Laneige Boutique, Queensbay Mall (Opening + Mini Haul)

June 11, 2016

So I lied, this post actually isn't about the opening of the new Laneige Boutique in Queensbay but rather a post ON the new Laneige Boutique!

I sadly wasn't invited to the grand opening (not that I'm popular lol), but I was window shopping with Fufy the other day and I came across the shop!

It's the first time I came across a Laneige Boutique in a mall rather than a beauty counter in a department store! I'm a fan of Laneige's products and decided to repurchase a sunblock.

My friend Sammi got me the SPF35 one and I absolutely LOVED it. This isn't just a random statement of love, I literally want to die with this product on my face. It gives this amazing glowy/dewy finish to the skin and it's perfect for selfies and protecting my skin at the same time!

This time around, I picked up the SPF50 one. The saleslady told me that the texture and formula was the same, just that the SPF50 had a higher SPF (duh) and it was just a RM10 difference anyway.

Speaking of the salesladies, the one that served me was uber friendly! I didn't catch her name but she was nice and even gave me a few samples.

The shop has all of their products on display, including their famous Water Bank Line and BB Cushions. I was so glad that they had one that sorta looked like my shade! I shall save up soon and get me one of those babies!

Their newest line of mists were also on display, but unfortunately I couldn't take any photos. The other salesladies were kinda looking at me weird hahaha. Products aside, they also have a small lounge which I believe is for consultation and an iPad mounted to the wall which made a makeshift photobooth (which I also unfortunately didn't get to snap and try).

I managed to sign up for Club Laneige for free, and it came along with a set of awesome vouchers as well! One of them was the BB Cushion for only RM125, so guess who's going broke next month? (I can't believe being broke is something I have to plan for now).

So that's it for this post! I'll be posting my review of Laneige's Water Bank Eye Gel soon, so in the meantime, please feel free to check out my review of Laneige's Sun Block Aqua+ SPF35 PA++! (click here to read!)

As always, thanks for reading!


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