June 24, 2016

Hi guys! It's been a while since my last OOTD post and although it's nothing special, I thought I'd share this simple outfit I coordinated a few days back.

I have this denim jacket I got from a random shop a few months ago and I got it because I wanted to try layering out my clothes although it's too hot here in Malaysia. I actually wanted to buy a leather biker jacket from Lazada/Zalora/H&M. I was having biker jacket envy since I can remember, and when EXO came out wearing those jackets for Call Me Baby back then, it was like an envy buffet for my eyes :(

I was really close to buying one but as always, I spent my money on something else, ended up broke and didn't even try to buy one again because I had more important things to pay for first (aka food and other non materialistic things). Such is life.

Anyway, I channeled my shopping feels into just coordinating outfits in my mind, and while I was searching for reference pictures, I came across these acrylic pins on Etsy!

I was a member of my high school Leo Club and for those of you who aren't familiar with it, Leo Club is basically a service club who's aim is to serve the community and the environment. I was a part of my club's board of directors and the highest position I ever got to was 1st Vice President. Leo Club members have vests where they can display pins and badges from various events, or even their credentials. There are also limited edition badges you get when you win awards and stuff like that.

Me circa 2012. I look like I need to cut my hair and shave that beard ew.

I had a serious thing for badges and I spent quite a lot of money on them. At the end of my Leo Club career my friends and I thought it would be wiser to let go of them and pass them down to our juniors if we weren't going to continue as Leos anymore. I could have kept my vest as a memento, but decided on just keeping my name tags and a few nice badges.

Anyhoo, back to the acrylic pins on Etsy! They were so pretty and reminded me of my Leo Club days. I wanted to buy them but again, RM35 for one pin? No thanks.

I was window shopping with Fufy, Sharmathi and my brother Euri in Forever 21 when I came across this set of acrylic pins! There were only three sets available and I decided to buy the one with the 4 pins for RM35. 4 pins for RM35 is a much better bargain!

Since I don't have a leather biker jacket, I decided to pin them onto my denim jacket instead. I think the look was altogether quite cute and quirky hahaha

I paired it with a simple gray tee and black shorts. Nothing fancy, but the pins definitely added some pizazz to it (did I really just use pizazz *face palms*)

I initially wanted to put them in a cluster like how Sophie's Chanel brooches were in this video, but decided to put them on a line instead.

*Side note: Sophie Shohet is a Luxe Youtuber and I've been loving her videos recently. She has inspired me to actually work hard and save so I can buy luxe stuff like her. I can't wait to start working and buy my very first luxe product!*

And that's it for this post! Since my internship's coming up soon and my interviewer said that my company's dress code is casual, I think I'll be coming up with more coordinates and hopefully get nice pictures. Credits to my brother Euri for helping me take these shots! ^^

These shots were mainly shot in college but this awesome shot below was taken in Hin Bus Depot where Euri and I helped "model" for Gerald and Kieran's Photo Comm assignments:

As always, thanks for reading!

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