LUNA + JONGHYUN 2016 [Review/Download]

June 11, 2016

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing my thoughts on Luna's 1st mini album Free Somebody and Jonghyun's 1st full album, She Is! I consider both of them to be the main vocals of their respective groups (I know Onew's great too) and I really enjoyed both of their albums!

First up, Luna's first extended play album Free Somebody. This album to me was very synthy (?), trippy and R&B-ish. It showcased her voice very well, as well as showing sides to her through her other songs.

The lead track Free Somebody is catchy dance track that I honestly couldn't stop singing it the first few weeks. The MV was creative too! Mixing both live and animation, and having some whole metaphor about everything happening in her mind or something like that. The aesthetics were on point, and SM has seriously been upping their game recently, and I approve!

Luna just looks so pretty! The synthy/chill vibe of this song goes throughout the whole album, though in different tempos. I kinda like how they're all different songs, but they all kind of sound similar (if that makes sense)

Breathe is kind of a ballad that again showcases her voice, Keep on Doin' has a nice beat that makes me wanna dance, and the whole talking/rap breakdown at the end kind of reminded me of Krystal hahaha. I don't know if it was her pronunciation or the accent.

I Wish is the slowest track of the album and I kinda got Automatic (Red Velvet) feels from it. Galaxy is one of my favourites and the beat/intro of the song reminded me a bit of f(x)'s Airplane! Someone make a remix please hahaha.

My Medicine was interesting to me. I actually understood the chorus when I first heard it (perks of being a K-pop fan), and I don't know why but the *nae anae deurowa/come inside me* line sounded a bit wrong haha. Anyway, it's a pretty song 

So that's for Luna's mini album. Feast your eyes on more of Luna's concept photos! The whole DHL thing was interesting and she really has gotten prettier recently.


Next, Jonghyun! This is actually the first album that I have of him. Although I like SHINee and I like his voice, I was too engrossed by the majesty that was Taemin's Ace that I totally ignored Jonghyun's Base (his first mini album). I watched the MVs, but I didn't really feel them. This time around Jonghyun completely grabbed my attention and had me hooked on his songs!

She Is is the album's title track and it's a dance track that to me feels very groovy and a bit souly (due solely to his voice and the adlibs). I wasn't feeling that random rap part, but overall I love this song. I also feel like it's a double meaning song ("Oh She Is" sounds suspiciously like "Oh Shit!") or that there might have been a demo track that said oh shit hahaha.

In terms of aesthetics, I feel like SM decided that Jonghyun would be the complete opposite of Luna's: clear and blue. Like Luna's DHL shirt, Jonghyun has bottles of Skippy peanut butter, and although they're similar I AM LOVING THIS AESTHETIC.

White T-shirt is my second fave song, and I was taken aback by how Jonghyun's voice sounded! He usually haves this tone to him and he has this stacatto/broken flow to him (like in The Shinee World), but in this song he was deep, a bit raspy, and I have to admit a bit sexy!

Orbit gave me the Weeknd/Taemin feels and was dark and sensual. Moon to me was just a so-so song, save for the "talk to me baby" parts. 

Aurora is a groovy song while Dress Up is a dance track with a buildup and a dubstep drop. I have a mixed feelings about Dress Up hahaha.

Cocktail is one of the two ballad songs in this album, and tbh I was actually expecting more ballads because I just pinned Jonghyun to be a more ballad artist. I know he composes for other artists and all that, but yeah~ This song is emotional and I love the way he belts out "You're my cocktail", though at first I thought he was saying "you're my curtain" lol.

Red wasn't really memorable to me, and Suit Up is the other ballad in the album. It showcase his voice like the other songs did, but it was just so-so to me.

And those were my thoughts on Jonghyun's first full album! Here's a few more concept photos:

EXO just released their 3rd full album EXACT and I will be posting about that as soon as I can. My internet has been shitty and I've been busy filming for my group's final project as well. 

Click below to download the albums!

LUNA - Free Somebody

As always, thanks for reading!


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