. I can download them onto this super mini drive, plug it into my phone and go! One of the super annoying things about my S6 is that I have no expandable memory, so this item is definitely a lifesaver.


Okay I'm not a baby but I've seen a lot of beauty bloggers use baby oil and baby wipes to remove their makeup. My wipes ran out and I bought micellar water, but having MamyPoko's Gentle Baby Wipes will be a convenient product for when I don't want to bring a big heavy bottle.

These L'oreal Dual Stylers will be my source of good hair when I go to Penang on the 19th! Saves me the trouble of bringing/buying hair products.

And a lil early info for all of you: I'm going to be dyeing my hair gray again! If you look back at my Instagram I literally only have one photo of my gray hair. I'm determined to get fab photos while I'm in Penang, so these L'oreal goodies (especially this hair mask and mythic oil) came at a perfect time. 

I also got this shoe bag from Milo, which will be convenient when I travel:  

When unboxing this I actually thought "were they spying on me?" because I loved all of them! Some of them even came at the perfect time (before my Penang trip). As I said, I'll be giving the manual chopper to my mum, but aside from that all the contents of Lazada's Box of Joy was a hit for me 👌👌👌 (Thanks Lazada!)

Definitely do check out Lazada's Online Revolution sale this November 11th (this coming Friday!) to get unbeatable prices on a lot of products. I'll be updating you guys with my thought and opinions on the products that I got, so do stay tuned!

As always, thank you guys so much for reading and see y'all in the next post! ðŸ’•

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